Behind My Curtain

Is it bad for a girl like me to cry ?

I just can't help it.

Being betrayed, forgotten, or not cared about would make anyone cry,

Or at least if they ain't strong enough. I'm not.

I miss family, friends, friends who have become family.

It saddens me to know that I can trust friends,

& not family.

But if my family were friends,

Would I distrust my friends ?

Also, are all my friends really my friends ?

All I need is Attention, Strength & maybe a Hug. . .


My parents don't completely know me.

Everytime I attempt to show them,

I just get laughed at.

Might as well keep to myself all these dreams & goals.

Dreams & goals of making Music my life. . .

I mean they have no idea about my poetry.

If they did, they would onlt make me wanna Stop.

They'll laugh at me.

They'll judge me.

Or they'll not even care.

You can never be sure with them.

Might as well keep myself behind a curtain,

Behind a mask,

In a box,

Out of sight,

Out of Mind.

Might as well. . .


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