I Have


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I have crawled.
I have explored.
I have taken my first steps from my mother's arms to my father's,
Hence taking my first steps toward my future.
I have climbed the Mt. Everest of pillows in my room and I have jumped lava from the basement all the way to the cookie jar.

I have picked my nose,
eaten dirt,
kicked my little brothers.

I have thrown balls in the house and I have faces the wrath of the wooden spoon on my butt and hands more times than I can count.
I have gone to school.
I have skipped school.
I have lived at school from the age of five.

In school I have learned a lot.
I have learned to read,
use the bathroom,
wash my hands,
I have learned about citing sources.
I have remonstrated,
I have supplicated,
I have prostrated myself before the throne,
And I have learned that those three lines are plagiarism unless I site their source.
So I have sited them as Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech.

I have grown.
I have lived.
I have been forced to choose between fight of flight.
Sometimes I have picked flight over fight.
Other times I have picked fight over flight.
There have been times where I have decided to fight the flight or use flight to avoid the fight.
After all I am a lover not a fight but I will fight for what is right so my dreams can take flight.

Speaking of dreams, I have dreamed.
I have dreamed of dreaming for as long as I have lived.
For as long as I have lived my dreams have been nightmares.
You can't imagine what I have seen.

I have seen the sea.
As the sea I have seen Sally selling seashells down by the sea shore.
However, in my nightmares, Sally sells seashells no more.

I have seen the death of friends,
the death of family,
the death of me.

One time such a dream became reality.
I have dreamed of the death of a friend.
The next day we hung out.
I said "I'll see you later," only to find out that 'later' was his end.

I have been notified over the phone.
I have rushed to the scene with tears in my eyes.
I have never forgot the image of a lone shoe lying on the road with the car's skid marks directly in front of it.
I have seen the road below it,
the cones around it,
and the helicopter carrying my friend's dead body above it.

I have crumpled,
I have grieved,
I have cried,
prayed for God to return my friend.
But God remained hidden from me.
So I have lost my best friend, and with that friend my faith.

I have lived in the dark in the months that followed.
I have seen the dark but in that dark I have found the light.
I have learned to take the bad and turn it into the good.
I have told my story to those who needed my words of wisdom.

I have been people's rock.
I have been their guide.
I have been their last hope,
their last chance to see the world in a new light.

I have walked the walk and talked the talk.
I have been walking the walk and talking the talk all of my life,
and now I am walking and talking
and talking and walking the walk and talk of life.

I have been living,
being myself and never giving less than my very best.

I have loved through all the hate.
I have seen when all is blind.
I have been making the impossible possible by possibly being the most impossibly loving,
thoughtful person in the whole of the world.

I have told you my story.
What have you done?



Your poem is fantastic! As I lost myself in reading your poem (story), I approached the end and a smile immediately took hold of my face! The last two lines are very unexpected, but quite fresh. Keep it up! :)


Thank you so much for your comment. I really want to start writing more often. Sometimes I get caught up in life so I havent been able to sit down and write. Your comment has inspired me. Keep an eye out for my next one. :D


Love your writing style and the smooth transition from emotion to emotion. Easily one of the best poems I've read on here thus far! Can't wait to read more from you.

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