Accepting Me

Disapproval scorches me

Every step I take.

I'm not what they want me to be,

And it's a feeling I can't shake.


I'm not the peppy, bouncy girl

Whose smile lights the day.

Instead a sparrow with wings to unfurl,

Soon to fly away.


I am not their docile, gentle mare,

Nor their sparkling prize.

I stand apart with red in my hair

And tears shining in my eyes.


Far from expectations,

I am a child of solitude.

I picture the lamentations

When I sink into hermitude.


Discarded, abandoned, lost,

The most confused is me.

Left alone to be tossed

By the waves of the unforgiving sea.


Anchored by a simple act,

A lighthouse on the sea,

I'm saved by a single fact,

That they all love me.


Hard to believe, I know,

So vastly different am I.

But their love and kindness show,

The disapproval was all a lie. 


This poem is about: 
My family
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