My Poetry

My Poetry is My Life

How I convey My Strife

This gift it comes from above

It is the utensil in which I demonstrate my Love

Sometimes it comes in Lyrical waves

It offers a map through my mental maze

It comes to me as natural as a breath

If you are shallow minded you won’t understand My Depth

My Poetry is My Freedom

It gives my tribulations a reason

This ability it comes from deep within

Some of you may never comprehend

It is the communications of My Soul

Beautiful enough to be scripted on the papyrus scrolls of Old

My Poetry is my dedication

To the object of my Admiration

Through it I am but another Shakespeare

Writing love letters to The One

I hold most Dear

It is my inner fire

That burns for The One whom I Desire

My Poetry are My Confessions

In hopes to teach my reader

Life’s hard lessons

My Poetry is My Pain

From those who I now feel for with Disdain

My Poetry is My Love

A gift generously given from My God above

It is the product of My Essence

It is how I make you feel My Presence


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