When you are a woman/

When you are a woman/girl/female

We are supposed to act like we look

We act like the skin we are in & try to make excuses for the men 

Maybe I lit my own fire when I took that drink

When I released that flame

That gave him the right to take advantage of my freedom

He & I were two strangers

He lied twice but I just settled

Insane how our souls like to cradle our hearts when its cold because we just settle

Thinking I am the criminal when he took my virtue, my card or my right for him to have chivalry

I guess that was dead when he thought that he could talk to me any kind of way when we first met

Just like Rubin's vase I was blindspotted by my insecuries that lead me to believe he was joking and when will I ever find a guy like that ?

My impatience got the best of me

I brought the alcohol of the wrong choice

I wanted him to like me so I drank more

It became a contest to see who is really down?

Then when I thought we were going to play pool

He & I played myself for a fool

Just like John Henry

I made a hole for an explosive to take advantage of my tunnels

But this is all on me

I made a home where my vision was blurry

My feet were numb

My soul drained out

Left in the rain of stress & regret

Bet he had a good night rest

I guess I was too much of a female to have fun

Too trusting to see the truth behind those eyes

Too much of a girl because any woman could see that he was not the one for me

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