The Zeus is Loose

Through all the myths of the past

And on every last sheet

Not a single soul has scribed

That Zeus was an athlete


As powerful he was

And at 39 feet tall

One could easily imagine

Zeus playing basketball


This god on any court

Would prove to be trouble

Against the best of past

He would ease a triple double


A man of strength

And a passion oh-so hot

It is sure to say

He would have an automatic jumpshot


With arms as big as trees

When driving to the paint

No defender stands a chance

As he would little restraint


The stands would fill

With the deities of history

The defense's plans to stop him

Would be clouded in mystery


Matched up against a mortal man

Jordan, Johnson, West

No amount of talent is worthy

For Zeus will come out best


In any competition

He is a pillar on the court

For each and every opposition

Could not best him at the sport


We must express thanks

That Zeus chose not to play

For people would retire the sport

And Zeus would be the last to stay


Atop the basketball Mountain

One above all

This would be the consequences

If Zeus were to play basketball


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yo this is fire

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