Now you See me...


United States
19° 42' 11.3652" N, 155° 14' 17.5776" W

I'm letting you in. 
That is what you wanted right?
      To see the real me... to see me when I take society mask off at my door.
                and place it next to my keys... because you know I am me when I am alone...
           When my guard is down...
 This is what you want?
    My vulnerability, my weakness, my pain, my need to impress, my love , my Hate, my scars, My secrets....
        Everything you cant see, everything I am.

As we step into the room together, I pause. I hold my breath and count down from ten...
        I hang my keys up... I peel my mask off...
            Fear rushes over me. You look at me...
                   I feel as though you see everything in one glance, all my horrors.. 
                                My weakness, my pain, my lovelessness, my Rage, the scars, My secrets,
                                                               all.. written upon my skin

I'm letting you in,
    you see the real me
           the Me with pain, and  the loathing and the secrets
                it is all there, everything I am, everything you've never seen.
                                                 Should I retreat?

The door closed behind us, and I hung my keys and peeling off the mask. My breath leaves me                        just as if I jumped off a cliff.
                             You grip my arms and hug me....
                                        unsure I stare into the unceasing blue that's held with in your eyes. 
                                                   I can see I am everything you needed to see. 
 You say to me...
    In one breath just as you were breathing.
            You speak one word and it is all I need



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