I once strived killing myself
So dim I was to end up being coward
I was still a child
I had passions to follow and dreams to build up 
But was it necessary to incise off and bleed to give up? 
Oh yeah, so dreary I was
I was dimming up my hope but actually it was yet to gleam up.

I hadn’t had a justification for i was emotionally seized
Nor I could open-up with everyone like “Cool” 
The audacious attitude if I was suppose to bring out
I was afraid if people called me fool;
I was still on the mirage and letting my prejudice to drool 
So perplexed I was
The dumbness of delusion I was on; malfunctioned my life at school

The higher I went, more cautious I became about falling off 
The attempt of bringing up the rear identity in ones eye; constrained me to get more love
I forced and obligated to disentangle my perspective in their observe 
It made me complex to understand and then dissatisfaction it shoves 
The more I wanted to be the champion; i was however made super flopped
So sorry I was 
The protagonist i wanted to be and fail in the consequences it brought

What is life actually? The answer is still unknown But with all those intend that god made me for The new pathway it has shone We all move through highs and lows Easing and tackling along; this is what makes us grown So foolish I was I knew i was tangled on mesh but didn’t knew what made me lone

The inflation occurs and deflates us all; The desperation rises, melancholy it cause I admit that I focused much on external glory; And my happiness, Shit! It paused Didn’t implicit what I really crave to subsist amid My core discussed with compassion and intellect So dense I was They stopped working together rather I let them to clause

Then I suddenly fondled with someone I deserved
Who knows what I can do in true and real 
My mom, dad, brothers and sisters are there
But to find one who listen me up was for me a big deal
I craved my words and shared to an archangel 
The paradox I walloped in my head was slowly being crystal clear 
So Lucky I Am Now I have a best friend aside; so amazing so dear

I have a reason to be alive 
And everyone has a reason within them self for why they are tagged special
The symphony of beautiful breeze of nature 
Makes everyone of us mystifying, so pleasant ,so essential 
We all have a passion to reach on what we want 
So fluky I am now 
My eyes can recognize myself; O wow! I’m so potential

I wish for the happiness among you all 
Negotiate the way you covet to get in touch with; be yourself concerned 
The value you have for you values much than in others glimpse 
Be satisfied with what you have; be happy with what you’ve earned 
The world is beautiful, don’t live it for reason 
So amazing it is, 
Vast it takes us on and more it makes us able to get learned

So feel who we are 
Be who we are 
The past is past let’s not regret
Moving ahead is of course taking us far 
The world we make within our self is what makes us happy 
So Happy I am now -
to be alive It has made me my world’s only star, mesmerizing star

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