My Greatest Sacrifice

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 15:32 -- SMC16


I am quiet and quite emotional,

many used to say I was really antisocial.

I have limped, kicked and crawled from the at school threats,

nobody knows my darkest secrets.


Plagued with the darkest of thoughts, 

I have done the unspeakable with many regrets. 

Busies used to cover my body, black and blue,

No one would do anything, teachers nor principle, too.


Thoughts of doing the unspeakable always flown my mind,

sometimes screaming at me until I would scream back for it to end.

I was set on the idea that I did not belong in this world, 

It would make me spin circles and convince myself that I would not make it, but I would.


I have felt the fabric of ropes around my neck, 

I would be gone and everyone would have a celebration and not give a heck.

Have you ever felt so down on yourself, 

where you feel numb all over and so close to death.


You feel your whole body go numb,

it makes the pain go away and makes those who back out feel dumb.

Though as I hung, gasping for air,

I saw a light, for in my life, rare.


It was a moment of realization,

giving me a second chance at salvation.

I could start anew, 

take the advise from just a few.


Now I live life to the fullest,

I do not let what others say affect me in the slightest.

I gave myself a second chance, 

and plan to use my life to take live the most without my greatest sacrifice.

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