Broken Brotherhood

Let me tell you what's happening from sea to shining sea.








Feel uncomfortable?

We are minorities.

We get these stereotypes thrown at us every single, living, breathing, moment--

And more.


You see, the premium package of white privilege include these words.

They say these words confidently knowing that if we threatened them back they would only be able to use more of their power.


Like what?

"I'll get you deported"

"I feel uncomfortable with you on this plane"

Boom. Another black guy dead.

Another girl being told she can't.

Another bible thrown at a gay.


The truth is, even though we act like these words don’t hurt us,

The actions that they cause frighten us to death.

We fear separation from our families.

We fear leaving the house and being discriminated.

But most of all,

We despise that we cannot do anything about it.


But let me tell it to you straight.

I don’t care about their privilege,

And I don’t care if i die when I tell you this:


We are not “wetbacks”

Somos Latinos, Hispanos.

We cross the border because our government is a thief.

You’re scared of drugs being transported here?

We’re terrified.

Unlike you, we don’t know if we'll ever come home,

Because there is a chance that innocent people like us can get killed or robbed.


We are not “terrorists”

And guess what? Not all of us are Muslim either.

We come to this country seeking refuge because our own country is decaying.

Our country is at war,

We just want peace in a country that will accept us for who we are.



You may not call me a “Nigga”

You do not know how my people suffered under that word.

I am an African American.

I will not relive history.

I will not let you oppress me with the word that catalyzed the discrimination of my ancestors.




I am a woman.

I am not an indentured servant anymore,

And I do not belong to any man.

I can support my own weight,

I can vote,

And one day, maybe you’ll be working for me.

Also, guess what?

I can do whatever I want with my body,

And no man will ever tell me that I can’t do anything.


I guess the word gay is typical.

But I belong to a bigger community,

It’s called LGBTQ.

Educate yourself.  

I’m lesbian

I’m gay

I’m bisexual

I’m a transgender

And I’m unsure.

I would really appreciate it if you can accept me and my sexuality.

Please stop telling me that Adam and Eve were made for a reason.


You see,

We suffer through a battle every single day for having a background that we cannot change.

We are told that America is the land of freedom and opportunity,

But we never read the back where it says:

“Caution: we are racists and will probably send you back anyway, or maybe even kill you!”


America the great?

Thy liberty in law is false,

And alabaster cities do not gleam.

From sea to shining sea,

Human beings are suffering,

Hoping that one day we are accepted for who we are.

Hoping that in later generations, we will stand by one another,

Embracing each other.

Realizing that in the end,

We are all the same.

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My country
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