My Dear Uncertain Heart

My Dear Uncertain Heart,

People call us insecure, “Nothing there”, they say as they walk past.

They try their best to wear us down, they hit us sharp and fast.

But you and I, we have a secret, we know we both exist.

Thus every word they’ve thrown at us has always simply missed.


But people are persistent things, our silence goads them on.

And, though I try, I can’t defend you and soon it seems you’ve gone.

I find you later, broken down and lying on the floor.

As I try to pick you up, your tears begin to pour.


They fill me up in waterfalls, they push me to the ground.

They bury me and drag me under, they try to make me drown.

But still I put you back together, I did the best I could.

Something changed and now you didn't act like how you should


Even after all these years, I’m still finding the shards

Of my poor Uncertain Heart, we’re forced to put up our guard’s.

We go on like this for a while, we never speak a word

And if someone tried to speak to us, nothing is what they heard.


But you and I, Uncertain Heart, can’t live alone forever

We’ll waste away and lose ourselves, we’ll fade away together.

I know we’ve had our share of pain, we’ve suffered from the hurt

Inflicted on us every time they drag us through the dirt.


I beg you now, please fight the rage, the anger dark and pure.

Don’t make yourself stoop to their level, no matter how unsure

You find yourself becoming now with every word they speak.

Remember, Dear Uncertain Heart, we’ve never been that weak.


I hope you read this and understand, you’re dear to more than me.

People meet you every day and fall in love with what they see.

I promise, one day, we’ll find the pieces scattered throughout my mind

And if we search my soul just deep enough, imagine what we’ll find.


If it weren’t for you I’d be cold as stone, My Dear Uncertain Heart

But we were made to be together, you know we’ll never part.

So let the people laugh at us, let them take comfort in their hate,

You and I will not be bother, for one day I know that we’ll be great.


Perhaps right now we’re nothing special, perhaps we are naive.

I know that we’re kind and just, we fight for what we believe.

No need to be Uncertain, Heart, you know I’m always here.

We wear the same face, share our clothes, you have nothing to fear.


You are not Uncertain, Heart, all you are is scared

You’re afraid of being judged by them, afraid that no one cared

Your thoughts are overwhelmed by voices of all the people passing by

But listen close, Beloved Heart, I’ll be there when you cry.


I’ll hold you close, I’ll dry your tears, I’ll try to ease your pain.

And if I can’t show you the sun, we’ll dance out in the rain.

If I can’t help you see the light, we’ll sit together in the dark,

It’s time we showed the world our scars, it’s time we made our mark.


So do not fret, Beloved Heart, this world will soon shine bright

And when it does, we’ll be right here, ready for the light


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