Ty and Me

Ty and Me.
Instantly connected.
No matter how scary life may have been,
We stick through to the end.
Just Ty and Me.

I am a shy outcast
He's the encourager, the one that holds on.
I would be the one to make him smile,
As he is the one that me give me wings.
Just Ty and Me.

My previous relationships would be devastating and ruthless,
To heartbreaks and headaches,
Thus the aggravating argument spills,
I could never find my way home,
Until I met Ty.
We formed a bond,
Just Ty and Me

I would cry in a corner or reach out my hand,
He'll be there, no matter what.
When I leave this world,
He'll be by my side as I perish way.
Just Ty and Me.

When we find ourselves in a new world, alone together.
We'll perish into a our own home, in an afterlife,
Just Ty and Me.

When I die, I want him to be real.
I want to become part of me.
Maybe he was a part of me all along.
Together we are powerful and fierce.
Just Ty and Me.

I wish to see him again though,
I never thought he was never there.
I felt like he was real,
I want him to be real.
I want us to be real.
Just Ty and Me.

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