My Ode to Fishing

Wherever I am,

As long as I’m out,

Over the blue waters I go

To catch some trout.


But never after a full moon.

That’s when they have their feasts.

With the moonlight shining over the water,

They eat floating bugs like beasts.


As I look on I see the lake

And realize there’s nothing bluer.

So with a deep breath I prepare my line

And tie on my shiny lure.


I don’t know why

But it’s such a blast.

I start feeling excitement

Every time I cast.


My line is ready

And soon in the water.

The sun’s beating down from the clear blue sky.

It’s getting hotter and hotter!


Waiting and waiting

I try to be patient.

But I’ve been here so long

I feel like I’m ancient!


“Why aren’t the fish biting today?

Should I get new bait and tackle?”

Then all of a sudden I feel a yank!

Excited I yell, “Holy Mackerel!”


I reel in quickly

With all my might!

But this little dude

Can sure put up a fight!





A couple reels later

I manage to pull that sucker ashore.

After seeing how fun catching him was,

I want to catch some more!


But that was earlier on.

It’s nearly dusk now, I have to go.

I give one last look at the shimmering water.

The sunset seems to have a farewell glow.


How fun fishing was today!

I hope to come back very soon!

But of course, like I’ve said before,

NEVER EVER after a full moon.


So good luck to you

And may your life never be dull!

I hope your bait jar is always empty

And your ice chest always full!


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