Me. Take it or leave it.

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 22:20 -- Alysia

People keep trying to mold me into a star

Or a square

Or whatever it is they want me to be

It doesn’t matter

I’ll keep being me

And even if all I am is a straight line,

That’s just fine.

Because that line is me

And it goes on forever and ever

Even though you can’t see it,

It keeps going and trying

And it will never stop

Just like me.



If one more person asks if I need a hug

I’m going to scream

Because even though hugs can fix a lot of things,

They can’t fix everything

They can’t fix me.

Because I am not broken

There’s nothing wrong with me

Different isn’t wrong

Boring isn’t wrong

Quiet isn’t wrong

Pain isn’t wrong

I am not wrong

I am me.



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