Perception is key: Who is looking at me?

To be me is be black

EVERYONE looking at me figuring the worst.

It seems like my skintone is cursed,

From Martin Luther King to Eric Garner

Black people are losing their honor.


But when I look at me

I see nothing but beauty.

So rich in color, I can not be matched by another...

My hair is kinky and knotted, I am easily spotted.

I try to smile often but at times I lose,

Because life just gets me down.

The verdict of a case can easily wipe the smile off my face.


Today sparks the change,

Silent, is what I will no longer remain.

Because black is inspired beauty, 

And should not be treated as a disease.

Look me in my eyes,

And find the subtle spark that remains.


I self proclaim.

Black lives matter ALL THE SAME.


This is just a screen with my feelings,

So join me if you are willing.

This is an outcry for unity

and all it has to take is YOU and ME. 


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