She Was a Dandelion


Staring into my reflection is a daunting one
I see a girl with too much mascara,
that she liberally applied to impress people who couldn’t care less
I see a girl with a broken smile
With lip gloss tape keeping it curved upward
I see a dandelion 
She was a dandelion
The girl I used to see in the mirror wasn’t particularly beautiful 
or happy, or strong
Bright as the sun, though 
Until she became vulnerable
the yellow turned into a million 
white little pieces
With the slightest gust she lost small parts of herself
Until eventually there was nothing left of her
One day she decided she no longer wanted to be a dandelion
She was tired of being vulnerable
She wanted to be strong, all of the time
She didn’t want to be sensitive or weak
She wanted to be powerful
yet remain true to her kindheartedness
The dandelion I used to see in the mirror wanted to become a lion 
and so she did
The girl I see in the mirror now may wear too much mascara
May have a crooked smile,
that aches from trying so hard to keep it curved
But the girl I see... the girl I am 
is a strong girl
She is a fighter
She is happy, she is strong
She is no longer shattered, she is whole
She is a Lion


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