Nobody Cares

I hurt so bad, it's getting hard to breathe
How I feel inside, well you wouldn't believe
Thanks for making me cry, what I total waste of makeup
This nightmare feels so real, come on Maddie, wake up
I can feel it; another shitty, agonizing year
The only think holding me back is my fear
God, I just really want to die
No more tears to cry, never a need to lie
Finally find the right guy, confident and never shy
That's what I expect in life, shit I must be high
I truly didn't want to spend the entire night crying
I wasn't lying when I told you that I've been trying
Everybody has a chapter that they won't read aloud
All I wanted to do was make my parents proud
I just want people to hear my poems, but they don't give a fuck
I guess I should know better, maybe my poems just suck.
This is how I feel, I'm just trying to keep it real.

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