Dear Whomever, From a Witch


Dear whomever,
“Dear” can’t encompass you.
My greatest, most foolish love
Dear isn’t nearly enough
Not for you
God help me

Who are you,
That you can make me feel like this?
How is this justice?
Friends since memory began.
Too long ago, such a short time.
I don't want to be friends anymore.
Let's stop.

I hated you, vice versa.
You left.
Came back grown.
Now I can't think, can't sleep.
You loved me then,
I was blind
To both my own love
And to you.

I left then.
In heart, in spirit.
I got glasses.
I see with clarity just how much I missed.
I want to ask you
When you're giggling
Sipping coffee
“Be mine.
Please, god, stop tormenting me.”
It all hurts.
Why is everything so backwards.

This Wednesday, just for a bit,
Be mine.
My mind won't rest.
I want a chance for this and us.
Your heart has been mistreated,
But after so much time…
You still love me?
You still do?

Im suffocating.
That broke me.
Your heart should be mine
And mine yours
Like we both want.

We can't

Oh, god help us both, we can't.
We'd be burned.
We'd be burned,
By those who say they love us.
Burned at the stake like witches
For being two girls.

With definitely not love,
Whomever else

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