In My Way

What is in my way?

In the way of my dream?

Incorrect phrasing.

Who is in my way?

Is it the society that surrounds me?


Is it my dad who wants me to be a money-maker?


Is it my grandmother who wants me to pursue what I loathe--what doesn't mesh with my values?


Is it my mother who wants her dream to be mine?


Who stands in my way?



I am the one who allows the people around me to make me doubt.

Allows people around me to make me explore other options despite my obvious passion.

It is me that says to myself, "it's too difficult. Stop. Don't try because it's not worth the fight."

Who needs a fresh start?

No one but myself.

I need to get out of my way.

Doubtful me needs to get out of future, successful, happy me's life!


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