Out my mind


Did you ever really care

Or I am an element forgotten like air.

Did you ever claim me as yours

Did you miss me so much you felt it in your pores

What exactly was I to you

I thought I was your boo but to your boys , I was WHO

I regret not using protection

But you know I’m a sucker for affection

I feel like you was just a waste of time

Those euphoric memories weren't worth a dime

I wouldn't have gave my heart away

If I knew you would do such foul play


 All this talk is for the lonely nights past

You would have thought I was just sitting here on my ass

Thinking of you is what I’m no longer gonna do

I’m not gonna lay on bed, feeling blue

No longer the same girl you use to know

I have a whole new attitude with a golden glow

Now that you hear of so, don’t come back acting concerned

You were just a life lesson that needed to be learned

I’m on the right path now without you

You were nothing but a phase like a temporary tattoo

I hope that you don’t take this wrong

But you just weren't meant to stay in my life long.


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