My Journey In Loving Myself

I loathe how I'm never good enough. 
I wish there was talent I could buy. 


I hate the way I burden people. 
I hate that I've made people cry. 
I really don't like the way I've gotten fat. 
I want to kiss this extra weight good bye. 
I don't like the sound of my voice on tape. 
It sounds like I'm a guy. 
I sort of like being an introvert.
It's possible to be friendly and shy. 
I am okay with the fact that I like to work. 
I have my expectations that I can't let die. 
I like how I can make people laugh. 
Their happiness is pleasing to the eye. 
I really like how many people support me. 
They're a reason why I try. 
I am fond of the way I'm the artsy one and
My close ones are on the science side. 
I love the fact that I'm here today most of all.  
My ups and downs are what continues me to  be who I am. 
As well as to roll with the punches
And just keep flying high. 
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