Father, You Were Right

As one, we are the people.

As one, we are the world power.

As one, We were once the United States of America.


Slowly, but oh! so slowly...

The rivers came,




It is rather dark, so dark

that we cannot see the other side.

Darkness fills our eyes instead,

the world is black.

Nothing more. Don't tell me more


They see light.

But we are just oh!

too apart to see.


It is he, who is the divider.

We is no longer we,

it's "us" or "them"

No other sides.

Language has turned into knives,

neighborhoods into war.

"We" is no longer.

golden bonds have shattered into thin air,

shoulders are cold and turnt facing back.

There is only silence between me and "them"...


One is for each of them,

they are blue or red.

However, it is what further flies us into the unknown in space,

Here I am.


A lone star.

there are others,

some of "them" alliances,

but turn out the light of the isolated.


Oh Father! Look at us now!

Oh were you right...

But all of Us did not listen,

I know you are probably ashamed to see this country hostile to itself.

We still heed your words though,

if only you were here.



"We..." is no longer.

"they" and "them" are now.



even I'm ashamed.







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My country
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