Maybe I'm Maybelline?


With small eyes I blink

With skin white as snow 

A background that is both Filipino and American

This explains only my appearance, though


There is much more to find inside

I hope that much you will see

I am a student, daughter, sister friend

Most of all, I am me


I wake up with 

A restless heart

And a bright, burning desire

For life to finally start


My soul full of love

And eyes that wish to see

The world untouched

And the beauty surrounding me


I wish to study often

There is way too much to learn

I am drawn to this knowledge

And will find any way to discern


I love to try new foods

And adventure on my time

I love my cat and my family

And coming across a book that is a dime


I love a corny joke or two

And a movie with a scheme

And singing loudly in the shower

Rockstar has always been a dream


Most of all I love to write

I hope to do it every day

To pour my thoughts on paper

A touch others just this way




This poem is about: 


This is for the #NoFilter scholarship slam! Poetry is my all time favorite thing to write and I hope to publish some of my poetry one day. This site is awesome and a great opportunity for me to get my work out there. Thanks for reading!

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