A Beating Heart

I'm afraid to open up.

To give someone the chance to hurt,

My heart of glass, so easy to shatter,

Because of all that I've seen, and heard

Although it should not matter.

I play my twisted game,

And have learned to hide,

But I've let very few inside.

A fragile girl, so way to snap,

A forgotten heartbeat from long ago.

Can anyone save me from myself,

When I am the reason for such a fragile state,

Silently awaiting my own fate.

Let nobody see the battle I fight from day to day,

One I hope will someday go away.

A beating heart on the edge of breaking,

Is it really a risk worth taking?

Maybe so, cause if I don't I won't know,

If there is abone out there who cares enough,

To put back together my shattered trust.

To save me from the dark pit I've made,

For myself inflicted hate.

Can anyone save this barely beating heart,

Or am I doomed to fall apart?

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