The Master


Inside of me, there is somebody.  

It is me mentally, me behind the physical me.  

He/She runs a circus.  An affair of all kinds.  

He/She often comes out to play, when someone on the outside catches his/her eye.  

The Master is a serious person, the Master runs the show.  

From musical ability and love affairs to depressing thoughts and wise prose.

the Master can do it all, the Master is in control. 

The Master can be two, two persons inside.  

One that is serious and good, and one who is playful and bad.  

The sides may clash, the sides may dominate.   

But never will either side intend to hurt you; never will they lie or discriminate.  

The Master is two, two in one.  

The Master is a serious person.  

But the Master knows how to have fun.  

The Master is cool, the Master is sly.  The Master is weird, at least, to other human eyes.  

The Master is lonely, the Master is shy.  The Master can be charming, when his heart is on the line. 

The Master is kind.  The Master is all forgiving.  The Master will do his best to please you, even if it means the Master might deceive you. 

The Master has few friends, and the Master himself could not tell you why.

There is no one like the Master, at least not in this lifetime.  

The Master loves Love.  He loves how it makes him feel.  

If anything the Master loves most, it's how love helps him heal.  

The Master is a man, the Master is a woman.  

The Master is whomever he/she wants to be, and whenever he/she is ready.  

The Master is a serious person. 

The Master can do it all.

The Master runs a circus.

The Master runs the show.  



Poem I submitted for Behind the Curtain Scholarship Slam

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