A Friendship That Never Dies


What is its meaning?

How does it last?

Will it be short-lived or never die?

So many questions to be answered,

But when will they be answered?

One question leads to another,

Leads to more answers that are not yet revealed.


Everyone has their views and opinions,

Their different meanings for certain words or phrases.

“Friendship” is one of those words:

It’s hard to find an agreed-upon definition.

Friendship describes the love between 2+ people,

People who never criticize each other harshly.

Friends are always kind,

But willing to voice their own beliefs.


They never condemn one another,

But are always encouraging and loving.

Friends give each other their honest opinions,

But in a polite, respectable manner.

They help each other through the tough times,

Rejoice with one another in the good.

Even when they differ in their views,

Friends don’t look down on each other.


“A friend loves at all times…” (Proverbs 17:17)

That must be valid in true friendship.

True friendship lasts forever,

But false friendship fades away.

Undeveloped friendship may take some time to build,

But when it gets to its fullest,

It’s such a wonderful thing!

Yet, there’s still questions to be answered.


My friend, this love has just started.

We’re still learning about this relationship.

This is a special love—

Though it’s sometimes fragile—

It must be handled with much care.

Understand, this relationship is still developing,

It’s not yet to its fullest.

Remember: we are for, not against, each other.


Our friendship will never die.

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