A picture's worth a thousand words,

But what of that are lies?

To me, I don't like pictures, as they hide you in disguise,

For what am I, to tell you, who I am?

You'd form different opinions than I, over the same person.


I'm a girl who likes to write, but doesn't know what about,

Never really finishes the long stories,

I'm a packrat, I keep adding things to my collection,

But I ain't ever organized, so damn messy,

I sometimes cuss when I'm angry, most of the time, no,

Get straight A's to go where I wanna go,

I love this type of website,

Where no one knows me,

Yet when they read my poems they learn my back story,

I'm not popular, I never really was,

I'm on the swim team, love the water just cuz',

But ya wouldn't know any of this, from looking at a photo,

Where I hide my true feelings, shape my face like a mask,

What spell you under? Look underneath the layers,

There, you see? You're making progress.


I know this poem is long, it's built out like a song,

I'm listening to 80's cuz it's damn good music,

Please, I'm asking, I wanna go to college,

But applying to all scholarships just ain't eas-y,

But you wouldn't guess this from just looking at me,

from a photograph, or a picture on the wall,

even talking, I'm not the kind to give that up,

unless ya know where to look.


There is no filter on my mouth,

Which is why I mostly shut it,

I mean almost every word I say,

I'm blunt, say it how it is, if ya don't like it,

Boy I've lost friends that way,

I have 4 meals a day, never wear makeup,

used to be able to beat the boys up,

grew up with boys all round, I was the only girl,

I don't like skirts, or high heels, or low shirts,

But ya wouldn't know that if ya looked at me,

Through a photograph, a picture, that one moment in time,

sure, it's good to remenisce with, when ya forget your memories,

when ya say everything is fine.


But I don't do snapchat, or do selfies of me,

I'm not that self observed, or shallow,

But before you start guessing or judging me,

You should see how much you're opinions really worth.

This is who I am, no filter, no nonsense,

I'm blunt, I say it loud and proud,

If ya don't like it, forget it, just walk straight away,

NO Filter means this is crazy loud.





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