Application for life



Who am I?

A question asked by many

Asked  by my job to score a penny

I am an outspoken force to be reckoned with


What is your ethnicity?

I am a Panamanian Princess

A Jamaican goddess

And a Caucasian flower child


What can you offer the world?

What can this world offer me?

Me, alone wolf with stretched out hands to capture her goals

Me, an upcoming masterpiece with an unsure identity


Maybe if I face my reality

That i am locked in a nation where i am labeled a MINORITY

Whereas i thought i was America's priority

Taught by the authorities,

That my application for superiority, is meant to fail horribly


Well if majority feels this way it must be true?

INCORRECT for my goals

I will perfect

My life they will respect

Not neglect, reject, or infect

I write my own story and my own path...

I am my own person who will surpass





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