Moon And Me

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 00:43 -- solson


I thought the moon

A friend tonight,

She hung misty in the sky.

And pale, her light,

Shone down on me

from her place so high.


We whispered comforting secrets

of those we loved and lost.

Our tone so melancholy,

bitter cold as the frost;

whose ice laced my trembling heart

turned frozen from my folly.


I told her I'd made a mistake,

'To fail is to live,' she say.

But she were as broken as I,

& for wholeness we came to pray

That God's ever loving mercy

might let us, once more, fly.


I thought the moon

so kind tonight,

her comfort shed on me,

like tears in the dark and lonely night

enveloped in our sadness, we

took comfort, I and she. 


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