So I run back towards the one waiting,

Making me fall to my knees crying,

As every human being leaves me,

I can only cry out "Lord save me!"


When my trust for them gets trampled to the ground,

Your gentle heart picks up the pieves that were thrown around,

As you carry me in your strong arms,

I feel the protection that I've always longed.


The silliness of my heart always threw you away,

And yet here you stay....

Stay watching overr me from behind,

Catching me when I wished life would rewind.


Your love truly never fails,

My Lord and Savior whom prevails,

Nights I wish taht you'd take me away,

Away to a far off distant place,


A place where no human can break through this shield

A wall that's made of only the finest steel.

Every break I get I build the wall higher,

Maybe one day so high only you would have the desire


Desire to climb and reach this fragile heart,

A heart where only the important ones can break apart

If without a care I would not have shed tears,

But because I do, I lay myself bare.


Open enough where one can see,

That I, am surely trustworthy....

My only wish was to gain what I sow....

But through the years this wish seems impossible...


Everytime I let a human in,

They rip me apart whenever they see an opening.

I thought this time things would be different,

Since so much time was spent learning about him


I thought I knew where his heart lies....

But little did I know it was only a disguise.

And so my dear Lord, I run into your arms once again.

Please soothe this pain that I'm trapped in.


Will this heart finally learn,

That only You, are worhty to be returned.....

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