Who am I?

Thats a good question.

Am I the sum of my accomplishments?

The weight of my dissapointments?

Am I simply a girl among people,

A leaf in the wind?

Am I the things in my past?

The stupid things I did?

Am I the echo of my victory?

Or just a whisper of a memory?

Am I just someone searching for their own autonomy?

Am I just skin and bones?

With more than a little in between?

Am I the choices I have made?

The mistakes that haunt my days?

Am I who I'm supposed to be?

Or am I just what is asked of me?

Am I defined by my appearence?

Acknowledged by my decisions?

Am I ignored for my opinions?

Rejected for my religion?

Am I my mother's spitting image?

Or the burden of my baggage?

The piece of the puzzle,

That just wont fit right?

Am I someone who's loved?

Or I am just another day and night?

Am I the source of longing?

The anattainable, the unclaimed?

Am I something of a mystery?

A code written in binary?

Am I an individual?

Or part of a society?

Am I one in a million?

Or is it a million to one?

Am I extraordinary?

Or just extra ordinary?

Am I anything special?

Or am I just a face in the crowd?

Am I anyone at all?

Am I even me?

Or did somehow, some way,

I become someone else?

And which one is my true self?

Who am I?

I'll leave that for you to decide.



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