Unchangeable Girl


She wants to be respected for being the loyal, magnanimous girl she is,

But no one understands her and all the sincerity that she brings,

She feels helpless and perplexed in this rambunctious world,

But she hides behind her delightful smile because she is that kind of girl,



She refuse to let her low self esteem rule her life,

So she tries her best to focus on her strengths and do what keeps her alive,

No one is perfect, she keeps that in mind,

And all the things that held her down, she must now leave behind,



She is compassionate, rarely says no and always wants to lend a helping hand,

Yet she feels invisible like no one sees where she stand,

She is unchangeable and sets her own standards,

Due to her knowledge of society being filled with hazards,



She sometimes make poor choices and gets taken advantage of like a silly little toy,

However, she stays strong, undefeated and does what  she truly enjoy,

She lives her life the way that pleases her the most,

Not allowing her self consciousness , and  this harsh disastrous world to get the best of her, and change her for the worst.



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