I Am Me


I am a beacon

Brimming with the joy of a new day.

I am light, I am noir.

A compass in which people look to for guidance.

I am my own worst enemy.

Perfection is strived to be my reflection but my mind narrows in on imperfection.

With hopes that rival towering monuments, how unrealistic am I?

Nevertheless I withstand with a perseverance that rages like a meteor shower in the dead of night.

I am not defined by material things

Shoes, bags, lipsticks, and clothes

Mere masks and costumes, I am a chameleon

I am defined by wisdom, intelligence, and self worth  

Swaddled with gentleness by a high power that reigns in the heavens.

I am a daughter of A Master who fabricated the universe in the palm of His hands.

The epitome of what God praises and what God cannot bear to see.

Behold, I sing praises of words that resonate in the hearts of mundane people.  

Behold, for in my imperfection not even Death can defeat me

I am fully clothed in the armor of God     

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