Where Should Your Loyalties Lie?

Heart beating to the tune of your immituraty

Every song out there that makes you think

The rough and tumble life at an early age

Is worth your life


2 weeks pass, 

and the world you know is already spiraling toward a very bad crash

The pregnancy test

Is a positive yes

And the boyfriend is AWOL for now


9 months later, holding a baby in rags, 

looking at a cleft lip so bad 

You can't see it getting any worse-

So you continue


5 years pass you by-

clouds of smoke and pure lies

guide you so that you can survive

So long as the crank is paving the way


Now your son is 15,

While you're reaching 30

He is tempted to try

The only thing that's been faithful to you for life

(But has it really?)


You're 45

swamped with grandbabies already

Aren't you living the life

In your 50-cent apartment?


at 60 you die;

Guess what?

Nobody cries! 

As a matter of fact, 

All your crank laughs

At the victim who believed in it.

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My community
My country
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