Colors of Me

Me and my girl were recently having a conversation, that broadened perspectives and led to revelations. Trying to define relational lines, while avoiding proverbial landmines. I always tell her that to me she's like the sands of time, timeless. A priceless Jewel. Blessed for these hands of mine, to find this. To find her.. golden heart I had to search deep, as if God led me to mine her. She helped me get fit, exercising..past demons, as I helped her put past heart ache behind her. See she didn't think she'd find a love just for her. Until I told her no one else has truly ever owned mine, and though it's not much, all of me is what I'm gifting her. Her sweet nothings are more something than anything I've ever known. Just gazing upon her is kisses to my heart, she had me from the start. Before even I could make sense of all of the colors I see, she had already freed the colors of me. My passions, my creativity had never been so free to play with no boundaries. I was lost inside of myself, and without even realizing...She found me. So now I will spend every single day, taking her hand... painting a picture of our love that will make God, A Proud Father to witness. And every night I'll paint the naked canvas of her beautiful body with soft kisses. Tender touches, yet hungering like beasts on plains. It's like the sweetest musical selection of an angel orchestra, when she's saying my name. She's a drug to my brain, addicted like shooting up cooked up cocaine. The source of my flame, but wets me like rain. Damn I love saying her name. And I am not playing no games. The player in me happily accepted death, at the moment that my heart finally accepted theft. So yeah, no games, I'm too grown for that. Great husband, better Father, I'd rather be known for that. My past sins...I'll love her each day, in a I'm trying to atone for that. But still, I can't afford the cost, so I thank Jesus for buying back my life. The only gift I'm more thankful for, is what He did for the life that I treasure even more. Thank You Lord so so much, for buying back my wife. As we were chained to sin, royalty born from slaves set free. Given new life at baptism, and again the day my future wife met me. God used His Love through her, to buy me again from death, the seller of me. There's no better love than her, and no better Father than God. I thank them both for believing in The Colors of Me.


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