Being me

Zoning out is not a pain

the feeling of dancing through the rain

And feeling it kiss your cheeks

like it hasn’t done for weeks


or maybe even years

because you couldn’t see through the tears

or you didn’t listen to the joyous tapping

as the rain danced clapping


on the roof of your house

because of mickey mouse

talking on the screen

that is worshipping you like a queen


and is sucking you in

so you cannot win

And one cannot be the same

being outside starts sounding lame


but we hide from the rain

and let it strain

to touch our faces

and remind us of long forgotten places


where we buried our past

trying to forget everything at last

but sometimes one must go feel the kisses

to remind us of old blisses


or maybe people we miss

who have disappeared into the abyss

and now long to give us a kiss

with the assistance of the rain


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