The Letter To My Dad

Part II
Dear Dad;
I know we both wish you could see me more but that’s just impossible to do. Daddy, I know that you love and I love you-but I really wanna be near you more than reality allows-I understand you’re just making everything work.
Daddy-o, I need your presence sometimes instead of mommy-o’s
Where are you when I need you most? Where, oh, where did my daddy-o go?
I love you oh so much but you’re not there for me when I need you
Oh how I wish you could be here to see me in this year’s play
But, no-You need to be at Churchill Downs for the KY Derby.
I’m gonna hafta let the show go on without you watching me.
Papa, I’m gonna do my best so you can watch it on DVD
I’ma gonna do my best for you, dad, to see eventually.
I love you, my daddy-o!!
Your daughter

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My family
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