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Yes. I regret I a lot of things I did.   One time, when I was little, I stole a chocolate egg from a store. Though my mom caught me and grounded me, I still feel terrible.  
Soon sixteen and life has not been a dream. I am told life is not supposed to be hard, yet it is for the little girl.  
Every time I search myself, I find someone I've never met. All these faces are strangers and stranger, yet it feels like we've met.
If there was a way, I'd go back today, to a time, when I knew who I was. No not the contruction, that brought about my destruction, Just before that, a time-- when I knew who I was.
I haven’t written to you in a while Not sure if this means I’m moving on Since I haven’t written much of anything lately but I haven’t written to you in a while. And I don’t mean to him
It always ends this way yknow. Trying to go to sleep but I'm not able to. I say to myself all throughout the day that I'm gonna read or do something to make myself sleep earlier but I never do.
You really thought I would give you the privilege to stop me, But you have no idea who I am and the person that I am trying to be. You so badly wanted to believe that I was broken,
I am no longer going to let you get in my head and make me feel like there is something wrong with me, All because you can't see all of the potential that I have and all of the things that I can be.
My name is Laura I just don't want to be a  Lifeline a  Lifetime of Life lies. Life flies.  
i.  I say I don't like being copied, but then I go and copy you.   ii. I can't live without your imput and telling me what to do, weird
i.  I say I don't like being copied, but then I go and copy you.   ii. I can't live without your imput and telling me what to do, weird
I am from an origin unknown From the bloodline steered by hearts of gold From thriving flesh of juvenile hands, with each touch sparking lights in my mind,
When I was eight I thought I'd be a princess and happy by now. Shouldn't I have subjects here to curtsey, kneel, and bow? I still don't have my mermaid tail or shiny fairy wings.
Preface: I am a 6’5” homosexual cis white man Which is to say I am privileged Which is also to say I kinda get it.   Poem:   I am sitting on my bed I do that a lot lately
Is that really us? What happened to our graphic tees? The white tube socks? Do we always cuff our jeans now? How do you make it look that neat? We never really do neat Or I guess we never used to.
You ask me why, But it is so hard to answer. Because even I don't know. How to form the words, How to describe my thoughts, How to describe my feelings. I am not fluent. My mind cannot be translated.
You’d be surprised to know I still look at your picture saved in the vaults of my phone. The one where we smiled and the room was vibrant, and the lights were red and blue, and the world seemed like a different place.
Someday somebody’s gonna treat you right They’ll take your hand and hold it tight They’ll keep you safe all through the night And remind you how you loved to write   I am waiting waiting for the day to come
At times lost Other moments found Feeling numb Acute pain To highly aroused Set on the new path and excited about it
I wonder what my old bedroom looks like now those empty nights where my breathing no longer exists  will the trees notice there isn't a window to push their breeze in my dog wondering the halls wondering why its silent
For the past year or so, I have not been feelling like who I used to be, And no matter how hard I tried, I was not okay when I just tried to be me. I kept doubting myself, and I became someone that I did not recognize,
For the longest time I kept blaming myself, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why was I never goo enough for anyone? Was there something wrong with me that I wasn't able to see?
Here I am again, broken, bleeding, crying, once again, my heart is broken, she broke me,
I'm happy, I lift my arms to open sky, go away my pain and sorrow, Today, I wanna be happy,
I have never been one that was actually able to say that I love who I am, I would always allow people to treat me like crap, and I always pretended that I didn't give a damn.
How do you win the same battle when you don't think that you have anymore fight? And when it seems like you have to give up because it seems like you can't do anything right?
Touch me  Touch me Let flesh meet flesh Warmth meet warmth Let your skin know that mine is near That I am here That we are not alone Not now at least Hold me In the dark
At what point will I stop loving you? Will it be like sun setting after a long day? Will the sun rise again for that matter? Or maybe it will be like a match burning out.
I wish I could love myself  Or know how to forgive oneself  After putting her through so much  So lost her soft touch    Full of fear 
Laying on my bed Hoping for hope but I’m hopeless Thinking about how time flies I was not the me I dreamt of I keep dreaming big Not Knowing what life has to offer   Time flies time flies
Name is Shyanne, only been alive for a decade and a half,All the things i seen should be band.My purpose is to help people,Thats where i want to be,I want to work in a hospital, all day on my feet.I don't care what people say about me,All i care a
Name is Shyanne, only been alive for a decade and a half,All the things i seen should be band.My purpose is to help people,Thats where i want to be,I want to work in a hospital, all day on my feet.I don't care what people say about me,All i care a
For the first time in a long time I am writing about being alone, but not in my usual way, Usually when I talk about being alone, it is in a negative way, and it leaves me with only sad things to say.
Most responsible. Maneuvering through each day. Maybe locked away, or roaming around free. More extroverted, charismatic, determined, & even kind some might say. May you be her friend & not her enemy.
We are all so different but yet so much the same, everyone in some way or another will experience some kind of pain we all will heal from this love and pain that is all so real .
We are all so different but yet so much the same, everyone in some way or another will experience some kind of pain we all will heal from this love and pain that is all so real .
Months later I find myself back here although my words remain similar to other poems each one has a different view a different scenario.
And I told them to not peak, My colossal soul, But the vultures were determined, Staring with beady black eyes, For fearful prey and unwanted guise, They waited for me to break or crack an opening,
Are there pastures past the mud, and I'm just too scared to walk through it? Do I dare put on the glasses and be brave to see through them? There are other chapters and I have to flip the page. 
Sometimes I feel as if I am transparent, my vulnerabilities and fears tattooed across my body, worry and wonder worry and wonder until my mind runs into circles of doubt, never ending, the rhythm of my heart beats in tune with this, th
  Scintilla SCINTILLA Stay by me stay besides In this pitch dark for a little bright, Can you be there to share your light?
  Scintilla SCINTILLA Stay by me stay besides In this pitch dark for a little bright, Can you be there to share your light?
You cannot define me. I am but a petalless flower, a bud, sewn shut with transparent thread. I exist in a reality unlike the one you know, a reality I created within my soul,
Another day has passed, thinking unusual stuff, Making myself bored to death... Walking all alone in the cold dark,
You're hard on me 'cause you care, But I wish you'd be more fair.   My hurt may turn to anger; I may take it out on you.   I hear you say things You would normally,
I've thrown away everything. I think about my decisions, the tears they sting. Wondering what tomorrow will bring; Just another sad song for me to sing. Just another attempt to conquer this thing.
Lately I have realized something about myself that I never have before, And I wish it hadn't taken me long to realize that when one closes, there is always another door.
I was 5. My superheroes fought the dragon. They took me in safe hands, pulling me in my wagon. I was 6. “You can’t just come to the U.S” My best friend was taken out of the bus. I was 8.
I am- first and foremost a paradox an unusual blend melange of the old-fashioned, conservative, hypermoral - all juxtaposed with the radical...
  She is my best friend,  My only friend, The one who never leaves. In my mind She’s a jailer Funny that way coz she’s me.
When she smiles, I smile. When she laughs, I laugh. When she loves, I love. When she thinks, I think
Let me take you back to the moment the most important person who inspires me first entered this world eighteen years ago on a late Monday night.
Ever since I was a kid , I didnt live like one..
I was born in late September and my passions vary from a burning fire to a dying ember. Entered the world in 1963 to a lifetime of struggling just to be free- ( to be me.)
No amount of writing would bring myself back,  yet here I am. I write and write and write. I come up with metaphors to describe what hating myself feels like
The bittersweet words lay like a blanket on my head. All the letters swarm, and I feed off it as I go to bed.  And then, a feeling like huge waves crash against my soul. 
I take criticism, I take pain, I take risks. Was it worth it? Why tries so hard? I can't control my self,  my brain is contagious.  Too much pain, too much thoughts.
My eyes are of waiver They click and tock onto  the views that are given-- calloused hands twiddling a sauce covered spoon make my vision spell a new line  on paper.
I laugh  I cry, I sing, I dance, I weep, I mourn, I carry on, I love, And I...  
I come from women Who prefer not to smile. From witches and warlocks And spirits, I come from the vampires that roam the streets
“Drum Major, is your band ready?”  A booming voice said over the intercom of the stadium, I turn around on my conducting ladder, facing the judges and the crowd, and out of me shouts the words,
To be aspire someone is too high of a praise and to aspire something is too greedy and bliss what inspires me is myself I don't mean to be a self centered cunt but no one is worthy of a praise so high but YOU
Walking into another dimension A world where I'm not who I should be Not myself but filling in someone else's shoes A place where words jump at me And help me see in a new light
Im only 18 And i have already found my deepest fear My worst nightmare  And i know that it will probably change as the time goes by  But now here it is  Fear that in the end
I beg for the touch of a ghost  The parched throat of wind His hands command me Like a puppet The breath of his sleep Awakes my pulse
As I read,                                                      I find pieces of me, Hidden in the words, Mixed in the ink.    The stories I love,
Can you save me?Can you pull me from my pit?From my dark and endless jail?Can you tear down my walls of anguish?Burn my fears or failure?Can you help me?Can you teach me how to feel real again?
My heart pains My tears run My tummy aches And all because I can’t love myself the way you once loved me
Waking up in the mornin', picking my writing utensil. Pulling out my composition book, my brain trying to settle. Thinking to myself about becomin' a star. I can imagine myself just tryna live large.
Another me There was another me But not the better me, But so carefree,   A better me, That’s who I am today, So secluded that I may be A better me,   I brought
owtexas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,she,me from my very polite manner ball for the night she me by the way i am she me comeing from where im from she me down to the touch to the stroke the feel she groans im to real she me from my status to my manly vibe i
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im me so who you im me so how could this be im me so who be you im me so what it do talking down get down round for round known but the thought the point is who you you say who me i be the m,v.p.
pretty girl can you texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,can you see me ooh pretty girl ooh sexy lady can you see me everytime you open up your eyes ooh pretty girl every time you awake all i wanna know can you see me sexy woman ooh pretty girl,pretty from th
I am rolling hills of Kevlar skin  I am night before the days begin I am terra cotta heart I am stories yet to start I am bones of solid gold I am young, but I am old I am war yet to be won
I am a man. I’m sure my reputation proceeds me I know just how you’ll perceive me But I’m begging please believe me Please open your eyes and see me   I am a human
I know that I just met you, but I also know that what I feel is true. All of the traits I hate is what you have, but funny how this heart told me it's love.   It's been only a month since we started talking,
It started at a young age I can't quite put my finger on My mother always told me it was rude to point But every one of my flaws would soon be pointed out
I am mountains staggered and strong in a valley of skin. I am warm leather showing age and a life that was lived. I am wind blowing through golden fields of grain. I am the glimmer in ancient eyes, the earthy hue of my hazel windows.
It's difficult when you're surrounded by people who love you, but who know you so well they are no longer interested. It's difficult when you're in your prime, but it doesn't really matter because you don't do anything that requires it.
When I was 7 Mama pulled me aside I say “Yes Mama” She started, “My baby,” Which I no longer was “How would you feel if..” My world had ended “Your Dad and I separated”
  “J” meaning jovial & jazzy, Oh and sometimes sassy, But I always remain classy. For the “A” you can say ambitious and adventurous,
Good Morning. Time to wake up and get busy. Wishing things were like they were when I was young. Those days when I had not a single worry.
Sitting all alone, Realizing that to be free, Can only be me.
Sitting all alone, Realizing that to be free, Can only be me.
Sitting all alone, Realizing that to be free, Can only be me.
There’s an old phrase that states if only these walls could talk.
If there is a future there is time for mending - Time to see your troubles almost ending. Life is never hopeless however great your sorrow - If you're looking forward to a new tomorrow.
Cool girl doesn’t get jealous Cool girl doesn’t ask “to talk” Cool girl has sex whenever you want her to And cool girl has been good to me!
i pull off my heavy-weight sweatshirt i weigh myself ranking up to nearly 100 pounds im satisfied for now
I’m no dancer I want to be but... It’s nice to think about but... It’s impossible for me to be a dancer I wish I could create things like my idols can
you don’t really know me you know what I put on Instagram, and what I tweet about on Twitter or what I hide behind these Snapchat filters.  but truthfully you don’t really know me
I realized I was grown When I no longer prayed. I figured out, that I Didn’t need God's hand and That I didn’t have to Impress people that aren’t
I am not an age Not a weight Not a height I am not a gender Not a name I am that thought Floating in my head
When I was younger I would always complain how I wanted to be an adult In result I realized that was the last thing I wanted to do
The 2016 obesession over boys is just a memory to me.  I thought I loved each and every single one of them.  Realizing after graduation that it was all a bunch of noise you see.
Dirty feet, clean hands The ground once soft now grows hard beneath the touch Flowers                wilting Earth          growing Everything is crowded Everyone knows what's coming
Black fades into white. Day fades into night. You faded into me. As I’m fading into you. Our seems are sewing together, roots growing, We touch.
slowly highways teach me to gnaw years off their concrete,   from the worn bumper stickers and yellowed life   lines, about fifteen feet above, watching over exit forty-five,  
I Stand. The fires burn me and I stand. The people scorn me, and I stand. Darkness hunts me, and I stand.  
came to the house early my first house party first of the twelfth month stayed long after it was done   after the first handshake, the thought of me was a flake unwanted unneeded
Soy de besos de lluvia y lame rapida del sol soy de Super Bowl gana y pérdidas Super Bowl soy de la ciudad esmeralda.  
The ocean breathes, just like you and me Now, I know that may sound silly Or maybe you disagree Take my word for it, and you'll begin to see The ocean breathes, you see The fish, sharks, and reefs
You don't know fear 'til you've lived in my shoes. You live every day afraid you'll lose  your balance, respect, or the friends that you have. Lots of long and fancy names for the things that cause
One of my biggest fears is one I face every day My biggest fear is Myself. The trickling fear that comes every day The voices whispering to me Saying that I'm not enough That I can't do it
Everything's changing, I’ve always had a perspective of how life would happen. Of how I would begin and end, Everything's changing.
I fill my life, with worthless stuff, knowing full well, it's never enough. others seem happy, so why can't I? I fill my lungs, with another lie. swallow the grief,
“We need to talk.”   White bay windows overlook the block. We always closed the blinds up here. Keeps the neighbors from shock.
Fears and insecurites tend to hold us back, but what if I told you my greatest fear,  was embracing my black?   We all have a place deep in our souls,
Am I the center of the universe  or am I standing at its end am I cursed or am I the curse  what message do I send ? 
School. Absolutely not. "GO" I heard Him say So Large Too Large "GO" Lonely brain in an extroverted body "GO"  I went. Wait... She likes the same things as me?
I used to see you in the shadows, Smirking devilishly at me with the thought that you could control me. If I dared to show any signs of weakness to you,
I look in the mirror Seeing the sad imperfection Seeing me Seeing the acne on my skin Seeing my nose that seems too big
Agoraphobia. Noun.  Extreme irrational fear of entering open or crowded places, of leaving one’s own home, or of being in places from which escape is difficult.    Chicago, sometimes Chi-raq by the 
This mask I wear everyday, It is only a disgrace. Covering who I really am, But showing what I want people to see. This mask is the perfectionist in me.
What are you so afraid of? As if the more I ask,  the more I will become overnight. As if a shooting star could shine among the constellations,  telling me that they're all wrong.
Do you know how frustrating it is, To be criss-crossed, Overturned, Outnumbered, By men who don’t see my worth?
I used to be deranged and I know this is strange,my life got rearranged,from the inside I got changed,suddenly sucess is in my range.<br></br>I'm 25 years old, yet I feel like an infantI'm known for metaphores, and this song will be no
Just like a ghost I host a night hold you so tight I mean you doubt you always there in despair I reach out to you you let me look invisible so risible can´t help it
I miss you And all I wanna do is kiss you But this bliss is not like a french kiss it is more like hit or miss   I wish I could be close to you But all I do is banish those memories
I Gave Up So Much For One BOY. I Lost Myself. I Gave My Heart, Mind, And Body To One BOY. I Lost Myself. 
There is an unspoken fear Of the fear that lies within. Of the fear boiling in my veins, Of the fear peeling back my eyelids at 1 a.m. I say nothing.
There is an unspoken fear Of the fear that lies within. Of the fear boiling in my veins, Of the fear peeling back my eyelids at 1 a.m. I say nothing.
A is for Affirmative, seeking the positive in othersR is for Ravishing, an entrancing beautyT is for Terrific, so awesomeI is for Important, a valuable contributorS is for Sharp, always observant
Alluring Rare Talented
Art is an odd thing Unexplainable most of the time But breathtaking all of the time Artists create pieces to express themselves on canvas When we see we feel differently An expression of who we could be
Intrinsic   Alway wondering, my mind yearns for truth.   Morals never took precedence- your preacher was unconvincing.  
Me and my girl were recently having a conversation, that broadened perspectives and led to revelations. Trying to define relational lines, while avoiding proverbial landmines. I always tell her that to me she's like the sands of time, timeless.
You can see it.  Here it is. A new place. A big place. Bigger than before.  People passing, moving - always moving.  But stop.  Can you hear me?  Are you moving too fast? Looking every other way but here?
You can see it.  Here it is. A new place. A big place. Bigger than before.  People passing, moving - always moving.  But stop.  Can you hear me?  Are you moving too fast? Looking every other way but here?
A purpose runs in my veins  , shines onto my flaws, though it cleans A pale of when, a pale of what happened  I, as a child was molested  I, as a child was bullied
My mother's love is unconditional, something like an overflowing cup of water  that is pure in taste and transparent in sight. Something as beautiful as the full moon that sparkles on the ocean's currents at night.
The new school year is already biting me. can't seem to get the hang of chem, and can't seem to land a good pre calc teach.   I am not failing any classes, but to me,
Swimming through my lake of thoughts I gaze and then behold, The dreams are singing, and hopes are ringing The young and also the old
[I] approach the tipping point  the straw that broke [my] back. at a loss for words expression has no expression, is not an expression anymore. the way [I] feel when all the words - all the thoughts
I don’t know you yet But I know that you are beautiful I don’t know if you’ve met my family But I know that you are mine now  
When you are a woman/girl/female We are supposed to act like we look We act like the skin we are in & try to make excuses for the men  Maybe I lit my own fire when I took that drink When I released that flame
I am me I am from the D From the waters that overlook Canada I am from Motor city A place that is loud with inner beauty I am from the soul
My sister always tells me, jokingly, as she always does,  that seeing as she’s my older sister, she’s known me for literally my entire life.   She says, “You don’t know me,
just one more breath nice and slow, think it through isn't life or death; see? what do you want to do I wish this wasn't me   living with this constant cage no peace for my mind
I’m just an empty husk without You:   Striving without ever thriving, Running hard but never arriving, Dragging my way through life, only surviving, Wishing I could run and hide.  
Trauma trapping, tripping Over the roots that I have grown In the back of my mind To conduct oneself like so
I cry I weep I dont sleep Night all alone Hiding in my phone Where am i Where did i go Do i run from myself Wont i leave me alone I am lost It is dark Will i come back
My mentor is the gentle hand that guides me away from the "wrong" crowds. My mentor is the tutor that taught me that those mistakes aren't always the end of the world. 
all the places you go taste the history breathe the stories the essence the air heavy with magic take a sip of the soul of the land then leave a bit of you for the next traveler
She’s so graceful And golden She’s marvelous And elegant Her favorite hymns always cloud the house I want to be like her
I was lost and alone, Hopeless and afraid, Storms raging, endlessly... But I lit my own torch! I Braved my own storm! The mentor I had.....  Was ME.
I hate the way you look at me. The way you smile and turn away. All I can do is watch aimlessly. because I know your the  demon inside of me.   I can't escape you. The dark is real.
I always hated when people would look at my scars, With a look of regret. Giving me a look of “I should’ve been there”   Yeah
I am whole whithin The hot dusty air, Rocks rising left and right, Everything is like fire, Reds and oranges surround me, Fueling my energy,
Whirr, click! Whirr, whirr, click! Torque jerks gears and chains to life. My Innovation.
Let me make a toast! But first, please pour yourself a drink.   Now, let me begin with the achievers: To all who get up in the morning with a plan to conquer their fears,
my friend’s funeral was a cloudy day. a joyous celebration of life. the clouds spoiled the ambiance, but the rain never came.  
The world confines me, It puts me in a darkness. People abuse me,  They think I am heartless. But my thoughts are open, They are alive. I can write them on paper, And believe I will survive.
The world confines me, It puts me in a darkness. People abuse me,  They think I am heartless. But my thoughts are open, They are alive. I can write them on paper, And believe I will survive.
Lost Not the magical lost you get when you go to Disney Or walk into your favorite store Not the dreamy sort of lost you feel when you stare into a pair of eyes or a really good book
A friend of mine asked me to write a poem about myself, and for the first time, I was left
he asks me, “what has poetry taught  you? why is it so important?”   i ponder the question for a moment and  think about the women who  came before me, the poets who have inspired my
This, this is poetry, the abstract sitting beside me, like a long lost friend exchanging thoughtful memories while Discarded thoughts of tomorrow sit like old men, forgetting themselves over the horizon remaining just beyond the water's edge remin
I would say Shel Silverstein was our first friend That's how we learned where the sidewalk ends.  Bet you thought this poem was going to rhyme But that was the only line I could get out my mind (just kidding) head . 
A person who sees people can only try to pierce into their soul because they claim to be so bold like the word itself. As if everything I do simply makes you hate on my moves and achievements like your name is envy.
A will to write comes to all Although in different forms. One may write lines upon lines, Another a few words.   Some words can become lines;
Why do the happiest memories, Always seem to baffle me? Why do I feel happy, When I destroy me? As the blood rains down, my eyes close. I just want to be better, like the rest of the shadows.
I hurt so bad, it's getting hard to breathe How I feel inside, well you wouldn't believe Thanks for making me cry, what I total waste of makeup This nightmare feels so real, come on Maddie, wake up
In life, I'm suppressed  but on paper, I'm free poems are an artform the escape I need
Poetry has always seemed to be in my life, in my blood even My father is a poet, for my mother at least He wrote them when he was happy when my mother was pregnant with me
Personally, combining thesaurus with meter with soul Offers satisfaction of expression and communication and release— Emptying an ever-filling well-spring by waxing eloquent—
I settled into the porcelain coffin, tiny bubbles and waves rippling, cascading over the past and the present.   My feet rose with the crack, an existential break in the mold of
i thought i had a heart and i thought you had one too. i thought i had a future  like all the others do. i thought i had a friendship a listener when i fell. but when i stumbled and slipped.
my present quickly swirls into the past the feeling of home overcomes me at last. shades of masquerade envelope the room flickering shadows setting the castle a gloom. as the tornado of dancing swarms around me
There were days when I did not want to claim who I was. If I made that proclomation, then I was admitting to being the poorest kid on the block.  I would of rather been Ash Ketchum, then to be me. 
In honor of black history month, I want to shine a light on a very special woman. She has endure life as it has been thrown to her. She has tackled the world and has gone above and beyond to help those that are in need.
I am a politically conscientious, theater-obsessed English nut, An extrovert with anxiety and an unquenchable taste for scary books and movies,
Walls back up Don't hurt me again Do I let you in Let you win? You don't care And yet I do Let me stop Caring for you Walls up Guard too Protecting myself
who am I? nothing feels right. I cannot see with sight or, at least not quite, my skin feels too tight  around this soul. around this hole; that's consuming me, their presuming me;
I have food, but so do you.   I have clothes, but so do you.   I have friends, but so do you.   I have a family, but so do you.   What makes us so different?
Dear whomever, “Dear” can’t encompass you. My greatest, most foolish love Dear isn’t nearly enough Not for you God help me
To Whom This May Concern, If you're receiving this letter, that means the damage is already done. If anyone is to blame, it's me. Set yourself free from my lack of empathy From Nadialine
I'm a male rights activist who loves the feminist I'm a man woman who can't cryMost of my life I wanted to dieUntil I tried and livedNowI reach for the sky
“Zebra Baby,” The words echoed. A label for an animal, Yet it was meant for me. Did I have stripes on my skin? Is that why eyes trailed along my length in public?
You fickle thing, You keep on looking,  For your reflection in others, Anxiously sending out, Clouded rays of light to broken mirrors, When will you see, That the light reflected,
I know it has been hard I know that I have failed I know that I have hurt you And I know that you have been disappointed But thank you for believing Thank you for caring Thank you for wondering
                                          Dear GOD,                 I thank you for showing me that there more to life.          I thank you for providing me with experiences that teaches me lessons.
hello. let me say one more thing before i go. i am a twin, a friend, a daughter, a believer, a writer  and an artist... but you do not know me. hello.
I am an eagle majestic and feathery Taking flight from my perch and travelling around In my journeys I have encountered a lot Learning from other’s errors have made me better
Dear Journey,
Dear Family, Thank you guys for all the help,Because I really thought I was going to melt.With all the pressures that high school broughtI really felt like I was being tied in a knot.
Dear Future Self...I really hope that you are not theMe that I am now.The one who is too patientFor her own good.  
Dear Future Me,   Whether you’re 18 20 36 50 Or lying on your deathbed, I hope you understand that you are worth so much.
1. Going Opposite: Tomato, Tomata, Hakuna Matata.I always find myself going opposite of my mentor, drawing a wedge more extensive than the grand canyon.
hello,  in this letter to whoever,  i'm not sure what to say. i rarely get to speak my mind; never more than once a day. and my list of friends is limited  and is set in stone.  but here
  Pain and Sadness Joy and Glee, By these words you may know me, But is it I you truly know? Or just the me that I borrow.  
Dear Kemauri, Is it okay if I call you that?  I know you prefer Keke. Why is that? Have you let someone ruin your name for you? Has your past made you afraid of it? 
I want to grown in a family home With a full living space In a kid friendly neighbor Where the saying love the’ neighbor Is possible I want to be surround by nature And watch seasons change
When words are too much and thoughts - too little   My message to you may never be received - for, I -a novice in communications - have no way to encode.   No medium fits me
I was 3 when my life was flipped upside downI never got to sleepover at a friends house or Ride a bike or been ask to danceNever got to chase my brother or play like a normal kid 
indigestible being that was the lesson-- you had to leave they needed to  let you go even though you thought of youself as sweet remember, you too, were poison.  
Each breath I feel the army wanting to push the barricade  I swallow so much saliva it washes back  the front line back into the sea from which they arose They are fighters, no matter how hard I 
       Darkness Is My Partner Darkness Guides Me Into The Dark Far Away When Everyone Blinds You Darkness Lets Me Give My Emotions Out
A beauty it is To not be able to feel the emptiness That engulfs me--yes, beauty.    05.28.16 - N.N.
Happiness they say Can beat the tides of sadness Yet, I am drowning      05.28.16 - N.N.
I am having a difficulty speaking I am having a diffuculty of acting Normal-- So I keep singing Normal Girl so maybe I can be as such My mind, a racetrack
Sweet, sweet girl, don’t lose that heart Even though sometimes, things will fall apart. Value your daddy and all the sacrifices he will make You don’t yet understand all he’ll end up doing for your sake.
Dear God, Can you hear me? People say you hear everything, but are you listening? I have some questions to ask you, and words I want to share. So please, listen to me.
dear me... how did you manage to open your eyes this morning? only hours ago your heart felt heavy beating slowly in your chest with your head against the pillow wondering how you could ever
Dear 13-year-old Juliana,  Things will get better. Slowly but surely, you will discover that you have anxiety, Which explains why you are the way you are.
Dear God, I'm worried, I know where my life is headed, But even then, I feel that I don't have direction, I know what I want to do, But even then, Is it the right thing?
I live moment to moment Heck, I am the moments I am that moment when you're in the middle of texting someone and they call you
Dear Past Self, I know what you’re expecting me to say. That it’s going to get easier and don’t give up. Or maybe That this is only the bottom of the mountain And you have much further to climb.
Hey little me, How is 9th grade treating you? Still scared of talking to boys? Still terrified to admit you like girls? I know your grades are slipping. And no, it's not because you're stupid
As the wind blows and The rain pounds on my window, You hold me tight and don't let go.  I fall asleep in your arms, Waiting for a rainbow  That I hope will come, The one that you promised was just
Dear past me,               He told you, so you thought               “I'm not good enough”               She said so, so you thought               “I look too fat in this dress”
Dear Past Self, How many words I wish I could say... So many things I wish I could let you know. I know its too late now, but I just want to make sure... that you know you'll be alright in the future ahead.
great uncle:I would like tothank you forTea. It is asimpleitem, yetcomplex in mymind,Tea.
What does it mean to me? Well that depends on the question. What does art mean? The way of one's self-expression. What does music mean? A feeling made into a sound. What does life mean?
Listen, kid. What I'm about to say is important, so put the book down for once. I know you don't like looking people in the eye when they're talking to you, and neither do I.
I push you everytime everytime I promise myself  that I won't let you affect em. I tell myself that I am stronger. Than this. Than you. But it never works. For, you are me.
Theres a river in me. It's waves slide past each other slowly and smoothly. My blood is a big river, it flows through my veins, heart, bones and my brain too.
Shes looking like a vision A work of art She on a mission Call her the new And improved Kim possible Cuz she unattainable Getting uh house soon And that ferrari too
Who am I? Am I someone who's good at art, music? Or even dance? Sporty? Good at writing? Who am I? Am I supposed to smile all day? Am I supposed to follow the rules?
Who are you, When I'm not looking? How much does my love mean, If yours doesn't match it?
Dear Edward Said,   What have you done? What have you done to me You have torn open my old wounds Those festering razor slashes Dozens, Accumulated over years, Every time I realized
Dear friend: As a person who wants success in such a small town Filled with gloom, praying I prosper and don’t reach my doom.
I will never say that I didn't need you. I will never say that you were bad. I will never say that I felt alone when I was with you. I will never say that you didn't change me.
I've tried so hard but I can't do anything. I feel stuck in a place I don't want to be. I drink to lose the pain,  and I get high to feel free. I'm a lesbian, yet no one understands
Some say I’m intelligent But I just feel irrelevant Some say I’m well-spoken But they haven’t seen the side of me still broken The broken side
To You, Maybe I wasn't the best thing that happened to you. But I did happen to you. This was real. I breathed and lived inside your heart, so don't you dare tell me This wasn't real.
I am sitting in my room and I'm getting consumedby these emotions and I feel like I am doomed.I feel like I am trash that got swept by a broom.I am in a bad mood listening to sad tunes. I am feeling a lot of pain and don't want it to turn to hate.
I crave those moments When my deepest senses — of every corner, and of every edge of my entire being — are touched and awakened.   I crave those moments When my deepest senses
Me I am me Me is I I cannot be Without me. Being me is no lie I remain I No y o or u
                                             Have you ever had a dream? A nightmare, to good and then evil.  It's like eating something really sweet over and over again
You are the sun, I am the moon. Not entirely related, Not entirely necessary to have one for the other to survive. But both entirely important, But both entirely loved.  
Because I love you, Your happiness is mine, Your problems are mine. Just like I am yours.  
behind my smile is a hurting heart. behind my laugh, i’m falling apart.
He saw them coming As his smile faded.The thought of runningWas flowing throughHis head.But he kept walking.Everyday.He walked on by.Through jokes aboutHis small size and long hair.
Liar I have one for him and for her I have one for them and for us I have one for you and for me   The lies they come The lies they go From here and there They appear  
Because I Love You   Because you are mine, because you are yours   You've seen me at my worst, and held me true   You've seen me real, I am free   An open book, 
her hair hangs loosely  dark, curly, and beautiful  no one else like her 
My skin used to be an armor and as courageous as I seemed it was all just this facade that made sleep make me feel like I could be redeemed.   But I was lost and I wasn't me.  
I sit still and wait my heart wavers through the gloomy nights I sit still and cry afraid of my fears igniting they tell me to love means to worry so beacuse I love you
Have you ever dared explore the wonders of your feats fails and blunders?
Karma is a vengeful woman  and I dare say so am I One minute smiling at nothing
37.1 trillion cells 23 pairs of chromosomes 46 chromosomes total 4 stories   The pigment of my skin, a reminder of the humid city my family came from.
A battle of balance resides withinThe confines of my heartA push and a pullAn ebb and flowAll beginning with a startAn electric shock A beating pulseTo discover what makes me tick
The evil in my head speaks It yells at me daily I pound at my head I yell back… I cry out at night for them to leave
No two strangers as strange as they be will ever as strange, as you, or as me.   We may walk different ways with distance between what we believe, but we might never quite grasp
Why didn't you fight back, they say.Why didn't you scream?Why didn't you run?You must have wanted it, they say.You must have secretly liked it.Otherwise, you would have fought
I won’t tell you that i am trapped in a body that isn’t mine that i was born in the wrong body because whether i have a chest or a dick this body is mine   this body is mine and always will be mine
I look at your photo All I see is a picture of me A picture me when I will be 27 A picture from my mom that wasn't to be seen A picture of me skinny as a stick  A picture of me hollow 
I came to this world empty-handed, But then filled with love and care. I came to the world as a fragile doll, But then grew up with strength and bravery. I came to the world as innocent as the air we breathe,
“Because I love you” is what the unintelligent use to justify their actions “I love you” are more than words It’s the way you make me feel and the honesty
What do you mean two personalities? I understand the hiding. What do you meanI’m hiding the good? I understand no escaping. Don’t you knowlife is pointless?
Warm mouths intertwining Heated by the yellow sun Melting into one It was beginning to be Too much Too fast
Love is patient. Love is kind. I've heard it all. But I don't know if I believe any of it They should change that Love should be patient Love should be kind Love destroys
You say I'm a bitch. A stuck up, self-absorbed, chin-up-so-high-it's-a-wonder-it-doesn't-interfere-with-airplane-travel bitch. 
i came into this world as a stem, a clean, innocent, beautiful stem. as i grew up, my stem got taller.
It is my cross  to bear I accept it without fear The pains i will endure And soon i shall have a cure. It hurts to know i’m my problem
I guess i will never know what is is as a result, the're many i can't please. The burden to know you is deep till i find you, i will not sleep.   Last summer I thought I almost had you
There is a veil over my eyes,One thick, and made of fog,Made of years of sighs,And risen from a malodorous bog,  
In first grade, I was the bright girl with almond eyes,My eyes quite brown, even amber in the sunrise, My skin always tan, bronze from summers of swimming,And the endless hiking,    
funny how consistent you seem to be in my mind as the sun starts to leave behind a trail of the classic gold and pink  that you made symbolic of my loving fleeting youth so tell me the truth
To tell you the truth,I am fearful, petrified,That you see my heart.  
Are you here with me?,I want to see your bright eyes,Fervent and complete. 
If you wait for your destiny,Then your destiny will be to wait.  
Note From Poet: This was written under the original poem I wrote called #BecauseILoveYou. I wrote this one as a response to a comment by a fellow poet. Enjoy :) I love you because 
This is me, who you see The mask I wear, the burden I bear The deceit that hides behind my lies The pain that shows within my eyes The tears that swell within my heart I don't want us to be apart
Because I thought I loved you, I shamelessly walked in your shadow. Because I thought I loved you, I was blind not to see that you were shallow. "Fresh meat" "Innocent" "Virginal"
I look myself in the mirror and I see a "tall lonely depressed girl." Well, not really. My friends see that. They don't see all of the struggles that I go through.
Back to school. Back to 3 am ice cream runs and coffee running through my veins.  Back to word limits and pop quizes.  Back to study groups that aren't really study groups.  
I have roots for a mane, So unruly, not the best lion-tamer could tame,   The shadows on my face the only things visible,My eyes, mouth, and nose invisible,  
I took an online quiz a few years ago...It told me that my soul was ancient,So I sat down today and dusted off my art pens,But I could not put down the image I saw.It eluded my fingertips. 
Dear Past Self, I'm not sure where in your life you are, but I'm a sophomore in college. I'm not going to lie to you, life is not at all what you thought it was going to be.
Let me live. Let me breathe. Let me my claws unsheathe.   Free me from vines. Free me from tracks.
I dream as any other does, and I breathe. I see as any other does, and I cry.
Me. The Little Flame, Ember Flameheart is my name, Love you, and all else.  
I, Elandria, Lay my heart on my sleeve, world, And await judgement.
I hide behind my eyes. tThey can not know, all my lies. I move along though, and even sing. Though now and then It seems to sting. It is hard when they won't allow me to be weak.
Empty puzzle pieces gaping wide, Showing the world in which I cannot hide, Shallow emotions flutter throughout my being, Showing everything that possesses absolutely no meaning.
It was in her darkest corner that he found her light. She lost it so long ago from this broken system of society. Trampled, beaten and abused all she knew was pain. The beauty she once seen is since long gone more of just a faded memory.
Strange world The day goes down,the morning comes Mankind is done for the day Strange world The day goes down,the morning comes Mankind faces new challenge Strange world
Celebration,celebration,celebration, celebration,celebration,celebration. Let celebrate and rejoys our father's have follow his ancesstors our mother's have sleep in peace how longer can it be then this?
The day is gone The night is near But the day is done With me,o with me Fear comes into my heart I find it hard to sleep.
To you I’m probably this bubbly person, a breath of fresh air, but actually i'm dead on the inside. To you I'm this pretty “shy” girl but in reality i'm just this ugly girl with scars.
I’m having trouble handing you my heart It’s not your fault They say, “Dive in, vulnerability is beautiful” But it’s not worth the sobbing and seemingly endless aching
I am 16 years old I’m left handed I hate my hyphenated last name And I absolutely hate bananas I still don’t know how to play video games either
My blinds are always open Because, for some reason, Inside without Outside  Is suffocating My shelves are full but my library is empty My fan never stops spinning The carpet is stained -
One day my burning desires will lead me to retire. Everytime i speak i unleash fire. Back then, i had my dreams covered in barbwires. kept it on the DL Now its time to release my sequel.
She sits on the swing right outside her window.   The window where she use to sneak out of every night.   It's 1 in the morning and her thoughts lead her back.  
I can't sleep without the window open at night.   I can hear the roaring of cars in the distance.   It reminds me of whe we would listen for cars before we crossed the street.  
My bones are swollen. They swell against their joints. I know they are not. I know they can not. But that's how they feel. The needless in my feet, The bars in my mind. The shift feels like a
so it happens again in the dark when the hands are Touching, Grabbing, Choosing, me 
Who do you see, when you look in the mirror? I see you, me, yes. But do you, me, see me? What I see is someone I want to be me. But who is this me? I know not who I am, nor who I will be. I am not you, nor can I be exactly like you. So I guess who
its mild but new its strange, and with out a warning i feel this atraction, a certain magnetisim its not strong, but its new in my 18 years of life I've never felt this way till now
Want to know America? Stand on Lady Liberty. Get a glimpse of what it means; Look out as far as you can see.   Once upon a time,
What should America be? A country fo you? Or for me? Most would say "The greatest nation in the world" That's an easy answer, for a not-so-easy girl But why? What makes us great? Our money? Or lucky fates?
We all hide behind our walls,   Never giving it our all,   But I'll admit that I am human  
A peek into my eyes and you see nothing. I hide my emotions well, may be too well. I am very good at it, the result of decades of practice. Might even venture to say that I have mastered the art of emotional silence.
A fair haired child born of a Mama converted to religion and a Daddy inclined to believing from afar.
I’m sorry that I apologize constantly. Ironic, right? It drives my friends crazy I ruin our fun with my apologies My conscience tells me:
A tick tock noise from the clock in my room Knocks my head on and on Till it wakes me up in the middle of the night, So I found myself looking right at the ceiling My body starts sweating
To sing of myself, A strange tune indeed, One filled with wonder and adventure and pride and fear and joy, A tale of many colors, none of which too dry.   To sing of myself,
I use to share poems with my name attached 
You never listened You never cared I was missing Some heart repairs   You showed me the door  which I would walk through With my heart fully sore but it didn't matter to you  
I did buy the lie that Many told me  the land of the free  and the home of the brave Yet I was not taught this way, Through minority eyes I saw A world unequal; I stared in awe
I am from the rusted grill sitting outside on the old porch From grape Gatorade and delicious barbecue burgers
Just a second agoThe magnificent flowThe room filled with soundThe noises that drownedVibration, scientifically speakingThis is what I've been seeking 
How could you do this? Destroy the bonds we built This land was our land
“How are you?” “I’m good”  I know they don’t want to hear what is true but even if I wanted to say it I don’t know that I could.   So, I stick to the norm
I use to share poems with my name attached  but then I was told I should stop so my name was detached  because the statement made my confidence drop.   What if she was right? Was I just wasting my time
I am not ashamed of myself. I wonder how other people think of themselves. I hear people everywhere. I see all sorts of emotions on people. I want people to understand the world around them.
Half past twelve Ticking began Surrounded by waves In lengths that fade Silence screamed And my heart gave way To the beast inside Never felt this way
I swear i'll love this town, if only I can look at it from my cars rear view mirrior. This Town destroyed me. I would destroy myself , to become your idea of perfection. Yes, yes, yes
Who am I? What have I let myself become? A person so dependent on your love that I merely can't see through the fog So blinded by the thought of you that it clouds the very reasons why this wall I've built is there
every day, wake up early. every day, eat a tiny breakfast. everyday, leave for work. Sometimes late. Sometimes early. Never happy about it.  Get home mope.
As I think to myself Last Year? Irrelevant Boring Not real. Not Real as in Time. Not Real as in Did I really overdose on anxiety meds? Accidentally,  of course.  
A life I’m glad I did not know, Lives on inside a plastic dome Atop a metal fuselage for flesh. Fifty-cal. and cyclone motors, Glossy paint and jet-black rotors, Make the frame seem almost fact’ry fresh.
Hard of Hearing, I am Hard Working, I am Harder on friends, But I, have no friends Only associates, because I am A Hard Person. Appreciative to this, Cruel World that we reproduce in.
Nighthorse Chan 1/19/17 I look at the person I was a year ago. Contemplating if I changed… I don’t know. And that I realize When I look into the eyes Of the boy that evolved to a man who has grown.
3, 6, 5, The amount of days it took to reclaim myself. To fall in love, Discover my future, And be true to myself.   This journey is larger than any mountain, Wider than any sea,
the damage isn’t done, we convince ourselves as we sit in a row on the curb sunken arms draped over our knees.   a hodgepodge congregation of prayers in vain, because who is there to ask
I can say a lot of things have changed over the past year. I can say I’m at least a little different from how I was back then. From Junior year to my final Senior days, I’ve been through a lot.
Change is good Exercise was it for me Lost 18 pounds and feel great No heartburn and no stomach ache  2016 made me a new person that is health conscious and happy        
Three years, we are still together You change my world Bring happiness and joy that I can never forget O' Thorn, you are amazing I love you and the furry skin you have   
I am from sunny days from weeping willow trees and flower crowns. I am from bare feet in soft, green grass and swinging on a tire swing on hot days. From old friends, To new ones.  
Behind old eyes I see A boy, once young and free Whose laughter rang Who danced and sang Who smiled back as me   Behind old ears I hear The sounds of passing years And yet somehow
So what I'm pretty  so what I'm not nice So what I'm not perfect Spicy or Kind So what I am me, to bad you can't see So what I'm beautifully me 
I- am who I- am I am thunder- and I am lightning- I crackle, pop, and sizzle. Nothing can phase me You insult me I bear it- You- hate me I- don't give- A damn! You see me now, I- still don't give-
She lies, And she does it so easily, She hides, And she does it so sneakily, She rips apart hearts,
I found my real friends Marketed an iPad app And stressed for college. (What's new?)
when i first walked into the doors that led to the next chapter of my life (high school by the way) i was a fresh new me who thought i would make the best grades possible and go to harvard but
I stare into the mirror and see somone looking back at me We have the same physical features, but the aura I feel is different We're not the same person The person I see staring back at me is not independent
Dear I Was, Childhood ended Adulthood is still far away   But still a Teen   Life was a bully back then
I sowed tolerance and kindness Into crimson earth Noble seeds nurtured by quiet altruism, Blessed by a watchful God.   I reaped denial and illusion Saw a heart too tolerant
If you had asked me a year ago A simple question, nothing out of the ordinary I would have had to say “Fine. I’m fine. I’ll be fine, just give me some time.”  
I was always to shy to speak sometimes I was that quiet nobody  I'd get teased for it oftentimes  Too average, too awkward
I am me  every day I am new  this I see I change like the number 1 to 2.  Shaped by my surroundings  And my families constant hounding. I am me And every day I am new. 
It all began with a small love that turned into a large one. He knew how to take care of her and her medical issues. He knew how to treat her right. He acted like a total gentleman.
Where did the time go? What did I do wrong? Did I make you leave? Or did I do something wrong?I don't know. Please just answer my call. I take my time for you, but you don't do the same.I hide all my feelings, since I'm afraid.
  I don’t know what I Had expected To come from this year.   It could have been Friends Or fun
I am from fantasy books. From crayola chalk and black barbeques. I am from the contented cats, purring on my bed, warm, fluffy, and always brimming with love, that was almost tangible.
Brother: Sister was i never enough? to keep you smiling  when things got tough? Mother:Father was i never enough? no not good enough. to feel you love
Who am I? I am a friend. I am a part of a family.   On the simplest level, I am ME.   Who am I? I am a high school graduate. I am a college attendee.  
January. “New year, new me.” I said. Week one, “Please get better.” Week two, “Don’t talk to me anymore.” Week three,
Snot in my nose, im feeling young but still carry the love for the downtown flow and the downtown cold, the city has a charm  early morning hustle  well alarmed and prepared to cause trouble, it was nothing
 A year ago I wouldn't have known the girl I see now I could not have told you how I did not know me I was in my own self misery I was in deep depression In what I thought was oppression
I was me. Innocent and sweet, Full of excitement for a new adventure. A new school, new people to meet, Sitting through a lecture. I was me.  Sitting at a party not knowing the company,
Last year was a train wreck of emotions I found myself adopting unhealthy habits Staying up late, not working out, cutting people off I needed space to explore myself
The past year has been a tornado of new and old feelings. I have learned lessons and matured because life decisions make you. I dream of being happy in life but sometimes its not an easy route.
Where is my love Where are my dreams  Hiding behind fanciful schemes Or rushing through a river Under the water that gleams
Time is an illusion. At first, you don't agree but after some thought, you begin to wonder. Am I an illusion? Is this world? At first, you laugh but after a minute, you begin to think.
From moving houses within the same area To doing internships with wonderful people A year can feel like quite an era When you are busy with workloads quite lethal   2016 was a year of change
There are 365 days in a year That means There are more than 365 chances For my life To change Each a little more Every day
Watermelon unsettles an empty stomach  Strawberry mouths, clean nails stained pink  Pressed against strangers pasty palms  They all pale in comparison to yours
I believe that many say, time changes It molds, grows, shapes, scrapes, You  I, with tired limbs, heavy eyes, a crazy sleep schedule
Suicide, cutting, and isolation Three things that filled my life up to 2015 I am not the "me" I was before The younger girl that everyone would ignore I became a social butterfly
Captivating is what I aim to be, Stealing your breath with just one look at me. Magnetic, intoxicating, and exemplary.   Raw is what I aim to be,
Pencil shavings became a sign of accomplishments A’s became common Teachers became leaders School became a creative space.  Glances became kisses
This year has been incredibly difficult to me This year I have had tumultuous struggles that arrive in three's... I have conquered my fears and reached for the stars, This year has been an abundance of scars.
I know not poetry.  I know not rhythm or rhyme.  I am not skilled in the art of coquetry.  I'm not famous for the running speed of mine.  I am not fast nor am I slow.  I can read a thousand books, yet there is still so much to know.  I can write a
Twenty Sixteen sucked. I complain with my friends "wow this year sucks" Because it's the year I realized we're all small and so out of luck   Deaths and chaos
I am not the same today is a different me some would say it is a shame  but I know I must let it be  because the world keeps moving  and we all keep dying so we need to keep proving
I am not the same today is a different me some would say it is a shame  but I know I must let it be  because the world keeps moving  and we all keep dying so we need to keep proving
I’ve been Awake full nights, For the past three months, Because I’ve got nothing to do. So instead of doing nothing, I instead do nothing and
For me it was gold But for them its dirt The way they treat The way they speak But whatever it is I doesnt really fit They came along That wasnt too long Both singing a song
Como Pasa El Tiempo, I used to hear my mom say. Still so young, I nodded my head in agreement. It means: How Time Goes By..slipping out of our hands day by day.. They say as you get older, you start to understand
My soul is like a peace of paper; white and light and soft and new. My friends are like the pages; close enough to feel the pain, but like a page they too can turn away, who new.
I fall hard and I fall fast. I scrape my knee on the concrete of the earth on a constant basis. I cannot help the way I feel and the way I fall.
In one year's time I have learned much about the world around me and I will continue to learn more about this colossal world of ours.  Learning never ends!
Am I the same? No, of course not. I've changed and battled Become much better. I've faced my share of struggles my demons and my fears. But I come out even stronger emerging from my tears. 
Green over pink.  Learning about everything even the kitchen sink. Clay making. Flute playing. Tales with rings over talking animals that sing. Poem writing dreamer, once a small little lemur.
Ty and Me.Instantly connected.No matter how scary life may have been,We stick through to the end.Just Ty and Me.
My love is everlasting Like a tree that's evergreen But it's not seen By those who mean To sweep it from its pedistool
Together let's go on a grand adventure. Just you and I, exploring this world that we live in.  
Looking up,  
My boat drifts away from the dock I sit and watch my dreams die.   How do I say, “it is okay, you have a plan.” You do have a plan, right?   The boat drifts to the horizon, my stomach drifts with it.
Packin bowls and all I smell is loud  My senses gotta be fucked Since when can I see sound? Dumbfound you have me  Bruh I'm Not so grounded can we 
Never appease one to please one.... Never pacify one to satisfy one..... Never contradict one to predict one.... Rationalize one to correct one..... Debate one to change one......
She As In Me? - A Poem from "Her Deepest Witihins" novel coming soon.     
I have a family. I have a home. You can try to break me down, but I'm never alone.   I have a family. I have a home.  I may not look it, but I can hold my own.  
The thing I’m most superficial about Is my own uniqueness   When I was a little kid It was important to me That I’d pick a different color or number
Them Anthony Flores   I am the product of society. I will fill the shoes that they want me to. A fake smile for a job that I hate.  Wow, I'm ten minutes late.  Now,
I miss you. I never wanted to admit that, But I really miss you. You never told me the password for the PS4 And your Sly Cooper icon is Iconic. Heh, get it?
I exist in Jane Austen. Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park. I exist in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.
I open my eyes and see A world of possibilities, A world of opportunities.  I open my eyes and look At everything I can be.  I hold everything I need to be  Successful!
Your silouette was an outline of time, as if time had decided to develop a tongue to speak only in shadow, only of shade.
  Newborn. Cryout. Homebound. Grandmother. Childlike. Carefree. Playdates. Playgrounds. Schoolbell. Lawnmower. Kickball. Talent Shows.
Colorful,beautiful full of life Brilliant,cozy,soft Full of color,diffrent Spirals of bright rich life Fiery hells,flamboyant screams Painful solitaire Then endless blank nights
She had a smile that would brighten your day. Not just one of those smiles that some old guy would say “nice smile sweetcheeks” Her smile made your soul bleed and the blood would
    Their noses are higher than their IQ's they step on sweet innocents as if they roses.         When will they relize?      We fumble around as if we've been shotten , but in reality we are all just rotten.
I was there for you I gave you my heart I was not aware that I was just fixing your heart So you could go give it back to her Just to be broken  Again
I am jealous. Why does anyone romanticize this I belive you to be to good for me I belive you are the stars and galaxies I am never violent or disrespectful when I am jealous
Every morning I wake at 4 AM. I wake at 4 AM and I am ready to be free. I am alone, walking the streets of darkness and wonder,  enjoying my time for me. I realize that this is who I am, the girl who wanders
I've wished my mays, I've wished my mights, My love for you goes beyond, All the twinkles in the starry night. I loved you then, I love you now, I'll love you forever, For this is my vow.
The time that one takes to stop and look around Observing all of what the human condition can achieve. The amazement and wonderment of a child I have.  For all that we're yet to discover and that of which we have.
Silence my words Silence them all Remove these heavy chains Your words are poisoning my veins
“Not good enough?” “Not good enough.” How is it I can work,               My fingers bleeding,               My lips dry,               My shoulders aching,               My legs numb,
I write small so you can’t hear meI think things in sentences, which formulatesometimes through nauseous thoughtsand I don’t take too kindly to insults,even if I’m the one directing them at me.
Memories float behind closed eyes, drifting dandelion seeds upon an invisible breeze, just beyond grasp.   Elusive as a dream, though numerous as the leaves on a tree,
Who inspired me to write? Was it Edgar Allen Poe? It was a man whose writings have lived on since many years ago Verse, Prose, Iambic pentameter Shakespeare was the best poet of his time and after his time
Wind oh windYou are here todayGive me strengthGo through my heartCure it from its battleRun through my skinShow me how soft and loving you are!Wind oh windIam glad to know
If all stars were meant to be the same then they would have the same shape and size they would even be the same in the way they shine.
  paper listens with out judgement no day comes when ink prints the page who   soaks up tears naked questions 
      My eyes are mirrors  reflecting the kind-hearted, innocent girl visible to others. Revealing an optimistic and cool-headed child.       My skin color embraces my Hispanic heritage. 
There once was a bride and the bridegroom, a tree a wedding ceremony with death as an attendee.   Death held the bride's arm, walking her down the aisle As he did , he whispered in her ear with a faint smile 
In verse, I found a meaning. In meaning, I found an essence.  Through words and verse, through lines and meaning, I lived. Expression became the force that tied me to the ground while
I am antique malls and dusty dishes  I am front porch pickers and moonshine sippers  I am light up sketchers and spongy pineapple dwellers I am young mistakes and a family disgrace I am dogwood trees and honey bees
There's a battle out there- this world's got a scheme To take the 'you' and replace it with 'me' That's what they call the Hollywood machine- It just starts with one flaw may never have seen
In the same way the moon lights up the sky when the sun is busy or how the grass sways when the wind breaks, ugliness, not beauty, creates poetry.
A reticent, budding girl, Pushes all her jumbled feelings down, But while composing, her thoughts begin to swirl,  no longer enduring emotional drown.   At times when nobody listened,
Sympathy lies as the stars align-coincide with the breath of humanity’s cryto become one with the stars and breatheout life. Come in, come in, but keep your hands at the sides.
Who is envy?   Is she the green eyed monster of legend or the modern princess, glittering in jewels?   Does she have a smile like cotton candy
What is fear?   Is it the monster hiding in the closet? Or is it the disembodied screams of the night? Is it the like tremors of an earthquake?
I have always been good with words As a child they called me slick J With the flick of my tongue, they would do whatever I said In middle school, I began to rap
All to those who laugh at me: I am not your enemy, I am not your friend,  no we are not aquainted.  My voice may sound fainted, but the truth is that's all me.
Oh I’m sorry, Did my originality offend you? Cuz’ last time I checked the message was ‘be yourself’
Some nights, I sip on my coffee And scribble down words With my ink-stained hands Those are the nights When I do not need the water To feel like drowning Because those are the nights
She smiles everyday.  Laughs all the time.  She's the one who makes you smile all the time. Always bringing happiness to the room.  But do you know what she feels like on the inside?
God created the universe in seven daysOr at least that's what a book says. The Mayans wrote a calendar And everyone swore the world was going to end. Romeo and Juliet are the epitome of loveAll because Shakespeare wrote a play.I write in hopes tha
10 years old, I thought I could do anything My mom said "In reality, you'll never make it big figure skating."   -A sharp note-
Lord, I am a sinner. This I know for certain, Yet I am not actively working towards self betterment.   Lord on the rare occasion that I get down on my knees to reach you, Most times I do not know what to say.
That bright day bursting with promise, That bright morning beautified by golden sunrays, When my heart is light, When I walk with my head held high, To me, that’s a good day.  
It's really a lovely image, isn't it: The Lone Poetess, writing boldly, in tune  A world unto herself, a world in her mind. I am not her. I can't build worlds for myself;
What Can I (Watch the video) [Verse 1:] So, they ask me what’s poetry. What can I do but tell you what this poet thinks?
Writing isn’t a talent Writing is an art An art that even people with minds under lock and key Shades snapped shut
I Have This Little Fire   I have this little fire. It’s deep inside of me. Sometimes it’s thin like wire, But others, thick as trees. This little flame is searing, It never leaves my mind;
Rhyme This time Sam-I-am Green eggs and ham Just pretend there is a place Where the sidewalk actually ends Place, please, plays, prays, praise, pays, pace? Face disgrace to human race
Listen on SoundCloud: soundcloud{.com}/jake-gillespie-6/god-bless-the-pen/s-q80Qg (remove the {} around the dot-com)  
I’m mining a tunnel Where to I don’t know Maybe next I’ll build a bridge But until then I am mining a tunnel As I mine I begin to wonder What will become of this?
My gift. My voice. A melody. A tune. A sound. Which then became Words recited rapidly And rhythmically.   I soon discovered It was a form Of p-o-e-t-r-y.
confrontation scares me. I don’t like to talk it out, my tongue gets twisted I hate to scream and shout, I cant communicate how I feel unless I write it down.
Perhaps I will never open this book again But if I ever do I'll be honest I'll be truthful As I flip through the pages again I'll regret the choices I made I'll regret the words I erased
/Ai/ pro. First person singular personal pronoun. Used to refer to oneself in Modern English.
Poetry, A outlet for me, even at the age of three, Writing became my therapy, In my darkest moments, hidden from the world,  Alone, scared, silent, My fingers searched for my pen and paper,
Reality is whatever my words make it.   A long forgotten shack in the middle of a blizzard,
A girl worried for her furture A girl never satisfied A girl in her little brother's shadow A girl inspired by the sparkling darkness of Poe A girl wanting to be the best but knowing she never will be
We are told as a teen to believe. To believe in childhood myths to boost our esteem That one-day they can release our fatigues in hopes to proceed,
12.23.15   Who I am,  I forgot. What I know, I just thought. Where I belong, I have sought. When I lie, I get caught. Why I live, I know not.
Words once swam around my Skin and danced across my Fingers and sung melodies I Couldn't understand   It was wonderful when My teacher told me I could Keep them like
I was only fourteen when everyone around me started to grow up, For they were passing themselves off as if they were twenty-one, Spending their Friday nights drowning their veins in alcohol,
Dys go by and agin on the news you here it. Rumpumpum man down, shot by the gun of who should have protected him. There's no protection if your color is dark like chocolate or glowing like Honey.
At eight years old I was the most pretentious person my parents knew I spouted Shakespeare with ease and wrote secret love letters to myself When I was nine I forgot that the love letters existed and glued a mask onto my face
English teachers often hearken back to simpler days And swoon over Shakespearean verse But the Bard’s sonnets often put my mind in a haze His archaic words scorning me like a curse
Poetry and I Are joined by a common thread Considered by some an obstinacy  But most appreciate the freedom To appreciate the worth in everything The refusal to take a side
 Employ the men who left their homes. Afraid, astray, alone they fight.Return, return, insist the moms.  Frontiers assault and chill the bones.Nor friend nor foe, welcome the light.Employ the men who left their homes.    Avow their dignity and pay
 Poetry is food for the mind At our youngest ages We yearn for attention We long for satisfaction And hope for fulfillment
Take hold of thy pen, Crawl within my den, The world appears free, For the beholder is me, I caress the page with my wants, No sour stranger can ever taunt, In the world of love and poetry,
Poetry is dead, he said, As he woke up with the sun. As his breath came out in gentle puffs And a silent song was sung.  
I lived and I praised and I loved and I gave And Finally I was empty Nothing  Left In Me Been turned to the side by the mind's greatest enemy Depression What a taboo word
A poet usually never speaks on why something or someone still lingers in their mind though they are no longer a part.
Sitting in a library Pulling books, one by one Off the shelf, Reading, reading Shuffling forward, Repeatedly, repeatedly   Nothing fits,  Nothing clicks.
Because I could not stop for life He kindly stopped for me And in the carriage life and I And purest poetry   Life picked me up and showed me things I hadn't seen before
There was a slippery slope, I almost fell into a hole However, you came while I was a wreck Unexpected, but you met me at this broken place of hopelessness I began to pour out every emotion
Woke up this morning terrified to speak my mind, guess you're wondering why?  So let's rewind back to this kid about four foot three, Being picked apart because he didn't rock jay's on his feet, 
It is the voice in your head Some have given it a name: Conscience but Mine screams and screams Never turning off.    And so I write to free my cluttered mind to be An empty and calm place
Dear Miss Austen - My good friend, I keep with your advice. Look around you, See the story, Write of society.   Dear Miss Dickinson - My good friend, I hold to your advice.
The paper screams for me to reunite him with his love. The paper and the pencil, they seem like the perfect pair. Who am I to keep them apart? I fill his empty lines with dark letters,
Life is full of wonder, fulfillment and love, kindness from above, your life starts as a blank page, but as you go on it turns to a book full of poems, pages and pages that tell you a story.  
A fat black girl in a skinny white woman’s world That’s where it all started Looking to be accepted into society’s standards Never finding myself aimed towards the target 12th grade…
The world around me, is full of words;  Not the things that you can see; but those you feel, and can be; they are not visible to the human eye; until pen and ink begin to fly; simple objects become beauty;
  Hello from the other side. A darker side of life where you are the last brown crayon to be picked in the box.
Poetry is both processing and process.  Poetry is the naming and the name.  Poetry is the discovering and the discovery.  Poetry is primal; it is breath and emotion and creation. 
The night is black as the Dead Sea, As waves of emotions crash over me. The stars glisten in the skies above, As I wish for only a taste of love.   To a dear poet I once knew,
It Comes In Waves
You said nothing was worse than losing the one you love  I lie here dying while you take yourself apart like a house of cards  The light fades from my eyes whiles yours are burning brightly 
Drifting in a languid landof singing prairies and crystalline lakes,I wander toward a jeweled tree, radiant sapphire and ruby in a halcyon dream. 
Poetry A single word that can hold so much meaning Meaning Something that contains so much feeling Feeling Emotions that escalate inside Inside
I do not write poetry for people. I do not write poetry for you. I am blessed, yes, but I sit beneath no peepul. It is not for the “ahs” or the “oohs”   I write poetry             Not for me.
Sometimes I'm broken down and am heartless   I tend to self destruct when things go too well Overthinking, overanalyzing every step I ever took forward
Me lazy, active daydreaming, procrastinating, sleeping, bored, moody, lively, happy, volunteering, writing, exercising, weird, sweet Myself
It is here again! This big and black beast Glaring at me with red eyes Standing in front of me I know it smells my fear No matter how far It’s not something I can escape from
Poetry is an open letter that I never mean to send. Poetry is the escape that keeps my family from its end. It keeps my anger from building into a skyscraper,  and it keeps my heart from bleeding on my sleeve.
At one point in my life,  I lacked things to do, So I pulled out an old journal, And that I went through,  I read the poetry I used to write and figured, that if back then I could write,
Ink spots litter my fingers; I see the beauty of words, Words, In jumbled messes, scattered all over what, once, used to be a blank sheet.
I'm nineteen but I reason better than some double my age. I see through life's glasses and I never hesitate to turn the page.   Sometimes I feel like a newborn, when I cry from everyday pressures.
I'm not going to say your gut is endless, because there is a bottom. Sometimes you stomach is full, or empty it depends on where I go. A "picky eater" is a name,
Pain, fierce it stings just to think about it.Need, strong enough to kill unless you live without it.
voices in my head so scared i barely went to bed i did not know what to do only if  the people around me knew never much cared for writing until it was all i had putting my thoughts into words
I was just twelve. Twelve years of age when the words hit my ears like a blood curling scream. Pinned up against a wall clutching my heart as the words pierced me like sharpened daggers.
Some see numbers and it makes sense, but other can't even understand cents. Spanish is to an english speaker, as math is to me. Gibberish. I see words and can eloquently translate it's thoughts
Ugly. Fat. Aren’t you ashamed to look like that? They called me such names that stuck in my head There was nothing more painful than what I just read
I wish I could hide Find a place devoid of you But every space is you   No matter the distance I am still next you Caught in your shadown
It makes me sad that no one will ever know how I sound to me.   I think I sound better that way.   But I will never be able to sound that way to others.   I feel like my voice isn't me.
Crying, alone, and forgotten,  Abandoned by all the world, A little voice inside me screamed, But I ignored the call,   Another minute or year went by, I find it hard to tell,
I got tired after a while I got tired of tapping people on the shoulder and they cover up their ears  I got tired of letting their  thoughts
Does someone love me for who I am? There has to be. I am not a pineapple. I am not a potato. I have feelings.  
"Stretched across me was a spark of lightening, One touch that tore me to pieces. What was it, I did, for him to derail my mind across these broken eyelids. I gave it my all,
His words lift my heart On wings like an eagle's So it soars. His voice surrounds me. "Shawnee." That is what I am hearing. Then I awake to find that it was only just a dream.
His eyes They light up like stars When he's not being a loner   His smile It lights up a whole room When he uses it   His laugh Sweet, it sounds with joy
Morning I wake up covered in dust   Lying in bed all night makes my bones feel like rust   What I can do to make myself look "right"  
The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” But I know that the 26 letters of the alphabet are what makes millions of those words. So, I use my words to create the imagery that's worth a thousand words.
no more. this is the last of the Elder days  I belonged to the Elder days, their wars were personal  I fought them  I knew the lost soldiers  I am the last  the last of the Elder days 
sometimes I feel neverending sometimes I feel very small   today was a small day.   the little piece of paper on the end of the tea bag read me a poem to make me feel better.  
I'll spread myself across this page. be present a pound the stage . maybe then my memory won't fade. my life no longer a passing phase . try to sketch every piece of me in to eternity 
I'll spread myself across this page. be present a pound the stage . maybe then my memory won't fade. my life no longer a passing phase . try to sketch every piece of me in to eternity 
English class is not for me   Essays and speeches I don't like to see   Grammar lessons Just let me be   Reading books Not my cup of Tea   But Poetry, oh Poetry
Poetry and I, We are inseparable.  We are long lost friends Who found each other Inside cracks of foaming hate And melting sorrow.    Poetry and I,  We are connected by truth. 
When the sun disappears, As do the smiles and laughs. The image of the people we know,  Replaced by their melancholy twin. As night settles in, painting the sky black, Little glimmers of stars dot  the void.
A wildfire, mind transpired.Burning leaves and flowers.My mind, a fiery shower.I think vivid. Lucid.Thinking of all the things you did.Traveling far off in the distance.
My Poetry is My Life How I convey My Strife This gift it comes from above It is the utensil in which I demonstrate my Love Sometimes it comes in Lyrical waves
I've never been much of a writer. The only talent for it I had was writing a three page essay in two hours. For the longest time, writing was an introduction, three body paragraphs, a conclusion. 
Once, on a broken winter's day when I had nothing left No words to say, no power lain upon my shoulder, I wept Silent tears of nothingness, not knowing I was home To feel left without destiny, abandoned, isolated, alone
There is an dimension between love and war; in mentality, arguements occur in thought. In dreams, I get a particular emotion that cannot be tamed, but controled or overthrown.
if you asked me to say what poetry means to me  i could not write you a poem about it for i write poems when i feel broken  or hopeful i write poems to burn bridges and build new ones  for myself
Burning power of an unbridled storm. Searing Passion of Hatreds' scorn. Guilty pain punctured my soul. My mind was bursting, nearly full. History of anger and heritage of strife,
everything i write lately has been nothing but pain but i fail to notice all the flowers growing from the rain i see the storm  not the cleanse i see a new beginning  as the end
You came into my life like a whirlwind during my darkest times and with you, you brought a light. Some people just don't understand and some do. You were and still are the one thing I know I can count on, 
Poety is a part of me The buzzing of a bee you hear The gleaming mirror you see All I can let out is a dry tear  
  Taking some time to think back It is quite difficult to track The date of the beginning When poetry I found fitting  
I sought to feel. I confused my emotions for people with the ideas I had of them. I remember falling for someone because they were to themselves. Their obscureness brought me great determination.
Many think they know who I am, But the truth is you don't. For starters my name is Akeylah Giles. Many know me as the girl with a Big voice,
I've stopped counting I broke my vocabulary free, suddenly I see Why everyone is okay with being numb all the time It's easier to feel nothing, than everything Now, I realize
We are one Me and poetry are one Like my heart beating in my chest, Catching every BA-bum-BA-bum We are one Like my lungs catching every breath
Well... when she ended it I felt like it was the end of my world and it tore me up because I saw that my place in the universe was frozen in a nightmare, yet the rest of the universe was moving in bliss and tranquility.
Please don't hate me for something I didn't do Please don't hate me for the people I'm related to Please don't hate me for the color of my skin I don't hate you Do you not hate me too?
When I wake up in the morning and stare into the mirror, who do I see.   I see a 6 foot tall person just standing there. 
Breathe in. Pause. Breathe out. Pause. Take in my surroundings, Take a step forward I can do this I’ll be brave enough this time..
These words I write Are the only ones that feel right Living in a world of wrong These poems are my songs The songs of struggling to find a way To get through each and every day
When I looked at me What did I see? But a lonesome girl With no personality Then I came across This thing called poetry And read Ego Trippin’ By Nikki Giovanni Only to realize
It all started when i was young and had a love for the way lyrics coursed into my ears and set my body a flame As i acquired years i found my other love The written word ,A bundle of pages that took you to another world
Here's to me Some people slam doors, I slam poems. You judge the box, I open it.  Reality presses against the walls, I want the alternative.  To the times I've messed up.
This is my book of poems;Poems I swore not to write.Somehow I couldn't help it,Temptation: too much a fight.
You started as just an assignment. Something I had to do to keep that grade up. But, once I was done with you I missed you.   It didn't take long before I had a whole book
After having my heart completely cut in half My life was woe I didn't know What my purpose in life Was anymore I couldn't see what there Was to look forward to I was a robot just walking
Eyes wide open. Mouth closed shut Hands clinched in fists, like the one in my gut. Whole body shivers. Nerves too much I guess this time I'm shit out of luck. Air forbidden entrance.
Is it petty of me to not immediately name my family? Am I a bad person for not pointing out a friend? Is it a sign of not being humble enough that I do not whisper the name of God? Maybe I'm hateful? Maybe I'm frightful?
I have a skull And my skull hangs low When I'm walking around and I sulk Inside said head I have something that's one of a kind It's my one and only mind Call me narcissistic, call me pretentious
I'm afraid to open up. To give someone the chance to hurt, My heart of glass, so easy to shatter, Because of all that I've seen, and heard Although it should not matter. I play my twisted game,
what am i who am i someone please tell me what to do but don't tell me too much i don't want to be like you i listen too much think too much am quiet too much i can't even write a poem right
"Poetry is lighthearted, fun, and pret​ty!" says the teacher  well this student says,"FUCK THAT!"     For all the times I've been pissed off, let down, upset, wronged, estranged, 
My Identity   The one thing I can’t live without is my identity. It tells me who I am and where I go.
Under the waters of the deep blue sea I swam 'cross waters intrigued as can be The waves agreed to show me around; tide in my fawn I had time on my hands, for each day a new flavor
I am monstorusI'm so monstorusYou should blame meMy skins not like melted goldor parchment,it's red and scaly  I am a wreched thing,such a fearful thingYou should run from me  I do not know youI do not want youto ever set me free  I am orignal sin
Without painting I would be  Stranded in a world Without color.   Without drawing  I am nothing but a segment on a timeline.   Without crafting Time is wasted
I can guarantee that when you see me I will be  overthinking   It's a bit of a curse the outcome can hurt but I'd be lying to say it didn't have its perks  
i am, i am, i am sylvia plath bragged and so do i i think therefore i am therefore i am what i think it doesn’t sound christian but all i really need is me what i mean is, my mind.  
In my heart In my hand I hold heart and give it to you When I close my eyes I see your face When I'm hurt You hold me close I look into your eyes I see our future I see our love
A kind child who speaks Says words of pure innocence Until she first lies
“Don’t forget your roots,”They always say.“Don’t forget your roots.”The great oak always continues to growas long as its roots are growing,but as its trunk is growing significantly
The transition from child to man is one of the biggest leaps,
I hate it. It hates me. My past is an anchor. It drags and stops me where I am. Don't cut the chains. Use the chains to lift that weight. And take it. It takes you.
I choose to be meIn a world where others disguise who they truly areLiving a facade to hide any imperfections or scarsPressured to live their life just like everyone else
He's the one who saved me, who took my sin, and made me kin, who gave me a new heart, He took the stone within me, and made me feel again, no longer just me, but us,
Walls around my heart, Chains around my body   Keeping me stiff and without emotion Keeping me from letting anyone in   These walls I built a mile high inside me
I was a girl, afraid to come out of her cocoon. Afraid of what others thought. I slowly crumpled. Into a ball of dust. Thorns started to bleed,
I could not be without me. My memories; of them, of you.   I could lose my eyesight. I could go without hearing. I do not need to taste. I do not need to feel.  
Behind you can find a shadow, Continuing to grow. We play follow the leader I wear the crown   Yet, soon I will become the pleader Black patches lay on my skin
I can't live without chocolate. Chocolate is like the soul to my heart. It makes me happy, like the chimpanzees. The way it melts like butter as the flavor explodes into your mouth.
You wanna know what's in my heart, Take a closer look cause it's been there from the start. It stares you in the face each and everyday It's not hidden, cause I express it in such a way.  
I don't need your money, and I don't need your jewels You can keep your fancy house and your expensive car I don't even need a person, to jusitfy my self worth The only thing I really need is whats inside my self
It's Enough Just to swim In the deepness Of the Sea It's Enough Just to twist As I'm unlocked  With a Key It's Enough Just to have Your eyes gaze  Down on Me  
Why I Never Want to be a Mother I never want to be a mother because I am not perfect. I know no damn thing about cooking, and as far as I concern, I hate doing the dishes.
Dear me, Dear me Be weary, aware Not care so much stay out a little later Let the smooth night cover your blush let the stars whisper happiness and the wind hold your hand Dear me, Dear me
Who will spare a penny for the poor, or give a hand to those who fall, Who'll come and save all those who- desperately call. What beauty is the beach without its shore? So is this world if love was no more.
That day will never arrive I am stuck in a deep hole of burdens My mind glazes over with my responsibilities I may be in new places but responsibilities I left behind pop up Free? I don't know what free is
only my walls see my tears and only my walls know my fears i keep it all inside except once... when someone pried i opened up and tried but they hurt me so... i nearly died  
Never knew what it was like to feel happy Loove was not there (anymore) Go ahead x2 Let him run free ,let him out let them out, Never cry(never cry) keep it in (keep it in) Don't feel ,be strong child
There's something I need to tell you, My story is short enough to expose.  I am no saint,
Something within beats madly, angrily forcing thoughts to the surface.
I fucked up a valium... I been fuckin up. You? That shit don't mean shit... "you, you you..." I been thru that shit... it's all about me now. I'm the head. you're the tail...
I could have been anyone Even the person you wanted me to be I would say I’m sorry So sorry for being Me   So let’s go back to the beginning
Make yourself up No one knows who you really are except you, so no one can say you're lying. Except you.
Before the sun rises, my mind is alive, and trying to break me from the silence my thoughts have devised.   "Is it really worth it? am I a worthless person?"
I used to be frail In athletics I always had to bail because my strength would fail Now i am stronger I can run much longer  and there isnt an obstacle that i cant conquer. I used to be alone
I am the slitting words I am the broken plate I am the bitter sweet  I am thorned estate  I am the forceful fire I am the roaring sea I am the lasting liar I am the only me
Foam upon the shore hugs close But does not know of me The winding sea stews in throes Of her possibilities. Spoken prose from wordless lips
They say nobody knows you better than you know yourself but I desperately need help unscrambling this Rubik’s cube inside my mind If someone could just link me to a tutorial to solve it under 3 minutes
I am cookie dough ice cream. This particular flavor contains not just ice cream, but another tasty treat as well.
I am erratic. A giddy, round-eyed, five-year old. A rocker who has too much soul. Who cried when the wind blows the wrong way. Who giggles incessantly at the break of day.
I like to sing no matter who's around me. I'm loud like a siren , when someone needs to hear me. I'm very cheerful and clumsy and that is why people think well of me .
At 17, she thought she had the world Butterflies, tears of joy in her eyes She held on tight, no in between liesTime to let go, here comes the surprise
"A secret?" he asks. A cute and airy one. Or maybe just the favorite, Name you want to name your son.
I have built myselfFrom the ashesOthers will not determine My fateTired of being the girlIn the shadowsI will Take your breath awayYour opinion No longer mattersIt is Dead to meI will riseTo the occasion And defeat My inner enemy
I am the lone wolf Taking the night; A loyal companion; I am a warrior Getting ready for battle, I am one surrounded by many, Yet I feel alone; The quiet night, I am blue,
There's a reason why we lie. To ourselves and to others. It's because we're afraid of what the truth might do. To ourselves and to others.
One The first is always the hardest. You have to push yourself into it. Cutting into innocence, cutting into your soul. At first it stings but soon it subsides and you crave the lingering feeling of control.  
Dear Younger Me Life will not be easy Be Prepared Be ready   You’ll go through it all. From death, to depression
People who know me know I like to sleep To me it’s not about the relaxation, It’s about the dreams –that are so sweet. I love to dream I could be a graceful dancer Or find the cure for cancer
I am a daughter. More trouble than she’s worth, But who’ll always come home for holidays (and maybe some weekends)   I am a sister.
Unsure   The things I wanted were not truly me; Looks, attention, and popularity. I now see the beauty inside of me; Intelligence and creativity.  
I’m not from here I’m not from there Most won’t begin to understand Do you even speak English? There’s no way you know Spanish
The universe is made of elements. Everything on earth is made of bit sized little bits From Hydrogen to Ceasium to Ununseptium But there are three elements that make me tick
What am I? I am a Ruin, Crumbled by yesterday's wear, Fortified by tomorrow's prospect, I am more than the rubble, I am a shelter, I house those who enter with solidity and warmth,
I am a human I started small And grew up large Started thin And gained my curves I am a human I have two strong legs That carry me Daily Across school Across my journey
I am not what many people see I mask my fears and anxieties I shield myself from the world Yet I still long for my opinion to be heard
The girl that is so sweet That she is like candy between your teeth. A mild past she has had But none to which that will make you mad. Be careful as she surrounds in your warmth
  One thing that was said is that I was wrong Not understanding why this came about Haven’t heard something like this in so long Saying all these things they wanted all out
Same page different books.. From the dusty stones… Hidden hopes in your blank looks. In the library of our mind
Who Am I? I am not an idea I am not who you want me to be
Connected by the heart and clasped with a hand A whole lifetime and more spent in constant company, a single monochrome  In dazzling colors blended by genes, painted with love. Questioning identity in sadness Trapped in a mirror of dazzling irides
I keep going because I believe The only thing on my mind  is to achieve Even when I fall down I pick myself off the ground Consantly push when things get rough And try to make myself mentally tough
There is beauty in everything in life, in death, in whatever comes before but beauty mostly resides inside of a heart
I am a product of what surrounds me Everyone and everything has changed the way I see I have learned what not to do It has put me on to a pedestal Just to be knocked off  so I can climb back to the top
I... Identity... Who am I? Female, A first generation American, Pakistani Muslim. Pakistan, base of culture
    Who am I? A question asked by many Asked  by my job to score a penny I am an outspoken force to be reckoned with   What is your ethnicity? I am a Panamanian Princess
I'm not your average girl I stand alone in a big world determined to succeed but always being pressured by the world... I am determined to succeed but always put down by everything...
I have been told a lot of things over the years, I’ve been described in many ways, and I have described others faultlessly when asked and yet
I am. I am AshleighOr so it says, I am from the Ash Tree.I am the thousands of words written in the darkness in hundreds of other poems, some just like thisI am the photos that plaster my walls 
I am always here, but never knownAlways bent, but never broke,Always lonely, but never aloneI am always quiet, but never mute. I, the one invisible to the world,Dreams of place where all is known.If I speak, none shall hear,For I am the quietly lo
“Go pretty yourself” they said. They did not want to see my true colors. They wanted me to be “picture perfect”.   “Go straighten your hair” they said. They wanted me to comb and straighten
The teardrops of the sky filled the windows As I made the steam of my coffee rise. I pondered all of my life’s loves and lies. These thoughts reminded me of times of discos
I peer at myself, the one who is hiding beneath her hair. All I see is a girl that I've never laid eyes on.  Who is this child with the mischievous glint in her eye? Who is this child with rosy blushing cheeks?  
You always want to talk about who I was        Who I used to be A little girl with crooked pigtails (I liked bright pony tail holders) And a nose buried in books
I’m THAT tree. By: Ayca Aramaz     I always thought of myself as a tree. Sturdy and tall with its roots clenched deep within the earth. Branches thick and long that scatter in every direction.
Spiritually, Abstract Gradient Thinker. I am pretentious.
I am an Artist  You might write me down as a nobody, You might say I don't have a chance, But I am an Artist,  I create, I live, I love, I hurt, I learn, And I won't stop,
I came from a place, not too far away,  I grew up, always having, wanting, something to say I can't say what I think, I'm deprived of what I need,  I needed love, was it so hard to see?
So you want to know "who I am?" Well who I am, is more. It cannot be summed up in adjectives and traits. Who I am deeper than that.  I am MORE.
I am a tragedythat travels towards nowherein which darkness resides.At an edge, I find myself strandedwith a midst of conflicts rising.It is difficult to escape sometimes
I am a kiss I am the rain the knot in my stomach when I step on stage the words I pen with my own hand and the rings on the table left behind by my half-fnished mug of peppermint tea.
If you know me You know my name My name is me We are the same.   It wasn't just picked By coincidence My name is me And I am it.   I didn't become it's equivalent
Hi! it’s nice to Socially meet ya! I’m new to this site and new to the Social Media.   Never really been one
I Am...Something the depths of the ocean struggle to comprehend, Mythical in existence,  utopia in nature, unworthy is the world to be allowed to behold such a rare art as Me,
Soaring through the waxwing slain One sound, one bearing None to fight the slain waxwing feign   No contortions and no appobations of collegiate youth but the mere understanding of what  it is
Who is to say what I am? Am I a girl? Well clearly, I am. Does that not make me a woman, Powerful and determined? Because clearly, I am. Am I my race? My heritage?
My greatness is not measured by the success of others Though others may depend on me for there guidance My greatness is not controlled by the color of my skin Through this computer you cannot see what's within
It was you But it was I It was us together we were unstoppable Black and white Then life It was just a dream Blue and clear Reject and hurt I cried a river For it was a dream
The seems of my disguise burst at the seams Of simmering restraint. For, sun-like, beams The shadowed self through artificial means, Resplendent force that must demand be seen. To know myself by peering outside-in
I am magnetic. I am not just Rachel. Putting my faith in a power greater than anyone. Having courage and being kind. Giving rather than receiving. I am magnetic. Writing songs about my life experiences.
There was a time when I wanted to be alone little voices in my head said you don't need anyone because no one needs you   Those words were all I could hear 
YOU   You are the one that my mind will not stay off of; you are the one whose smile pimples cheeks nose eyes I cannot stop staring at; when our eyes
Brown eyes,  Black hair.  Heart-shape lip,  Unnerving stare.   A young woman looks back at the mirror, confused.  The long waves of her hair are cut to her shoulders,  Her eyes empty and lost. 
"White paper visages encrested with blue orbs all around me. The cold look of hatred is what gives me shivers.
Frost chose between two roads, he chose the road less taken. I choose neither.
It's hard to put in words, what makes this body me. But trying to be anyone else, is something I couldn't be.   I wish that I could describe my life in these few words
Courageous. Imaginative. Gregarious. Comical.   Timid. Realistic. Introverted. Earnest.   I am a paradox; an enigma; a living contradiction The way a storm ends in a rainbow
Inside her body is a person thriving to come out, Just a person? No, a boy. Assigned the opposite symbol on his birth certificate, They got him in the wrong.
Nicholas I am proud, but I am self conscious  I am flamboyant, but I am anxious Uncle of Davion and D’Andre, two unknowing souls Lover of arts, nature, and free spirited ones
My story cannot be put into a book As a matter of fact This life is on a hook. They think my life is controlled by society Buy don't you know there is a bigger girl inside of me?
They tell me I am not to let the wind beneath my wings take me adrift, But when I urge to unearth my feathers’ beauty I am trying to break chains. My bones are restrictive lanes I cannot change like two solid yellow lines.
I am me. I am crazy. I am quiet. I am loud. I am not popular. I am content.   I am me. I am my playlist. I am my grades. I am small mind. I am a great mind.
I was born in January, many don't remember because often my birthday falls on the same day as civil rights day, and the oppression of rights is much more important
Who am I? I can be just a shadow Or the most popular girl in school I can be just a closed door Or an opened book maybe so much more Who am I? defines who I am I can be the blame
From week to week and day to day I’m one who never knows quite what to say. When typing a paper or composing a text It’s not hard; I know just what is next, But when I’m surrounded by enemies and friends
I am me From my head  To my toes I am the universe But I am very small I am my culture But I am different I am bisexual But I am not confused I am a friend
I am... The girl who saw the truth too early,  when I should not have glimpsed.  Like the tempted Eve I cast aside my Eden,  and have been expelled from the garden of roses. 
I am innocence, Bouncing, brunette curls, Fresh, freckly, bright complexion, Naïve, sweet, unburdened—innocence.   I am conformity, Sleek, straightened locks,
Not one of the Me's -But all of the Me's-  All of the different variations of I -All of the I's in me-  Only one you will see. Only one that will stop,
Undefinable If you try to say that you can describe me you’re wrong I’ve faced adversity and have since become strong, The words that I write are just a glimpse of my own insight
And you ask me: "Who I am?"...
Looking through glass I see me looking back at me
When I was younger I hid my face within my ma's bosom
Trees and brush Have captured me As you can see!               10 word only picture prompt!
There is a woman in my mind whoseshell grows and crumbles, collapsesand is rebornendlessly. A statue, a castlein some ancient landthat was first etched on archaic blueprints and
I have a little wooden box,
So I run back towards the one waiting, Making me fall to my knees crying, As every human being leaves me, I can only cry out "Lord save me!"   When my trust for them gets trampled to the ground,
I am a mess of emotions, They flow from me so freely.   I am a mess of sadness, Sometimes I don’t want to move.   I am a brave woman Who fights for others.   I am bravery.
I started to belive at the age of fifteen ,
I am Tyler Jones I am a human
I am a Girl A female Child
I'm like a pebble I've never been anything more than something as common as that However, it's that very average, common pebble that the not-so-average shoe kicks around.
I am an outcast The crow among the doves The girl you walk right past Born with depression Not to mention the tension Of fighting with yourself is a quiet hell   My life is controlled by a bell
You ask me who am I I’m the expression of beauty seen only by few, the splattered paint people call art
I am not what I am not so you won't see what you don't see
I. I am fascinated by numbers I have an affinity for numbers.   I have written him 71 pages of poems. 14675 words and counting 2462 stanzas 3241 lines mounting. Upon each other like
I am contradictive, Bitter, Ill tempered, But I am human. They don't see what's internal,
My friends and I were talking about flooding the school, Our teachers over heard us and didn't think that was cool. Sadly school is so cruel. I guess I'm just a tool, I must be a fool,
What if you could step into my sh
Without me you are lost With me you are found Without me you cannot touch With me you hear sound   You are nothing But closed eyes And dry lips I am something  
't u dare blow me a kiss and call me loser. I'm trying to be mad at u but now I'm smiling at a text. U say, 'u can't be mad at me' And I say, 'why's that?'
I am quiet I am shy Too shy for a 16 year old I keep my mouth shut And my mind loud If you speak to me I will speak to you I am not rude I am nice Too nice sometimes
*/ /*-->*/ My life is lived--
me: used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition
Being me, I've had alot of issues...,problems...,nightmares,...whatever you wanna call 'em. I've just had alot of them. But like some person always says there's always a calm after the storm...or before the storm.
See I’ve always been told that patience is a virtue,
I am I am nothing but I can eventually be something I am two eyes and heartbeat and mouth that is full of words I am the heart that beats inside of me and the blood that pumps through my veins
To say I am perfect Would be an ugly lie   I am not soft Nor innocent I don't need protected Because I protect I am not weak And decidedly not helpless  
The world around me crumbling to the ground, me caught in the middle while pebbles of once beautiful castle walls surround me, drown me. But you, you saved me. And me? I let you.
I learned that no one. No one. Will tend to  Wounds. Rips. Tears.  Those marks are all imminent. As you blossom and grow,  More smile lines will adorn your facade.
I am not she I will never look the same But, I am me And you are to blame.   You say that you love me How can that be? I am not perfect I’m only maybe a 3.   In your eye,
Jessica (noun.) A person:female, Age: You never ask for a women's age, *cough cough* 90's kid *cough cough* Weight: You never ask for a women's weight, ( but for Tae Kwon Do competitions:125lb)
I miss playing at the playground and being naive.
I am the mother of a child who cannot speak I am the daughter of a soldier who lives through days like war I am the lover of a man who has more edges than curves I am the friend of a woman scarred   
Nothing special, till you remember when you were little you held tarantulas like others held hamsters   Ordinary, till you remember all the times you drew and made up
As I grow up, (I never promised Peter Pan) the imbalance of chemicals try to right themselves into what will be, is me.   So if I seem louder, so if I find it uncomfortable
I'm everything and nothingand yet still something.I'm rude and polite.Mean and nice.Fire and ice.
  I sell myself short  with these small rhyming pomes I could make a da-vinci and hang it in homes   I choose humour simple simplicity
I am whatever can be imagined. I am the boogeyman in your closet Waiting to pull a prank, Or that mysterious little fairy Collecting and willing to give you money. I am the sand man Singing you to sleep
Every step I take is a step towards oblivion, an unknown past, a merciless future Counting the edges of the webbed stars on my hand is no more a task than defining my future,
don’t ask me those questions they are self-erasing and ugly in nature unidentifying and dreadfully   hollow.  
I am what my parents always wanted me to be. I am a good girl with good grades and good friends. I hold doors open for people. I say please and thank you. I do what is asked of me. 
As I lay in the darkness My mind filled With the pitch and silence I think…   Why do I feel like this? So comfortable
When I look at me in the mirror I see a beautiful African American. That is not what I AM. I AM a determined female. I AM a trustworthy human. I AM a hard working individual. What I see is not who I am.
I called myself a realist, But truth I would resist, I woke up from this dream
I remember when I was little and I had this perfect family. I remember having 4 sisters, a mom and a dad.
Fangirl, that's who I am.
I am me a simple kind of thing I am rich in not the funds you see but family and friends. and in the end to me all that matters is I'm who I want to be a simple kind of thing I am me.
I warble like a canary
Just because.  I show respect. Does not mean.  I'm afraid. Or scared. I have seen a side  Of what I am. That men wish  Was never there.
Yo soy Irma
Can I be lost in your arms Can I forget what it is to remember Can I lie and say goodnight Would you believe me?   If I try to deceive you Would you even care Would you look away
What makes me awesome? Sometimes it's hard to see.
I love the depths of my creativity -  My abyss of imagination That lives with the creatures in my head.   The way paintbrushes can be weapons To all of the worry in the world
you know even with all the pain in my life i still live each day and get through the night i must still be looking for something or maybe someone because if i wasnt looking you bet i'd just run
The brilliant white morning light Pierces  Through the clear sliding doors nearby,  And I Wince slightly as it comes, releasing a vexed huff.   
Phenomenal Woman can't you see? Phenomenal woman is not me...   My hips don't sway, and my hair is short. But I am a lady of some sort.   My mind is jailed while my heart roams free like the sun.
When I look in the mirror I don’t see the same little girl that ran around my mother’s busy office
I'm pondering about life Contemplating about the future What's wrong or what's right? Am I significant or am I useless? My conscience tells me the truth Society is riddled with lies
The sound of humming wind is blessed with the wings of a bird's grace,  its' soft feathers pulsing through the barriers of the wind in such hace now peircing through heaven's smoke in which the clouds so gingerly lay.  
Where I’m from.. poetry “Where I’m from” I am from pink and purple uniform From brown leather sandals I am from being the captain of the class. …………………………………………………………………………….
Disapproval scorches me Every step I take. I'm not what they want me to be, And it's a feeling I can't shake.   I'm not the peppy, bouncy girl Whose smile lights the day.
It's funny to think I've been called type A. That we could label a person with letters, put them into groups. I'd say I don't fit characteristics of anyone else.
So I guess it's one of those days Where I feel like I waste my good life away You know, one of those "I'ma do right today."
I am a phoenix Watch me burn Been waitng all this tme to grasp my own rebirth Stand up from the ashes letting the weight of the world fall from my grace It's time to go
In the dark Of the night Beneath the light From the moon   In the smell Of the leaves On the trees Throughout the clearing   Before the light Of the sun
You say you want to date me, but I think you might hate me And when you hear what I speak, I think you might just agree I'll give you 3 reasons, just listen, you'll see
I am The one you don't mess with When she's walking down the street Soldia flowin' through my veins
Enchant Me Come on Along Take my hand Kiss me Till thee Soul demands Disgrace us Chid us It's ours to make Enchant my love With wings above
I hear voices you see, They talk to me you know? They are all diferent sets of me. Some scream. Some mumble. One keeps going lalala. But the biggest voice, He likes to coo, Gently,
Last summer I drank my heart away and my insides became soggy. Sitting against alcohol my 
Myself defined; distracted by other peoples definition of happiness while living a life defined by other people I was written, erased, re-wrote, RE-DEFINED by all these foriegn concepts, thoughts, ideas
I had to pay, actually, to find myself. Didn't you?   I had choices, I had to chose. I had fallen to the social norms.   I lost my sanity,
I write in hopes of being understood Because explaining how I feel has not been my best subject. At night, I imagine scenarios that will never come true. Hoping, always hoping, I’d fall asleep soon.
'you're like the leslie knope of gift giving' she said, and i took it to heart depression makes it so you constantly wonder why why people like you why people bother with you why you have friends why
It's poetry it's freedom it's english it's knowledge it's strength it's hope it's power it's me
How it feel up there? That act you got hanging in
His arms wrap miles around me. His soul holds my cold heart with exuding warmth. He has melted me, and molded me into something deserving of love.
*/ /*-->*/ Where I once was never to be the trees do fall the night never to call  
The colors of the universe  Envelop my body  As I am one with it
Every wish isn't right or wrong.
Who am I with #NoFilter you ask... You may see a  dollar all wrinkled and torn and then that perfect straight crisp dollar but they both are still dollars right? Filters just cover up the imperfections on the outside.
what do you see when you look at me our perspectives are completely divergent because you see a girl
Funny funny funny, I am funny Creative Creative Creative I am Creative I am me who loves and loves I am me who loves to be loved Caring for a person's heart is what's normal
A space of sidewalk A man at the corner smoking a cigarette A T-shirt bleach-stained like his flashing teeth A lingering whistle The feeling of dying    
The lies grow like wildfire, spreading everyday. As soon as i think things settle down, a thought ignites the flame 
I don't know why I like the things I do,I especially don't know why you disapprove. The moment I smile and claim my happiness,
Everything that is, is god.
We chase after the intangible Leaving our presence as history Forgetting to remember that we are in the Now. And in the midst of each others desolation,
My parched mind searches far and wide,
I am a girl with space tucked under the flaps of her skin. I grasp at the loose tendrils, in shades of forest and thunder, attempting to hold the drifting vapor close to my luminescent heart.  
How dare you ask me who I would be without all these stereotypes?  Don’t you know that society has already defined me. Don’t you know that because I am female my main goal is to be beautiful.
So you ask me who I am,As if I really know,As if I could be just one person,Part of the status quo,One person is not really one,Especially at this age,There are so many of us now,
Without accessories I may look plain but do you know anymore than my name? I may be simple, but it is not that easy. I am very deep, and very needy. I am a mother, but a wild child undercover.
#Instagram #LOL #Live without the makeup. without the drama.  without the hate.  I don't have an Instagram.  #nofilter #truebeauty #showwhoyoureallyare We love you for you. 
It doesn't matter to show your gratitude  If you always have a bad attitude And yet you might wonder why people are mad at you Because it all comes down to the way of being with others
Behind the masks, the lights, the flash I’m here, I feel, I fear The truth told by the melody only in my head is a felony Behind the flash and the pretentions of trends
They say I have big eyes So I can see truth through your lies They say I have big lips So I can speak my mind
History repeats itself it's why we're here again. Black versus white but this time it's times ten. We need to be aware  that this gon' get us nowhere. No! It's not him, her, or them; 
An escape from reality A world that I can explore at any time or place
In-Crowd. Girly. Punk Rock. Finding who I really am From everyone else
The cracks in your trunk chunk together a sort of pattern,
Eyes torn, eyes bright; reaching  Hands clasped, outstretched; speaking. They tell my story, they lived my days: of teary-eyed nights but persistent days, spent studying, searching, for the ones who helped me see,
She walks down the street With a skip in her feet Smiling at the people that passed her by; they turned the corner She released a deep sigh She waited until they were gone And then the tears fell
They say, "keep your friends close But your enemies closer." I ask, then, how do you know? Who is your friend And who is your foe? One moment it's sunshine And happiness and laughter.
I am a girl risen from ashes. An alcoholic mother And a drug-addict father. Yeah, you could say the odds were against me. Constantly being told you'll amount to nothing. Boy, did I prove them wrong?  
I'm the moon, not the star. I'm more natural,  Normal. I do not amaze, not everyday. I leave you              breathless on November afternoons when you see me through 
My personality is quiet,
I am a nice ass,
With small eyes I blink
Theres a man over there A boy over here I am just, right in between "This is stupid!",the boy screams "Fight it", the man calmly says In the background a band plays To the left there is a teen
Me? I'm a person Just like anyone else.   Me?  I'm a poet  Can't you tell.   Me? I'm a singer Not very good.   Me? I'm a dreamer
I, I am different without the filters, I sound different and look different when using filters. When I don't use filters, I sound and look nerdier than usual, I hate filters,
I am just me. Just a girl, not prepared, not ready, but atleast trying.   I am head strong, stubborn and afraid. I am not ready for anything, but yet I am prepared for everything.
Who am I Behind the Mask Do I live, or do I die? In front of the past.   Will it last?  I create myself Every morning, before breakfast In the mirror, Find myself in the shower,
One of my biggest filters would be
Beauty is being kind Beauty is being lovig Beauty is being compassionate Beauty is being understanding Beauty is being true   A pure and real self is who you are
I'm me.  And I'm not sorry.   I'm not sorry that sometimes, I'm too honest. But who wants to be lied to? Not I.   Not I, who every time I see a cute guy I must say hi
A lot of people know me as @haleythebirdie singing "All That Jazz" Or lockedinabirdcage Analyzing why paper beats rock And for those followers, I am on stage on the web when I talk Or 15byerha
you began to undress me and as each button of my blouse becomes undone a sliver of some imperfection slips past my possessions that once possessed me settle in a pool around my ankles
Dangling of a cliff, Fifty feet in the air Holding on to your rope- You can’t make me let go
I wish when I smiled, I meant it, I want my laugh to sound carefree like it did before, I need to be the center of the picture; so that I know I wont be the one on the outside. I miss the way I used to be, 
you won't find me in photographs packed in dusty tattered boxes.
I'm not as skinny as I'm supposed to be  and don't have flawlwss skin.  My laugh is a little obnoxious, but hey this is me.  I don't cake my face with makeup  to live up to the "beauty standard"
Brown boy, brown boy come around Come hear the tale of the new kid in town. He ain't no peach this fine young thing I heard he aint even got a wedding ring What so cool about this new fellow
My eyes dart side to side looking for the welcoming smile, Was it not enough, You have put my entire life on trial, I know what I have done makes my outside rough,
You can tell me what to wear, Casual converse, lipstick, hoody, I don't care-- I will be me. You can tell me how to walk, Straiten my back, Like it's a rod, I'll still be me.
The tablet hovers before my face And captures it with an audible click a still reflection of me will join a sea of photography and my lungs are about to be flushed with eyes that are thirsty for their
People always make analogies Saying birds are free; they want to be birds. What is a bird? Nothing more than hair.
I have flaws. I'm not as beautiful as I want to be. You can see the unsightly pimple on my chin.
Behind the beige powder, behind the jet black liner, Behind the brave brown eyes, behind the fake smile, There is a girl.   Aside from the straight auburn hair, aside from the sculpted brows,
When I was in the fourth grade I walked up to my dance teacher and said, “I am African-American.” She promptly spit out the water she was drinking and replied, “You’re half black?”
I am closing walls and open doors, A memory painted on the windows of your soul In any color you like, as long as it is a shade of black.   I am discontinuous, a broken mirror
I've try to convert if I can The will of the canvas at my demand So many different ones to counsel in Purple, red, yellow, blue or green
Grab a strainer, filter or sieve Cover those ugly scars
Lost I am,  Deep within the wounds, Wounds of situations I wish would end soon, Lost I am, Confused and hopeless, Struggling to find myself in world of "nope-ness" Lost I am, 
This poem deviates slightly from the suggested topic explaining, instead, the psychological state of adolescents and women in this day and age who aspire to a level of perfection that doesn't exist and how the failed attempt to do so leads to
I see me Not a me I want to see... but a me that I can't unseen A me that is viewed as incadescant in the eyes of the profane A me that sins to fit in with people that believe
Stop, the image in the mirror will crash Though, these weights may be lifted with the pluck of each fake eyelash I'll remove this lipstick, because it encloses my smile
The picture of myself is thus: fading, losing color, changed from smile to frown, gazing back my eyes, alien, hurt.
Indecision, at its best, is a game of poker
I am an amazing person Sometimes others may not think so They talk shit and hate I know that others can relate. Sometimes I don't feel so amazing There are times when I just wish that
Following what society thinks is right I try to alter my camera light. This will create the most optimal picture, And allow me to avoid the tedious stricture. Pictures are only one side of me, 
She looks like she hasn't slept in days I want to ask if the bags under her eyes are too heavy for her face.
Jesus walks with in me day by day When I show them the real me they say it's not okay They say it's weird and awkward to show who you really are
  With a spark of spunk, douse of drama, and plenty of mischief to spare,
17 years young still don’t know who I am 17 years young I still don’t understand Without the music, the pictures, the friends I still try hard to make a trend I just got to comprehend
I just wanted to let you know that you are worth more than what I can show or tell or teach you.  If I tried, it would be like trying to encompass the sun in the description of a shadow. 
I'm normal, I'm average I go to school and head to work and I make sure I do my chores I wake up everyday, clothes on, teeth brushed and I leave.  I leave for school and I leave for work
Look Up Social media is a vice Its ends clenched tight Its grips us Holds us
One thousand empty chairs stretch to stage   she meets my face and suddenly it's noon, i'm   staring in the mirror : a distorted reflection   two people two strangers  
Defines not the whole of my being. Hosts the absence of vitality and worldly beauty. Yields contrived images of darkness and the unknown. Fulfills past shadows of forgotten spirits.
Within the consticting walls of social media, I am merely but a single soul, "desperate for attention because I am out of the range of society's normalities." How about you take a closer look before your fill your mouth with judgement.
When you see that pretty lone flower you pick. When you see the random round rock you kick it. When you see me you see nothing different,
I use plenty of filters on my selfies,
A lot of people cant see
Take away the make-up,
Your determination and commitment is your life, How far are you willing to go, willing to fight? Commit to your husband or wife, stand by their side for life, Commit to school and follow the rules,
There are a lot of things you cannot see, Like how many things are wrong with me. I put on a happy face just for show, But what I really struggle with, some people don't know.
People think they have me figured out That smiling, funny girl Described as me But that's the cover of I I hide more underneath my skin than the anatomy books say is there Tears saved till it's too much
Think not of it as a whirlpool in an empty tub of ice, Think of it as a riptide of rocks in a field of grass.
..and in the end, all the wishes, dreams, fantasies...
My body is subject to pointing out the obvious- I have curves in odd places, and yes I wear a size 32 jean- but that doesn't mean I'm average. As women we're taught our first words "diet" and "beauty"-
Salty kisses fell on my lips, And left cold trails behind As tears fell from my eyes. "How can a dream cause so much pain?" She was there... You see, I used to cut. I self harmed. And I went to many psychiatric hospitals because of this.
I am the daughter of a mother who has an uncurable diease no life long numbing agent that could soothe and heal it. It left a faded scar as a badge of honor.... It's. No. Breeze.
Some people contest with me about my own identity, As if I were a defined word they knew, that I was not keen on understanding.
You think you know me You believe I’m like you Well you couldn’t be more wrong About the subtext of my psychology
I remember the morning I was riding my tricycle
If I just stood there, Would you see me In all my brokenness and beauty? Would you see My struggles and troubles  And a past that's stamped with a seal of pain? Would you see
"Earth to Alex!" every day. every morning in AP Gov, "Ground control to Major Tom..."  Head in the clouds  with an I've-gotta-get-out-of-here attitude. High Standards. Big Dreams.  
Big brown eyes, Maybe too slim,  Maybe too loud,  Hair too long, Maybe too out of control, We see how the media depicts us,  Women especially, No,
I am me,  I am a brown haired girl
Life rolls up on meTells me to step asideTo get off the road God gave meAnd let it pass by  
Skies blueSun shiningTake me back to the landWhere my fathers come from   Let me speak the languageAnd listen to the musicGive me more of the foodThat my ancestors once knew  
I hope they like it. I hope they see it. But why can I not believe it? That girl inside  that picture you see is someone you know but is not me.  
Through the looking glass stands a female. Not yet a woman, but no longer a girl.    Through the looking glass emotions set sail. A smile that hides pain, but still greets the  world. 
Loud Quite Soft Hard Sweet Stubborn
I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better than I am at putting my feeling into words.  
My pictures have been fake for years My eyes don't sparkle like they used to I try to drown out my mind with music and drinks My heart and soul don’t quite work right I'm hurting on the inside  
Behind the screen is not what it seems.
Behind the screen is not what it seems.
Premature. Fight on. Mom died. Fight, fight on. Cancer consumes sister. Fight on, Fight on. Solace through my music.  Play on. Fight on. Play. Sister emerges victorious.
Nerd. The word resounds around my head like a hammer on a bell. Smartass The word clatters like a grain of rice in a rain stick. Geek The word rolls off my tongue like a new morning kiss.
Music had so much emotion and soul
I am broken. Into microscopic pieces. Pieces that are too small to find and put back together. They are fragile. Do not touch them, for they will break. Let them heal by themselves. If even possible.
When I look in the mirror,
To myself the thought of flawless becomes a thought of flaws Here lies flawless, and here lies me I appear below flawless For I sink below into the midst of my flaws
Honestly, I am me. Many words have been used to decribe who I am; Dancer. Cheerleader. Student. Daughter. Some of the common ones. But not the only ones I have heard.
I am a girl of a deceased dad, I am a girl of divorced parents, I am a who who wears makeup to hide the tears, I am a girl who has a filter to hide the pain.   I am a girl without a filter,
It is 4:43 am, & nothing feels rightI am tossing and turning, 
Makeup and picture themes Time well spend
I wanted them to see me as art to stand in awe and marvel at the thought that such beauty existed but i am not a monet i am not a picasso and as they realized that
Green is magnificient, No color is ugly; But clear is perfect.
Come up with a poem of you, they say. Who are you? What should we know? To begin with -- I am a simply intricate girl of 18, with the future on my mind and a reminiscent heart. My soul resides at home,
What's life without an aim
I want to be free
Click! Snap! Flash! Damn, I still look fat. Maybe if I use...No Maybe if I put on...No Snap! Snap! Click! Oh great! Is that a fucking zit?
Fucking up is just a habit of mine. But it's my life and not for you to decide. Because in the end we all just die. But I don't want live to die.  I want to live to live. That's the meaning of being alive.
My life has never been perfect but what is perfection?   Is perfection when you're always happy
I am a fleeting fragment
I am not a prep.  I am not a geek.  I am not a nerd.  I am not a jock.  I am not a punk.  I am not a hipster.  I am not
There’s something comical
Early mornings
People weaponize wordsSentences act as swordsOf society, they're binding chordsOf society, they are your lordsMy self-control will be the death of me
....... But what if Beauty was a book Not to be judged by its cover but an inward look Much like the "fetridekyi" which doesnt have a nice appearance but we the Ewes still cook
Let Me Be By Raquel Gonzalez   There’s a world around me
Who am I, through a completely organic lense? A lense with no skewer or sharpener no falsehoods or pretends   What am I in an entirely natural glow? A glow that eminates my true personality
I suppose that in a way
I wake up to the sun rays filtering through my bamboo screens. I pause, drenched in the warm honey glow of an almost summer morning. I crawl, scramble in a generally awkward fashion,
I am a young,vibrant,hilarious,positve african american young man ,i believe life is best in its origi
Flaw Laws By Samuel Michael Bienemy   Your flaws aren't what make you Your heart is what breaks you Your mind is wha makes you Your body is what frames you
I am Ombré
With out an instagram edit, to change the lighting. without agreeing on a negative topic, to keep from fighting. Im pale skinned, acne covered, slightly chubby, and mentally ill.
I don't care what people think of me if "Im ugly" without make up
  A relationship with another human being is such an amzing thing
I'm not the typical female, not even instructions will help. I come with all emotions but avoid sadness. Humor and sarcasm is what I do best, even in the moments that need attention.
I stand in the valley of the shadow of death, Don't understand why I'm here, Everything seems deep, dark, and dangerous. Anyone here?
A mere whisper whose mind is as loud as roaring thunder whose thoughts are jumbled with black and white, no grey, has big dreams that knows she should be afraid of but is ready to conquer them, that is I.
Remove the filters that surround our lives.  Don't sugarcoat it to the ones outside.  The world as we know it can be harsh and cruel, so let's not pretend that it always looks cool.
Perfection. Is the definition of perfection perfect? Who could really define perfection? If someone added a picture to it, who would it be? Certainly not me. I would be plastered in the antonym section as
What is “Flawless”? Like what does it mean? You don’t know, well here is a definition Flawless by definition means without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect Now tell me are you flawless?
If there's one phrase that's hard to say, If there's something we don't want to think about each passing day If there's something that would make some of us want to cry,
when one takes a scroll through my instgram feed they see a girl who is a animal lover,music lover, food lover and a make up enthusias but when I the stop posing
Am I a cover girl, or just an ordinary girl that is out of this world with no make up, or fake friends. A perfect life is what all want, but there is no perfect life one has
Who am I deep down? Am I flawless, or am I hidious.  What do people think of me deep down. She is perfection, she is distruction. But deep down I am just me. I am me. Not you or her or him or them.
Down the narrow streets Facing the brick wall I see myself, I see how the bricks stack up, becoming who I am.  Each family member, problem, and identity crisis
Can I even recognize myself in full color? The black and white and different hues are gone, and its like no other. There is a girl sitting in this picture. No make-up, no fashion tops, and not a speck of glitter.
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, who is she Is that me? I wish it wouldn't be That hand, that hair, that voice, that name That - that what happened I was caught In the static electricity of my mind
This is me Unedited,  Unfiltered me I am the cries at night when hearts break The anger when it's broken I am the fear when the world is coming down The tension felt when it's falling
Hello and welcome to the grand tour, Saftey exits are to your right just in case. Trust me, many people have used them. If you decide to stick around we're going to have quite the long day,
A picture tells a thousands words,  but can you read the emotions behind each smile? Can you hear the hardships that their eyes express? My wide bright eyes that seem to shine like the sun turn to dark clouds of gray.
Will to love the wrong person Their ugliness never seems to bleed
I'm lazy. I'm 19 years old and I have been blessed with the ability to dance, sing, write, but I'm lazy. I noticed I only come alive when performing or at parties and it's starting to bother me.
I am a teenager I am reckless I make mistakes I stay out late and do nothing I am on my phone all day    I am a student I have 3.0 GPA I am a leader I take too many AP Classes
Play me like a fiddle, boy,
I am dark eye circles. I am nothing but gross, winter skin tapered onto a bored face. I am yellowed teeth, and thanks to dad, hideous manbrows.
Looking into the abyss What do I see? I see me Wearing my ugg boots And skinny jeans “I am pretty” I say “I am smart” I say “I am me” I say  
Walls built up high You won't see in, you won't see me never letting anyone see me cry even though they constantly plea I shut down even more as they ply   I am cautious of who I open up to
I just want the me I was before I knew what it was like to have to live each living day without you, it's been such a long time since I've seen me and I miss me
If it isn’t my skin, then what shall it be? The two arms and legs that extend directly from me? That enable me to run past the wind, and jump the hurdles in front of me.
If I must confess
The filtered me and the real me Are two different sides and personalities.
People, in life, learn to see Themselves just as titles--
My schedule— MWF class 10-12:30 TH class 9:30-2 Wednesdays are special: Go and help out at the elementary school, And make it to the Drama club meeting by 5.
I'm a leader. But my value doesn't depend on how many followers I have.   Picturesque.  Pounds of makeup doesn't define beauty nor does 100+ likes on a photo.  Social Media. 
What am I When I am not a thumbnail An emoji A jumble of pixelated parts? What are my words When they escape from my mouth Unedited Unscripted Unable To be deleted?
Echo, you privilege soul Stand by as I pillage your home Watch as they rave your condemnation We have yet to live.  
The smiling face in pictures On the websites that you see… Who is that? That is me.   But,
I wake up every morning,
Not good enough? What is “good enough”?               Will I be “good enough” when my hair is down to my ass And my eyes are altered to turn blue from thin layers of magnifying glasses
They tell me emotion is weakness. They say I feel far too much to create something productive. But I can't control it. I am me, Because of what I feel. They say I speak far too excitedly,
Looking through the filter I am perfect. The truth about my life is nonexistent. Looking through the filter. all the words I say are pure, With no stammer or lisp. Looking through the filter.
I don't know what I want
My hair is thinning My skin is almost pale My life is nothing like a fairytale I am of the average height Contacts help me see what's in sight I look for depth in everyone
I am... not afraid to fall when I have been standing too long, be myself because everyone else is taken, walk my own path when everyone else is running cry when my tears have not seen the light ofday for a while,
Who am I?Am I the girl that stares into the mirror, internally degrading herself for not beingsociety's sweetheart?Who am I?Am I the lady who cannot keep up with the 
Who am I... I am a genetic mirror  My eyes are those of my mother's mother Dark brown like the indigenous blood that flows through our veins My black curly hair That was a gift from my father's father
I know what's right from wrongI know where I belongI know where to goI know what not to showThey see a goody too-shoosThey see blacks and bluesThey see a teacher's pet
Me? Who am I to be without a high quality #filter ? I'm the girl who stands a #strong 5'3
My existence is for me, for youI'm sweet and discrete in everything I doWise and powerful on my ownBut never shall I be aloneThe wonderland inside meConservative and trueAll I can be
Behind the filter I am Sylvia. Behind the likes and "thumbs up" I am Lucy. Before the mascara I am a daughter. Named by my free spirited parents' Name sake of shimmering light in the forest. 
Nature is a mystery, but I am unique. The world spins around in an orbit, but my head spins through imagination of wild stories. Out of boredom, the weather becomes a hectic storm,
Mmm ... Flawless ? Bossed Up ! Flaws ? I prefer my ways to who I am I wake up everyday feeling like I am the only one of my kind The only one who will do anything and everything Bossed Up!
My poetry is like a dusty dictionary (Let me explain my origins and my complications in a way no one wants to understand) Let me use crappy similes to show you how I cope,  using humor and understatements. 
Brushstrokes of foundation, Mascara fibers made to tower; My best fake smile And honeyed words slathered over These people who have never even stopped... To see ME.  
Type. Just type. My fingers dangle above the keyboard, Splashing each word, verb, sentence- That comes to mind.  The words are like snow to me: Soft, Delicate, And pure. 
Time after time people are labeled as things Words of hurt, words that crash dreams Because of how we look, not for what we be But ignoring them all makes me a happier me
I am me I have flaws in my skin flaws in my teeth flaws in my stomach I even have flaws in my personality. why? Because I am Me.  
I am flawless because I am One of God's beautiful creations Not because I am man-made, A photoshop modification I am stubborn, And sure, I may cry my eyes red But I'm flawless because I'm here,
I don't remember much from the hospital The white walls The smell of clean diseases The prick of a needle in my arm The dizziness becoming clear again   I don't remember when the doctor told me
I am who I am, not who you want. Don't like it? Leave it. Negitivity eats away at happiness and content. I will live my life how I see fit. Trust that I will succeed.
Behind these eyes of mine is a person, just an ordinary person who always feels she never fits in.She takes pictures and finds uplifting quotes to put on her pictures so she can look at them and think she is beautiful.
Black is the color that describe my past  And the color of who I am  But what black is not  Is also who I am  Bright, with a mind that think right  With different shades that show my true might  
She doesnt know she poor, Even when life tells her in many ways Her refrigerator becomes empty. Whenever she is hungry she can't even find a whole meal. Her family barley has enough food to last them until they can get more.
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
Praying to my god Testimony say im saved, police got me under heat, youngins screaming what you claim, you know the street, its anger pumping through my viens,
I was that girl- the one that couldn't look at herself without throwing up I was that girl- the one that no one would talk to I was that girl- the one that had to take a blade to her skin to feel something
"I" is edgy, "I" is hot. "I" is exciting, "I" is loud. "I" is daring, "I" is spontaneous. I am not "I". I am a completely different me. I am easily entertained. I am self-conscious. I am quiet. I am nervous.
Weird as I don't know A very strange soul indeed but that is me okay
They say it all the time. "Keep it together" But what am I keeping together?
I am me and not me I am American yet not I was adopted from China but am I Chinese I was raised Italin but am I Caucasian My friends ask me if I know I have a white family  I laugh because I am me
This is me.
I am surrounded
I don't wanna be what you want me to be. I'll be what I see as what's right for me. I understand everyone can't have their fantasies come true, But the right to choose what career someone wants isn't for you.
Take a look around, tell me what you see - 
Everyone is beautiful, Perfect. Just the way they are. Some might even saw, flawless, I mean, all humans have flaws, But are flaws really flaws when it makes them who they are?
I’m the girl who is sheltered The one who has no fun I’m the girl who was homeschooled The one who hasn’t won?   High school had so much Tell me I missed out I should have stayed in school
Underneath the beating blanket of society, Underneath the glamour , and glitz, and cotton,
Why am I flawless. This poem can end here because I can simply just say I'm flawless because I'm me. But, I don't want to leave you with any curiousity, so, here's why I'm flawles.
No filter? Why do I need a filter? I’m pretty in sweats and a tee With no make up on And unkempt hair
You thought you knew me You though you knew my life
I look in the mirror and what I see is me.   The socially anxious, self-criticizing, big dreamer that is me. A guy with high aspirations and strong morals but always thinks he’s wrong.
You see that silly girl making faces? Her tongue out, and crooked smile? Yeah, that's me.   In all my glory, With hair that doesn't want to cooperate, And Acne that's hard to cover up.
When you look at me like that I feel like I can fly I can see my freedom I feel like I can touch the sky With you I can lose myself I can do what I want Nobody makes me feel like you
I was me. I was shy, intoverted, and different. I was an outcast and a reject. I was the tomboy with no friends.   I am me. I am loving, compassionate, and beautiful.
If I knew what I know now, Things would be way different then they are now, no lien, no cheating, no stealing, just love, and more love in the air when it comes to people around me they down me, some people even call me ugly ,fat or just mean mug
For so long I have lived with this filter. It has been so long, I no longer remember life without it. Right, wrong. Life, death. Good, evil. These are no longer choices that I can make on my own.
Then the wind blows harder sending drifts of snow across the cracked parking lot The stinging air slowly turns my face red as I trudge towards my destination
My flaws make me flawless. My freckles, usually covered by makeup, are beautiful. My natural hair, a genetic mutation, is beautiful. My curves, or most would say extra weight, are beautiful.
Behind all the filters,  my pictures hold natural beauty. Behind the makeup and touch-ups, I have freckles that engulf my face. Behind the smiles, I hold back years worth of overcome struggles
Like a sunflower, I am growing.  As a child I was a like a seed, 
A twisted family portrait this has become Weeds winding around my neck The very ones I planted Be cautious of what seeds you drop Within your spirit   But I'm surrounded every day
CheapHollowSomehow brokenYet still fragile I put on an air For all to seeYet box and stowThe Genuine me
I am just Me. I have stretch marks. I have scars. I have cuts. I have demons. I have lost. I have bruises. I have acne. I have fat. I have weird birthmarks.
Red Dresses by Clacie England   An invincible, cautionary soul Holds itself high above it’s worth No misgivings; a person is as tall as they want to be Breaking social stereotypes
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
What does it mean to be me? In this world where it seems so hard to be free? Free of the media, and expectations held,
Can you love me? Because without it Im Lost
She's a different type of girl, under all that founation, eyeliner and blush, you may think she's an open book but oh how she keeps things at a hush!
I am a mess. I don't have it all together. I am tired, overloaded, and weathered. I care a little too much. I make no time for myself. I make mistakes, take chances, and leave dreams on the shelf.
Discolored Skin and Acne Marks..... I am BEAUTIFUL! Stretch Marks and Scars...... I am BEAUTIFUL!
I sing in the shower. 
Who am I when the World doesn't See,
I am a Natural Beauty Them contacts, I don't need Them lashes, I won't wear That makeup it looks nice but my perfect Natural skin it don't fit right wit Because my Beauty is Natural Yes I have a Natural fro
This is me. I'm weird, random, and Flawless!!! Though things weren't always like this my past is in the past and all that lies ahead is my future. A path less traveled on but its my path out of the dark.
My name is Ariel.  I am me. As happy as can be? Always comparing myself to others I see.
With filters, I may look "girlie"  I may look happy and carefree.  Therefore, you may not think of me as a band "dork" How can I be a marching band girl with good looks?
Brittany Beyond Filters
I am from books,From DVDs and TV screens. I am from the red, brick house.
Was it worth it to look at me.. and then walk away. Was it worth the smile,  the enegry you put into charming me.    You taught me to care, to believe in myself.    But you lied. 
Each morning my face looks at me, Some days with sleep still in its eyes. And, though I like the face I see, It's time to put on my disguise. The brown eyelashes become black;
I am a beautiful woman But my mind body and soul Is confined by the powers of this intertwined worlds Of what we call social media. The filters of normal, Kentucky, slumber, and rise
Beauty is only skin deep I once was told A beautiful face could carry a heart of cold  But what about the others who shine like gold ? Not defined as beautiful in the next teen magazine. 
anxiety. Nervous tics Fidgeting Stomachaches Headaches Thoughts scrambled   shaking. Hope it's not visible Vision blurring Is the smile convincing?
Ive started seeing the universe in everything. And that is why when i am in nature i am full of joy. because i know that everyone has a bit of blue sky in them  and even when the dawn approaches,
There are many things I'm not, but all the things I am and all my wonderful glam make me shine as bright as the sun is hot.   Because I'm DYNAMITE.  
  Who am I ? I am too many people at once  a lover, a  optemistmt, a naturalist , a lover of literature  a hater, a pessemist, a materalist and a poetic  amateur 
My God is a protector, 
I do not look the same, I do not feel the same. But of what use is it To extenguish indi- viduality here? Perhaps my hair is dark Perhaps I am rather tall. And perhaps I am
I put on my dress, do my hair, my makeup, boom i'm flawless. I'm thanked for an act of kindness, I feel flawless. I scored the winning goal in my soccer game, wow they think i'm flawless.
I don't have a flawless walk. I don't have a flawless personality. I don't have flawless beauty. I'm not a flawless worker. I try to keep my love flawless, Especially my love for animals and God,
All is one in the universe, son. You need not fear, we all end up dying young. Remarkable fortune will surely appease Your preoccupied mind and your failure to see That salvation is in front of your eyes.
I am wild. I am spectacular. I am wildly passionate. I am jealous. I am human. I do dumb things.
This bag of bones never fits right This skin they're in too big, too tight And the slick acid of anxiety barks and bites And the shape of my face never quite nice But I love myself anyway
Long brown hair. Big brown eyes. Gap-toothed mouth. Breasts big size. Long nailed fingers. Cold back heart. Fat filled stomach. Such unique art. I am different.
Whether you like it or not I am what I am and say what I say And as each night falls and I wait for each day
Dependable, Caring, Creative I am dependable. I am caring. I am creative. I am flawless.   Dependable When someone is in need of a ride; I've got a car
Round cheeks Red from continuously smiling The first thing you notice Seen without even trying   Green eyes Glasses that show my world reflected Supposed to be this window
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
I wake up, #FLAWLESS. No make-up. Bra-less. Should I wear jeans, or joggers? Every morning I go through all this...   20 minutes til I catch the bus, Eyebrows on FLEEK, hair looking plush,
Color me blind and show me the world You want the money the cars and the girls But I want the rage that comes with the passion The infinity that comes from the intimacy As we create sweet symphony
I am judgedCalled names and tossed to the curve
People replace the word beauty with flaw . How could they do such a thing?
I think too fast Thoughts flood my mind everyday Doctors call it ADHD I call it an advantage Medication? My mom's addicted I dont need it My mind and body are strong enough
i am a bird i fly towards the sky no boundaries to keep me contained they try to catch me pull me down with their words beat my wings but i will fly those things cannot hold me back
Me I am strong Caring Beautifully made Careful
Beauty is not something seen but something taught Many women do not know true beauty But I do Beauty is not something you wear Beauty is not something you can cake on Beauty is not measured
I look in a mirror and see nothing I take a picture and see a plan face Only when adding a filter will I feel like something When I add filter I hide the dark tint on my skin Making it my very own filter
What is money without those you love Everyone wants grip allow me to be the glove You wonder why the stars get coked up While there are people struggling to get coated up
Aye, that natural beauty tells a story show my power and courage to not be like others Show off myself because theres only one of me with added enhancers we are all the same
I'm afraid of the dark I stay in the light Unless I know I am not alone   I love laughing And to make others laugh But on my own terms   I am motivated But I do not resent breaks
“New Year, New ME” The cliché quote that’s never true. Yet the reason for the start of MY change.   MY outspokenness is to helps others, Not hinder them, so back off.
Society's expectations like an avalanche Cascading down                               Destroying                 Crushing I bear it until I fear I will suffocate         And then I run.
Poison Slowly spreading through my veins Silently killing No one can see my pain   I have to shake it off, fight the feeling Find the antidote Seek my healing
At the end of the day, when I look in the mirror Just what do I see? It’s the face I created, the face I want the world to know.   But when the hair comes undone, or the hat comes off
I am me. I have a passion for sports, but I am not a "jock". I love learning, but I am not a "nerd". I enjoy relaxing, but I am not "lazy". I wear baggy sweats, but I am not a "bum". I am me.  
I want to be the BEAU and the TY To have a mind, body and style that drives Mothernature wild ...could I have an addiction, maybe But it's still me they see
"Describe yourself in three words." Carefree. Confidet. Brilliant. Descibe myself in three words. Worried. Anxious. Smart.  
Selfies are stupid, You can fight me if you think otherwise, When people take them in public, I look at them cross-eyed, What the fuck are you doing, Why filters exist, is another damn question,
I sit. I stare. I eat. I sleep. My mind and soul are blank. My body comes too cheap. I just want to feel something. It doesn't matter what I cost. As long as I belong. I'm so tired of feeling lost.
Shadows, tired eyes.   Kettle whistling. Here I am.  Sitting on the couch, awaiting my fate.  Scared, and hands trembling.  Hands crawl towards the torn-open envelope. 
Heart And Hustle I can do it.
Baby, I've been thinking about us lately, The way I smile when I'm in your arms, How you make me feel safe and at home, I just wanted to let you know, I love you, and I don't want to live without you, so lets forget about tomorrow, Lets forget abo
Who is the man I see when I look in the mirror Throw aside the filters and the facade and the image gets clearer
Wanting to show my kindness, intelligence, beauty  But fear that my confidence will receive the labels of pride and conceit I'm just going to be honest Every inch of me is flawless Vulnerable, anxious
I have family I have friends I have people who understand   I have someone who sees I have someone who disagrees   I have many things yet i am alone I am an ostracized sheep
I wake up every morning asking myself Is that really you? Why was I born this way? all these flaws I see in the mirror looking at myself could I change these flaws?
Camera, Camera on my phone. Filter away all my flaws, Surly I do lie, but beauty is key , Without  filters, We shine flawless like  gems, Now we see eye to lens,  Simple beauty,no trends.
I have been told "Where there is a will, there is a way" When I grow old I want to see Christ walk my way   I have been blessed with many gifts Somehow I want to use them
I am a beast unlike any other seen. One pushed up touched up and altered like a ball of dough. Some people come by with either their hands or their tools and alter me. for better or for worse everyone that passes by leaves something changed.
If there was a way to tell my younger self everything I know about my life in five minutes . I would use all three hundred seconds to be as precise as I possibly could be.  
My motto is-
You see my false face  Shining through the lense of a camera It shows no wrinkle or scar But if you care to look behind You'll see there is so much more   My skin reveals stories
Everyone is different, I, just a little more than anyone else.     To me, I am lost insecure hopeless scared   To my family lacking imperfect perfect
Amazing, to me, is how music can take you  Places imaginations would go. Whatever the theme, it begins with a dream Its boundaries and limits not known.   Rather inspiring, to me, to hear
First, I'm going to "Look At Myself"
Small girl, with far from normal dreams Everyday I wake up wanting the same thing see I want to see the world make a change in how we're seen  cause now-a-days everyone seems to be hidden behind a screen
Looking through my perilous soul I see nothing but a toll Is this me I see in this photo Or just a way to fit in with a motto Nothing ever seems the same With filters getting all the fame
We do things Things that aren't us Colors, powder, liner Bandages on our true beauty This is not me I take my power Me My words heal Mine come from another mouth
I try to be as true to myself as I can be. No matter the surroundings, the people, the class For I have learned it is better to live life the way I want. I am not a follower. I do not believe in fitting in.
I can't write poetry.I can't draw a pictures.I am not inventive.I fall asleep during lectures.I can't climb a tree.I am not famousAnd I don't want to be.I am not amazing in anyway.
"Snap" goes the camera as she take another. "Snap, Snap" She isn't satisified. She goes again. Every image of her face, showing the same smile Same eyes and same nose, but as always the picture is never right.
I hate war There is nothing good about it Because we become the guinea pigs
Labeled like an item Unheard like the truth Critiqued like art I strived to be where I am I've lost what i have earned I am a fighter Yet I am my own opponent Music soothed the beast
As I stand in the mirror everyday I think about what changes I've made what chances I took The regrets I have  The life I've lived The years ahead I realize what I used to be is not the key
A picture's worth a thousand words, But what of that are lies? To me, I don't like pictures, as they hide you in disguise, For what am I, to tell you, who I am?
I am me. I am not strengthened by others' flaws Nor am I weakened by their assets. I do not wish to give them false ideas about who I really am. I am me.
Do ya know who I am, behind the makeup, the dress? Behind the flaws, and the fear, man I'm flawless! I've given up on caring bout' what others think of me, cuz the truth is what I'm wearin' is the skin of me.
Role modes are role models for a reason In our eyes we see perfection, Admiration, Envy,
I feel, I get cut, I bleed but not of blood,
Nobody Knows Me Like Me
My sound? Is a silent night, I have no music no beats, or rhythem. My sound? Crickets on a summer day. When I was born they sang. My sound? Is a soft noise
I am a pile of leaves waiting to be affected by the winds of time; Scared of what the future holds. I lay here calm and collected,  my emotions trapped inside; Bursting at the seems, my sanity is wavering.  
No rhythm No rhyme Just me And myself Dark hands Bright face WIth a dim glow in the eyes Worn out By the challenge Of living each day with a smile Inside
Who am I? When people look at me what do they see? Do they see the person that I try to portray? The mature 19 year old? College Sophomore who has everything put together?
So many things happening around me and it just amazes me how God just continues to keep his hedge of protection around me and to bless me.I sometimes wonder about things that happened to me in the past and how so any people have walked out of my
Mirror, Mirror on the wall Why do I hide behind a mask and walls? If I were to show the real me, would people run? Would they stay with me?  Or would I be left? People see me as the girl who has no worries,
Strange, different, unique Words people use to describe me But this is far from reality or at least so I believed Looking in this mirror and thinking of life I have begun to realize
There are few things in this world that need a filter Coffee being the main one Was I sub post to be born with one Or can they be installed like a TV   How can things improve If no one tells you
tell me your thoughts
I'm the next new name brand. I'm the next major Meek Mill fan. I'm the next. I'm the next.  I may not display on my chest, but I want to be the next to star on set. I'm the next. I'm the next.
I am the Earth and the soil.
Kneel to the throne!And all hail your majesty,Now!--or be stoned.And you ask am I stoned?
He gears up, readies himself. String by string, he dons his armor, piece by piece.
When I look in the mirror who do I see? Let me be honest, I see a girl who hurts on the inside and can't control herself all the time. I am the type to just be alone in my room and sit there and think. 
Feelings for him are always the same why does it have to be like this. 
High School is wearing thin. What have these 4 years taught me? Why, that is to keep high your chin.
When I walk, heads turn "Who is this girl with all the confidence in the world"? Lift my head high, you would'a swore I was lookin at God himself! When I talk, heads turn
They say that the early bird catches the worm... Yet Earlybird just creates a haze that casts shadows on faces and words. It's funny because Nashville shows no affiliation to Tennessee;
Ratty hair, Red at one point, now half brown Roots exposed. Eyes, small
So what if I'm not thin I can't play sports I'm not strong enough for physcial things But,
Want to hold your hand, It's right there for me to grab, I feel close to you, I'd hate to see you go, don't.     
I’m a unique individual, well I claim to be, because nobody is me, even though I have a twin.
I am an actress,  I am a dancer, (though I cannot dance).  I read. I write. I lead.  I have a mean right-hook, but I am no athlete; I am a sham, a faker, a liar.
It looked original, body so curvy, eye's so blue, gray, green, even something a little in between, you know what I mean?
HAHA No Filter Haha Pure face Haha Hidden disgust Haha Beautiful lies Haha Look at my face haha. .  my laugh is weird. .  haha. .  I'm just kinda queer
I am     Light      Freckled face          Green eyes               Wavy hair I am
I connect every star with an imaginary line But also link our fate together with a single red thread. Love forged upon theinvisible path I paved Falls perfectly into my own celestial vision.  
Who am I? How the hell can I tell someone who I am, when I do not even know who I am.
what is the point in surviving? does anyone even know?     when it routes inside you how are you to let It go?   It knows all your secrets will become your biggest fear. slowly, It rips apart
Everyone thinks I'm flawless in this school The teachers, the students, the janitor that cleans the pool. Everyone thinks I can do it all Good grades, a girlfriend, and a star playing baseball.
Jessica Crosson  I am strong, caring, and passionate, 
Shutter Snaps Perfect Picture Fancy Filter But which one? Sierra? no Sable? no Sutro? Yes, that's perfect. 110 Likes...   But Who Am I, Behind the filters? Who Am I,
Cold, dark and miserable Was told it was part of being a criminal  But why title me that?  It's not like you know all the facts True I don't know how to act But at least I stay true to my colors 
Shy is the Strong Mind Forced into the Unkown World Yet Eager to Thrive
Life is like a camera,
I swore never to cross oceans
The first time through, you held me close Kissed my ear My forehead My mouth You whispered inwardly, that you would never leave   The day that it came Was the day that I broke
You gotta start with need. A whole lot of need. Needing comfort, needing love, needing attention, needing support, needing guidance.
I am a runner, I am a student, I am a worker I am a student, I am a student, I am a worker I am me, I am me I think these simple phrases over and over, On my tumultuous journey  
#lovely #me with no filter who can you see?
Flawless. No flaws. Perfection. Beauty. True. Love. I. Me. Self-acceptance. Flawless.
Because your mind is bigger than the milky way.
The sun is pulled down the same way you pull me closer to you
You'll hear from a lot of people, that recover is a road.
I'm not sure how to wear self confidence
He's quiet, and sincere. He plays sports 'round the year. His life is put together; He's got nothing to fear. They've never asked Adam. They only know about him. He wants to answer all the questions
I wouldn't be the flawless person I am today if life hadn't taken it's course.
It's odd that I do not need to add a mod-ification or filter To show the real me, the E-R-I-C-K  E stands for excellent, this poem shows the essence  R stands for rhymer who spits fire
My friend who is a girl, my girlfriend said I'm indechirable  Like I'm coded war plans from the highest general.  She can't crack me open, but I was never closed.
a woman with sad eyesbelongs to a speciesall unto her ownshe wears her grief as pearl earringsand sings melodies as she makes the bedshe drinks earl-grey tea
Blessing from me to you. You mirrored my every move.
I am a cold October night in a little town 7 pounds, 6 ounces, a bundle of joy
  When I was eight years old, I was a ghost for Halloween. But when I knocked on my neighbor’s door, she still noticed me and handed me a Snickers bar. But you didn’t do the same.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles,5’6”  and 150 pounds,My appearance won’t dictate my success. 1970 SAT, 29 ACT score,4.6 GPA, and 63rd in my class of 500.My academics won’t dictate my success.
On which hour on thy social media, thee wilt findeth a miniature of oneself, But what lie beneath the mask, the true visage? If thy mask be uncovered, what wilt thou findeth in thyself?
Dutiful to those in need Yes to amost any thing Loves to sit listening Anchor for any who need Needs for nothing, but some sleep
 Just another face in a neamless crowd, no one knows who I am. They think they've got me all figured out, but they don't know anything. They think I'm not capable of being anything other than ordinary,
The Struggle   Growing up,
Who am I? I am myself. While filters do not lie, They definitely enhance The minor imperfections that only I can see. Without filters, My zit is apparent,
I am cosmic dust. I am a raging storm of gentle emotion. My spirit is a wind that blows unobstructively. I'm stronger than the words thrown into the voltage of my mind. My heart still beats. I am alive.
A mirror only shows what you let it; It displays an image which eyes can distort. Most teenagers see a less-than-perfect image, But the mirror sees truth and perfection.
Here I am, a comedian Laughing and bright No one knows that underneath I have a serious fright That someone won't think i'm funny Someone will see That I am a real person I am me
You all look my way, but none of you see. I am the girl no one truly understands. I have the love of him and Him and them, but what is it if no one understands? I cry on his shoulder. I pray to Him.
Simple and Nice Is what others see. A shy little girl; That's displayed through me.   Quiet and calm; Like an ocean sea. You might even hear waves, If you listen closely.  
Break the lense
Everyone is asking who I want to be. No one is seeing that I'm already me. I'm tired of putting up with all the bullshit and lies.  I'm tired of people trying to change me with their cries. 
An introverts haven and a extroverts nightmare. A place where nothing can hurt you but your own thoughts but at the same time all your pain goes towards understanding who you are.Isolate yourself and reflect, isolate yourself and rejoice, isolate
I was already there, waiting at a brink, looking for a clutch.A thing I could look towards and ask for helpBut within the noise and the frustrationI couldn't find a sign.
I was fifteen before I realized that no one could ever love me as much as I loved me And a revelation of poetic, creative, fertile ideas were released inside of me
No mask , no shield . The make up and clothing are cleared away.
Me I want to be Me I do not use a filter to make  Myself Different from who I am I want to be my own pretty face Filter is not  Me Natural bueaty and background is Me
The tiny can of spam Covered in a generic label Nothing too special Nothing too grand      
I woke up like this, cranky, sluggish, fuzzy I woke up like this, ***Flawless I woke up like this, tired, cold, makeup smeared, I woke up like this, ***Flawless I woke up like this,
I am an epileptic schizophrenic with the magnetic charm of a younger Tom Selleck;   I am a rampaging bafoon who jumps before he leaps to his impending—   Doom, Doctor Doom, he who looms
I don't show you me, I swear.  I'd rather not let you know.
I was not meant to be a thing made of plain happenings and I am more, made up of manyunfolding, shrinking, expanding breaths
BreakawayThis illusion I've seen in my expressionless faceMirrored hate at a being that doesn't have words, and never existed outside cruel minds that ought to have been left behind
 So, yeah you can find my pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat but you can see me in person and be looking at a whole different person. In those pictures, I look happy, new, beautiful, and confident.
Imprisoned in her own
I am young and not nearly done, What could I become? Thoughts whirled, Anything possible in this world. My imagination works day and night, I am like a knight. My pencil is my sword,
I  am a college student I am a hard worker I am a woman who remains persistent  even when her goals end up in failure  still I  push.Who doesn't have a porcelain face
The flash- The filter- It's how I hide.   The picture that everyone sees isn't me though It's just a reflection of this person That yes looks practically like me
I am a lone wolf when it comes to decisions but there is time for a pack With the filter what you see is the ruler of discomfort The queen of the damned, a social bone crusher
You wanna know what makes me flawless Acknowledging my imperfections. Having the ability to forgive and forget those who were snakes
To strive and hold is what matters most The love we have sometimes hard to control We can fight and argue all day long But in the end we know whom we belong  
Life isn't what I thought, It's full of mystery... Too fast and short, too bad too good, Different people different manners, Too hot too cold, too lively too dull,
I don’t know if I’ll be remembered As a great anything or a terrible something More likely I’ll be forgotten in time Reduced to great-great-great grandma And a footnote in my family's history  
Staring into my reflection is a daunting one I see a girl with too much mascara, that she liberally applied to impress people who couldn’t care less I see a girl with a broken smile
Hi there, this is the real me. Not the smart, energetic, and lovable person you know. But, the person behind the curtain, the one I don't show.   The real me is lazy,
The story of his life has been a constant struggle So many problems and responsibilities that he's been forced to juggle Everything he's had to do it was by himself
Your beautiful just the way you are There us no need to wear makeup Don't fake it up Just the way you are You shook the world up Because your are beautiful just the way you are
Laughing Smileing Shy Sad Scared Angry
I am a silhouette of a body, no, I am not a human being.
I listen to my music full blast, I don't except last, I'm tough, But not too rough, I feel others pain, I feel insane, I a nerd, Kinda wana be  bird, Just escape it all,
College expensive. Students need a lot of help. Books needed as well.  
Two broken souls, two halves of a whole. Two different footprints, on paths that barely cross.  It’s hard to believe the things that we see…
I tilt my head up, it reflects the light better. Followed by the caption, carefully typed letter by letter. Should I use Valencia? it makes me look tan. This will definately get me famous, every "like" is a fan.
people will never recognized a simple girl. who is like other girls, simple as a paper flower. who really is nothing compare to the real flowers. whose color and petals are different from others.
You are Perfect being you    Be crazy, be happy, be full of imagination   Dont hide behind filters, show the real you    Embrace those moles, those scars, let your flaws run free  
My hair is brown and short and curly My lips are big and sort of pink My teeth are slightly moved forward But that doesnt mean I am less of a person My forehead is full of dark spots
Family… The definition of it: is a group of persons who came from the same ancestor Sadly though no one wants a family anymore From the generation that has now been born
Filters change our looks Through this, they hide our true soul Forcing conformed life
I'm just tryna get to know you tonightI'm sure there's a lot of things on your mindAnd people you inspire? See the connections I have with people is not my desireFor the things I aspire
Click, click, click goes the camera, Showing all of me whe I first wake up. I see someone beautiful staring back at me, As she is lying down with her hair tangled and no makeup.
It doesn’t matter If I’m opened or closed. There are no discrepancies In the work that I do. I always see both sides For what they really are. Never do I have to worry
love is nothing to pease war is death to us all between god an angels the war is small to us love is all peace inposible war always untll we are dmned etween devils and god we're left for dust
Camera goes 'Click' The face in the picture is no one That's not me That is my filters
Just who am I? A silent little girl?
Who am I? I'm just a shadow of a shadow.
Who am I? I'm just a shadow of a shadow.
Break away from everything. Are you aware of whom you are? Remember when you were little and you knew Exactly what you wanted in life?  
I am me under these clothes behind those filters. I am me. No bright light to make my picture brighter. No filter to make me lighter. I am me. Who am I with all these unspoken words?
The me without a filter is just like anyone else. Full of fear and regrets, maybe even a few insecurities.  But the me without a filter is not always seen. 
     The first time I traveled with my high school volleyball team I felt danger in the back of my mind when we drove by a pet hospital.
I am not defective I am simply me I have many phases Like the moon above the sea And craters in my face as my brother likes to say I am not picture perfect But when I smile
I put on my make-up and pick out my shoes; the perfect pair to match my shirt. Because that was what I was taught to do In a World where looks are what seem to work. They say my hair is much too short
I look forth unto the world and I see difference. The pressure of society leaves imprints in my mind and forces me to doubt. It wasn't til of late that I see others doing the same.
Mask On. 18 years old. Wise Soul. Excessive Laughter. Jokes never get old.
A child of Suess and a daughter of grace, in this whimsical world I was kindly misplaced. On an island of misfits I took to my tongue, like the martyrs had spoken my brilliance begun.  
Some flash exotic colors of Baby Lips Others puff out with dominance
The world is a mistress of beautiful things But the harsh reality is It also holds ugly things And we have ugly people posing as beautiful people And they press the buttons Leaving the rest of us in poverty
Without my filter, who would I be?
Who knows the real me? If I look deep inside, I know I can find The real me even if I am truly blind. I let the words get to me. Knowing they are not true, But even though my eyes are blue
The loss of sleep can be seen hanging under my eyes Concealer can't do a thing despite how hard I try  The cover up can't cover up what's lying inside Eyeliner and mascara running on my laugh lines
Her eyes are blue Her eyes are bright Her lips are flawless too And her hair is just right   Her nails are long and thin Her nose is a perfect width Her skin is considered perfection
I think of all the things I think is wrong with me. My acne, my eyebrows don't look alike, I don't have a flat stomach, my hair isn't long and luscious, I'm too plain in my clothes. I think: "I am flawfull".
Who the fuck am I, you asked.
My name is Morgan Without a filter I am normal   Without a filter my teeth are gray Without a filter my eyes are just okay Peers would describe me as pretty But that's just the filter, really  
Whenever you see your reflection
What even gave Rise to the Instagram filters? I'll bet some Earlybird got up one day, But when looking for OJ, he saw only Amaro liqueur.
A Capricorn under Saturn Ambitious, natural like earth's soil Beautiful without effects and powders Humble, do tumble, I mumble under my breath waiting to be discovered
So who am I If not what you want I am not perfect or flawless  
No filter and no makeup, I feel naked It's hard to admit, I'd rather fake it, Pretend like I'm okay, With the small acne scars on my face, The way all my hairs don’t naturally fall into place,
       Without make-up such as foundation, mascara,lipstick,eyeliner,eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil,  makes me flawless.The chemicals in these products ruin my natural look. Having make-up on is like wearing a mask.
Who am I beyond the mask?Behind the facade is a woman.Why I am no different than you.
Who is me beyond what they see Doing what I can for the perfect selfie Lip gloss on, hair curled slightly Making sure my imperfections is unsightly Who is to say who is me Who is me beyond what they see
Adopted at birth, I now know the truth. I figured it out, you could say I'm a sleuth. Friendly and happy, a sweet shy kind of guy. Describes my essence and I'l try to show why.
Never did I think the world would see me Behind the flowing stems of roses
Head held high, Not so shy,
I never grew up in poverty or tragedy
I am a dork, I am silly, I am beautiful without makeup.   I have a heart of gold, I am smart, I am a hardworker.   Without a filter, I am all these things, And I love it.
I am Many things. I am blonde. I am tall. I am smart. Sure... I am those things. But you know what else? I am other things too. I am things that you don't know. I am fat.
WIthout the filters, Without the perfect lighting, Who is that girl?   She looks hidden by makeup Or the facade of social media, But who is that girl?  
When the clouds clear and the curtains are drawn, you get to witness the person that is truely beyond. No glitz, no glamor, nor artificiality present what you see is honestly-just me.  
Smooth skin, Thin waist, This is who I want to be. Crop the image, Add a filter, And there it is; the new me.   See the smile? See the hapiness?
Silently angry of an arguab
Wishing upon peace,  hoping no one sees me, Taking a deep breath, hoping no one hears me, Walking through school campus vastly, having fear of being stopped, Smiling, but speaking no words,
I am that poor girl whose waning hope gave birth to passion Or perhaps I am a pupeteer with a marionette by the name of "Semantics"  Some days I am the crisp morning drizzle
I hate you You're controlling and absurd Please don't let me talk I love you You love me and I think it's more
Society has changed a lot in who we are 
Who am i? I'm the girl nextdoor.
I’ll start by saying I’m not the photo type
Hi. My name is. It's nice to meet you. Insert uncomfortable smile. Awkard eye contact. Nervous stutters like I'm on trial.  The continuingly interrupting silence makes my brain go into overdrive. 
Love for ones self is the most purest love of all, I can count on myself, even when I fall, Because I know I'll be there for me, standing tall. I am flawlessly beautiful... My eyes, my teeth, my chubby looking cheeks.
When I first laid eyes on your goregous caramel skin, round brown eyes, and cheeky smile I nearly fainted And so did my parents I could not keep this love a secret I would not have it
I am me and that Is all I will ever be No one can change that.
Where I'm from is who I am It's a part of me that is not rich in money or jewels But in hard work and family I come from a town where it's hard to survive We never thrived on the things we would buy
Do you think she knows? The way she moves, Giggling-groveling-grooving She cares too much of who approves.   Do you think she knows? How she makes the world turn, Living-loving-leaping,
I come fro
Who hides behind this mask of mine,  The one given at birth so fine, The one who wishes to fit in, Yet identity sticks like a pin.    Through dance she moves effortlessly,
Flex my fingers                 crimson, chartreuse, jet, slate, vermillion
You wear a mask like me. We can both see it, But neither of us have the courage to say it. You always go above and beyond for me:    You sacrificed your time       To relieve my pain
My name is ununique, my smile crooked and drained from the tired steps I take, my teeth peak out from two cracked lips with a laugh that is quite weak. My eyes water when I yawn, my left one likes to twitch
I’m not who you think me to be; I’m not a sweet innocent girl, waiting or searching for love. I’m not a delicate little flower, waiting to bloom.  
Decorating her mind with the things she loved. It was her room, her sanctuary; where she hid her trust Its corner consistently gathering its dust  
Behind the hazel, she's just a lonely little one. Behind the hazel, she wants to the world to be gone. Behind the hazel, she's fighting everyday. Behind the hazel, she's scared in every way. Behind the hazel, she's slightly shattered.
Alexis. That is my name.  Many know it. Few get to know me past it.  Shy, quiet, smart is all they see.  Though one cannot blame them. Those three are all they are allowed to percieve. 
Delicate and fragile,Broken and mended,Metaphorically red and constantly beating,Full of love and care but yet so tender,Pulsing with blood and affection so dearly,
A fake smile she pulls, The weight she bears rips her soul apart, The words, the rejection, the hurt, She sits alone, In the dark, Crying for someone to turn on the light, She tries to please them,
Life is our ball
Neglect–ed Ringed out with blood and stretch marks. Wrinkles written in between the crevices of my eyes. They sting and burn. Fighting, fighting, and falling. I kept falling. I failed.
Him. He is all. He is one. He knew what would happen when time was done. Time. The time we live in does not last forever. So how can one say that we will always be together? It’s not a gift.
“Free me”, she screams in his face.“No more.No more a moore.I am a river.I flow.I live and give
I can still hear the crunch of the potato chips resounding in my ears like the crushing of my dreams to fit into that dress, 
The only way, it seems,
I am from t-shirts, from Dr. Pepper and iced tea.               I am from apartments and condos, dingy white walls, off-white carpets, amorphous popcorn ceilings, in which eyes can detect truth that fades into lies.  
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
Cumbersome Confusing Problematic I'm Funny, I'm Beautiful
The way my hair falls on my shoulder, the mole on my right leg,  and my hairy knuckles just make me flawless. The scars on my feet, the way my stomache folds, and my bushy eyebrows make me flawless.
Who am I to hide behind a dark red curtan time after time? Who am I to act as if I really don't have anger fits? Who am I to just portray a happy person day by day? Who am I to smile bright
Sometimes the disconnect between the world and me (not the fingers typing the words, but the place
Play Pretend Imagine: There is a girl standing by herself, observing her features and physical characteristics in a mirror.
The other day I was met with a question that I didn’t quite have an answer to. In the middle of class, they said “Who are you?”   Now this sounds a bit strange, seeing as I had been
Behind the curtain What I keep hidden From your eyes and mind Is strictly forbidden   Under the mask What a clever disguise
            Free spirit is my trait I value the most.
Indulgence is not self-expression, Nor can we all avoid repression, That is said and done, The world is overrun. Finished without.   Mirrors as walls hold back, All tears that make us crack,
Me. I am a simple person. I strive to be the best. Perfection. I am dedicated. Strong. Proud. I am smart. Beautiful. Joyous.   Me. I am an intricate person. I long for rest. Tranquility.
Every morning I start with one thing I start with my mask To hide my eyes To hide my face To hide all expression So no one sees Me crying in pain So no one can see
You smile at me like you know me. You have tried to understand me.
You cannot know me, No matter how you try, For I am only known to me, There is more than meets the eye.   Inside the gilded cage, Inside the enigmic mind, No one knows my age,
The True Me? The True Me is everchanging. When I try to find it, it morphs because I was not the same person I was finding it as I was when I found it. When I see her, few things remain the same:
FAILURE I am bold, I am strong I’ve been holding it back for too long I am funny yet wise The people that change for others are the people I despise
Mirrors      And I remember being seven years old Coming home from school the first time a boy called me ugly
A Cardinal Sings With soft red wings Such happy things Underneath the shade of a tree Right now he only sings to me!
Black satin covers drapping over me I push away, but the Layers upon layers only suffocate me more   Deep trenches of black Blind opportunities to  Seek further in finding my footsteps   
I hide behind the Curtain but People can still see if they look hard They will find me   I hide behind the Curtain When I want them to know What is bothering me What hurts now   
My True Self   My true self is a lion A gorgeous one you see When she stands up fierce as well as tall
A Women of All Odds   Please pay no attention to the women behind those books Intelligence is over-rated; twerking is all the new rage
I am me.  I am an unfading dreamer;
Inside of me, there is somebody.   It is me mentally, me behind the physical me.   He/She runs a circus.  An affair of all kinds.   He/She often comes out to play, when someone on the outside catches his/her eye.  
She is so happy they say,That she is, but certainl
Used to being left alone, Watching the sand turn to stone,
I am me, me no more no less  my future decided, Past unchangeable  and my present is carried by my faith  Love which God has giving me as a present
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
Books with yellowed pages, worn from  use. Glow-in-the-dark stars from my dark-fearing youth. These are the things that make me, me. Stashes of chocolate under my bed,
Who’s that girl?   The one who always has her hand stretched up high in the air. Everyone knows that she has something to say, a comment, possible a question, or even a witty remark. She is so charismatic!  
Hands Of him to invade me to intrude to be ill mannered and uncouth to me Hands Dating the clock so faithful so diligent so painless so fast so slow Hands
Sitting silently in the hallway,
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame, in another moment you completely disowned it. A rebel driven by a devil. Words of wisdom questioned, a world full of deception.
Here I am.
There lay a story of a lonely sailor Taming the tumultuos sea Taming the vivid monstrosity;
How come everytime i turn around People are worried about others opinion? How come everytime i turn around People are dying Dying cuz they are scared to be themselves Scared cuz the world is soo cruel
Wherever I am, As long as I’m out, Over the blue waters I go To catch some trout.   But never after a full moon. That’s when they have their feasts. With the moonlight shining over the water,
Do you know what it’s like to fight to keep your tears from falling?
I stand here petrified, awaiting for the storm of judgment I want my voice to be heard, I want my voice to reach the far seas
Close my eyes Runaway and hide Don’t let them inside They’ll just hurt you, not really there for you All they do is lie   All that have tried That had sat with me while I cried
  Oh, the battles one fights in this life I was given
What is "I" and What is "me"? Is it to defy or to be truly free? Those who view cannot possibly see The truth that gives one the key   The key to judge accurately and the lock that is a facade
Caring less Choices I made was the best I know myself I think I passed the test To different to take the same path Others just don't get it I know myself Life is what you make of it
Flowers are pretty, just like me. Flowers smell nice, just like me. Flowers can dance in the wind, just like me. Sunflowers turn where the sun sure shines. Like a sunflower, I find myself
When I am myself I get to be the true me I don't have to hide my feelings I can let my joyous smiles and bubbling laughter go I get to be the proud senior who graduates
Is it bad for a girl like me to cry ?
No one sees the real me, under the smile and all the laughter, and the friendly conversation, there's a cloak of sadness covering me, depression stalking my every move, never letting me go,
Waves of blue I always see The scene is cold and lonely here Why can't you see the good in me   I cry out to you in sweet misery  You never listen, you just see right through 
masquerade. a masquerade of sorts, and i shall hide behind the velvet curtain. streaming down to cover my light, blushed face. vexation of no sorts, i too begin to believe
    I have an innovative mind One with many characters and personalities My friends are imaginary, a figment of my dreams They come alive as I write on the pages inside a blank notebook of my alter worlds.
Sweet and kind outside Still sweet inside Stll lingering is a desire for solitude Behind My Hidden Mask Passion as an artist The thirst of a scholar The pen of a writer Behind my Hidden Mask