Watch Your Step

Mon, 10/31/2016 - 23:05 -- Sara-h

I fall hard and I fall fast.

I scrape my knee on the concrete of the earth on a constant basis.

I cannot help the way I feel and the way I fall.

I do not know why I fall the way I do.

I fall hard and I fall fast.

I crash and burn and explode into casts

Of color and shine.

But I scorch the ground with the fire of my heart.

I fall and my insides cannot help themselves from scattering around the world.

The darkness falls out of my head and into the spectrum of light.

It runs around seeing countries and oceans

Absorbing everything and anything it can.

But it cannot help but be a sponge.

It does not know it is holding too much water until it becomes the bottle filled to the top and explodes and the liquid splashes like shards of Technicolor glass cutting through porcelain skin.

And the skin bleeds.

It bleeds color and light.

The layer oozes with flamboyance and animation.

And lightning strikes in the storm of red clouds.

Thunder pierces the ears of the animals running for shelter.

Because they know a storm is coming.

They run

And I run and

I trip and

I fall and

I fall hard.


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