My Words


My Words
The space before me is blank
Bound by nothing but the edge of the page.
Skilled fingers move the pencil across the page
Leaving a trail of grey marks,
By magic they connect together
Forming an image in my mind.
To letters
To words
To sentences
To paragraphs
A story is formed.

Words are powerful.
They make you believe
Make you cry, make you love and make you hate.

You may want to save a life
I want to create a world
You want to stop the fire
I want you to feel the heat of the flames licking your skin
You want to stop the criminal
I create the man he is today
You want to read a book
I want to write it.

Words are powerful
I want to create the words
To open a book
And with a smile say
Those are my mine
My words.


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