Living off likes

Time passes
As I wait for the page to load.
I pick a filter to please the masses
Worrying that they think I'm a toad.
I hold my breath 
5 more likes
I let out the breath

10 more
Each one giving me another breath

But why should I bother
The endless minutes waiting

Could have been spent with my brother

We could have gone skating
Or teamed up to scare our mother
Does a filter capture personality
A forced smile is nothing.
The genuine smiles don't need a filter
The ones from cheesy jokes
Or when you first kissed her.
The unplanned are the best
One that had no time to capture
The ones that make you give up your rest.
A day at the beach

Don't worry if the filter makes you fatter

We all laugh, feeling cute as a peach
No camera would dare enter the water.
A filter isn't needed for natures beauty

The boy didn't see a filter when he called you a cutie.

I'm still breathing
The day at the beach keeps me alive
I no longer care what others are seeing
All that matters is having a good time.




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