The Truth About Loneliness

Have you ever felt alone?
Like there's all these people around you at work or school
Smiling and laughing
With their friends
And their
Best friends.

And then there's you.
You have a few friends,
Maybe some best friends.
But they do their own thing sometimes.
And you think,
"Do I even exist?"
And you get mad.

Because none of these people
See your pain.
They don't feel
Your loneliness.
It upsets you that they,
Who are supposed to be your friends,
Do not seem to care.
And you feel


All these eyes in the world,
And they don't bother to make a
Side-long glance.



But sometimes
The best cure for loneliness
Is solitude.

More loneliness is a cure for loneliness?
Not necessarily.

Loneliness, to me at least, is when
You feel cut off from others,
Even if you're in
A crowded room.

Solitude is more deliberate.



Watchmyfavoritemoviereadagoodbookeatsomepretzels-kinda time.

When you feel lonely,
You can sometimes feel unloved.
There is someone out there

Who loves you.

Who thinks you are the coolest
Since like sliced bread
Or microwaveable movie theater butter

You are popcorn good.

In fact, you're better than popcorn good.

There's someone out there who looks at you,
At work or at school,
And thinks,
"I'm glad you're here."

There's someone out there
Who loves you.
Who loves you.
Who loves you more than anything.
Don't you ever forget that.

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