Power in My Presence


I stand here petrified, awaiting for the storm of judgment

I want my voice to be heard, I want my voice to reach the far seas

I appear to be prepared, I appear to be aware

The strength within me is priceless

But the heart within me is cold

Courage, bravery, and ability all in one

Being held back by fear and the covering of this sense blocking curtain of betrayal

Deceiving everyone because there is still pain within the walls of me

But time has come, there is no holding back

I want you all to listen to me

Applaud me when I’m done talking

Stand up and worship me as I put the power in my hands into your heart

Rinsing your soul with these powerful words

You’d wish you never came to this show

Because you now know how it feels to be alone, powerless, and afraid

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