What I See? The Harsh Reality

Silently angry of an arguable impression,

Implicitly perfect through the looking glass.

Biting back fear of mistaken identity,

Flinching from their mislead praise.

Lost nature through grasped thoughts,

Salvaged by absent ego, revered with disgust

Rejection of prowess and doubt of body.

Amiss to potential, blind to truth.

Bouquet of roses fermenting in linden water,

Unworthy of love from those that give.

Guilt in tangled heart strings,

Wandering eyes, and poisonous thoughts.

The harsh reality?

A seemingly picture perfect world,

Masked by the hidden truth.

The modeled faulty relationships,

With absence of affection and mistaken passion.

An adulterous parent, a desolate father,

A broken home and dismembered family,

From a laughably naive and corrosive mother.

Owning the shameful, unworthy title “mom”

Bitter hate for the leaching maternity,

Boundless love for a noble father.

The idea of commitment is fractured.

Left with a synonymous future of broken lust.

An eternal doubt in flourishing harmony,

Desperate to love but blind to devotion.

Sucked into untrusting and toxic relationships.

Trained expert in defective courtships,

Unknowingly throwing away happiness.

Intimate with hatred, Nursed with pain

Imitated love and oblivious to it

Forgotten heart held by fate,

one forever fractured.

I don’t know how to be faithful,

I am my mother’s daughter

Her adultery is a sickness.

A choice I refuse to make

Will I ever know what love is


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