Holding Your Rope


Dangling of a cliff,

Fifty feet in the air

Holding on to your rope-

You can’t make me let go


You slashed at my heart,

But for years,

Still I hang on.

 My tears fell from the pain,

But my hands couldn’t let go


And you sawed at the strands,

And the rope started to slip,

But I told you I loved you,

And I tightened my grip


Then you turned me to ice and you went far away

But I found you-

I followed-

And I’m here to this day              


And stormy nights followed, when I was all but alone

 But I stayed and I waited

For you to come home


And I waited forever

Through the cold and the heat

 And I sent you my heart,

Though I thought I’d been beat


And you came like a whisper,

And I leapt for joy

 And my heart burst into flower, and I thought I’d reached heaven


But good times didn’t follow,

Instead, lightning and snow

And you threw rocks down at me

And you spit fire and more


And you told me to leave, and to never return,

But with tears in my eyes,

For you my heart burned


If I live on forever,

Or die later today,

I know that you know the last words I would say


I’d tell you I love you,

Despite the Great War,

I’d still come out heart open

With my arms spread out wide,

And as I embrace you,

Still hoping somewhere inside,

 You can tell me you love me

Right up to the sky.


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This is a poem I wrote for my best friend. I will never give up on you. <3

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