Brushstrokes of foundation,

Mascara fibers made to tower;

My best fake smile

And honeyed words slathered over

These people who have never even stopped...

To see ME.


I of "no great significance"

Have a worth so great, it's sharp.

My words of power and intelligence

Sound sweeter than a harp.

Though they see me as worthless through a shallow camera lens,

I am ME.


I am poetry and voice

And green eyes with depth great.

I am a runner and a dancer

When my drive takes physical shape.

"Just another pretty face, just a girl, unimportant."

No, ME.


They cannot see my strength,

My beauty, and my warrior's heart,

But when I shed the mask, step from the lens

Then they'll surely start.

"What is she doing? That does not conform!" Of course not...

She's ME.






Hey homie, you tell them. Thanks for representing the people who hide in the background. Keep implementing your power. You'll stun them like a supernova! 

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