Her presence is known


Living in a world where we are taught to be ourselves

It is required that I be the best I can be

Theres so much unlocked potential

Hoping for the world to see


I dream of a world with no anger, fear, or frustration

A world where we give everyone a voice

Where every citizen has an idea for us to hear

That we all have a choice


But in this world I am a small boat living in a large sea

Trying to find my way

Hoping that my life isn’t in vain

But there is a thin wall standing in my way


Behind that wall is a girl screaming for her voice to be heard

With so much ambition it’s hard to escape

The faults in the silver lining of the unlimited possibilities open to her.

She is me


She is yearning to make a difference, knowing her full potential to make it happen

Afraid of what the world may think, and what the world may say

About her opinions.

She is scared


Scared that she isn’t good enough for inspiration

That the road before her is too tough to travel

But she is here to jump over hurdles, climb on ropes, crawl through the highest of mountains, the lowest of valleys

She is now determined


What no one knows is that she has a plan

A plan that will let others know that she is here, and here for a reason

A plan that will prove that there is nothing that can stop her

She is an amazing butterfly emerging out of her cocoon


On this journey called life, we must find where we don’t fit in

To find an extraordinary gift that we have been given

To unleash greatness never tumbled upon

She is on the brink of discovering her gift


When she steps in the room, her presence is known

When she grabs the attention of millions, her presence is known

When she changes lives, and grants opportunities, her presence will be known

Her determination, gift, presence, and will shall forever be known, because she is her; she is me

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