Fit the Mold

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 16:03 -- bevpaz


My life displayed upon a screen-

I live behind a filter;

I never say what I think.

I’ve been trained to keep my mouth shut,

but my lips glossed and pink.

Without the social media, I am like all the rest.

I have dreams, fears, and quirks.

I know my life is a mess.

I’m angry my classmates ignore me

that my parents expect too much,

& that I’m scared of losing love.


Behind my air of confidence

Lies a scared little girl.

Where will I be in five years?

What will I give the world?

I’m not sure who I am

because I am who I’ve been told to be.

Maybe soon I’ll find my voice

and become whom  I  want to be.


I don’t want to fit the mold,

but somehow that’s I do.

I want to be outgoing and loud,

so my vivaciousness will shine through.


I don’t want to be ashamed

 of what I like or who I love.

I am not an abomination.

I want to inspire the love and acceptance-

The kind that can change a nation.


I want to set others straight

when they act in total self-interest.

…but I’m less than five feet tall.

If I speak my mind, I’ll need stiches.


I’ve been conditioned to fear men

because they could rape me or have a gun.

So when I go out, I think of how to stay safe

instead of relaxing and having fun.

I want to speak my mind,

despite the gender of the audience

I wish I could be bold and blunt,

But why I can’t is obvious.


I’ll won’t always need a filter,

For my pictures and my words

So that I can seem “normal,”

So that I can fit the mold.

I want to speak out-

I want to let go.

As soon as I find me,

I’ll let her glow.

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