What if...

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 22:27 -- artlvnb


You wear a mask like me.

We can both see it,

But neither of us have the courage to say it.

You always go above and beyond for me:

   You sacrificed your time

      To relieve my pain

   You defied the man in power

      To put me in a better light

   You provided a temporary shelter

      So that I would not get soaked

   You serenade me everyday

      To ease me better through the day

I wish I could give you everything

Everything the world has to offer

But I cannot say it

At least not out loud

And for that I will always be sorry

I broke your dreams

When I walked out of our dream and into reality

The mask I wear only allows me to hear others

   Their slander, their criticism, their disbelief in us

They judge us like they know

Like they know how much we could be

But I can also see

See everything that we could be

Our future of when you save me from my pain

Marry me and care for me for the rest of my life

Our dates not being at fancy restaurants

But in our house drinking hot cocoa

And cuddling, watching our favorite movies

As good as it sounds

I still walked out of our dream

The words of others overflowed in my ears

They overtook me

When they did though

It opened my eyes

To someone who wasn't afraid

Someone who wasn't afraid to live without the mask

Your rock solid strength shook

As I told you about this perfect guy

Your words were happy for me

But your face screamed hurt

I always said to find me someone as perfect as you

I just didn't think I'd find him so soon

And in the end I couldn't say it

I broke your heart

Beacuse as hard as I tried to pull the mask off

I couldn't pull it off to say it

And I still can't say it

But I can say this

What if?

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