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don’t ask me those questions

they are self-erasing and ugly in nature

unidentifying and dreadfully




don’t give me that look on your

face you are not eager to listen

what is in your head is what you

expect from me, what you will only approve as you



Tick through the long list written in 12pt Times New Roman

Double spaced.


if I tell you about real things not stories but what is

inside my head you will freak out and cross your arms

your lips and walk out the door.


if I tell you that I don’t know the

answers to the questions you ask about




will you understand how confusingly

(empty) I feel.


so don’t ask me I am not a title on a document or

an abstract to be succinctly understood


if I knew about who I am where I come from what defines


why would I be here listening to the sound of you

and your echoless voice that resonates



I am…

I don’t know

Just like you,

I don’t know.


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